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 Melody has always had a passion for horses and shares this love with many of her friends.  Tom, on the other hand, liked big dogs.  Other interests shared by the couple include computers, genealogy, and pioneers cemeteries.


Melody taught high school English at Madison-Grant High School, Fairmount, Indiana, for thirty-three years and has recently retired. She has written numerous scripts for both Lipizzan (breed of horse) demonstrations and dressage (type of training) demonstration in which her Lipizzans have participated. Some of her other accomplishments are current director and past treasurer of the Lipizzan Association of North America, founding member of Lipizzan Pedigree Trust, twenty-two years experience with Lipizzans, twenty-four years experience studying dressage, over forty-five years experience with several equestrian disciplines and breeds, twenty years as Lipizzan breed representative to the Indiana Horse Council, past president and director of the Indiana Dressage Society, and co-author of The American Lipizzan: A Pictorial History.  She has added genealogy and pioneer cemeteries to her interests, and as a member of the Madison County Cemetery Commission, she is author and manager of the web site Pioneer Cemeteries and Their Stories, Madison County, Indiana.  More recently she was elected to the Board of Trustees of the Madison County Historical Society.


Thomas Andrew Hull

March 29, 1948—November 26, 2008

Tom Hull, 60, passed away peacefully with his wife at his side November 26, 2008, at his home following his battle with cancer.  He was born March 29, 1948, to Lucille and Gerald Hull of Anderson, Madison County, Indiana; he was a life time resident of the area.  Growing up, Tom attended St. Mary’s Catholic Church, and he graduated from Highland High School in 1966.  As an accounting major, he went to Anderson University and graduated from there in 1972.  Tom worked at Anderson Music Center on Meridian Street for over twenty-five years, and he was later the manager and comptroller for Music Today at the same location for an additional ten years.  He played saxophone and organ, and as a young man he was a member of his father’s swing band which performed throughout central Indiana.

Tom married Melody Summers on March 25, 1972, and through her added an involvement in horses to his business and music interests.  He was co-owner of Ye Olde Tack Shoppe which sold riding equipment and horse care products.  For over twenty years, Tom, his co-owner, and his wife displayed the shop’s merchandise at the Madison County 4-H Fair and catered to the needs of young riders and exhibitors.  When the Pan-American Games were hosted by Indiana in 1987, Mr. Hull was the scoring official for dressage, one of the equestrian competitions.   

Computers, however, were Tom’s true calling.  In 1992, he and his wife became founding members of the Lipizzan Pedigree Trust and directors of the Lipizzan Association of North America.  Thomas Hull as registrar was the first person in the country to write a computer pedigree program for the Lipizzan breed, made famous in America as the white horses from Austria rescued by General Patton during WW II. From his program data, Tom produced the first hardcopy studbook for the breed on this continent.  The format and thoroughness of his studbook were praised at international Lipizzan breed conventions as “the bible.”  For his efforts, he and his wife were invited to and attended the Lipizzaner Gala, a celebration of the 200 year anniversary of the Austrian national Lipizzan breeding farm, held in Koflach, Austria, in 1998.  Tom later turned his data base into a CD for breed enthusiasts and helped his wife publish the first history of the Lipizzan horse in North America.  He was the association’s registrar and data processor for a total of seventeen years. Tom and Melody helped promote the breed at many national horse expos including seven times at the Hoosier Horse Fair with their own Lipizzans.

Besides working on the computer, Tom Hull enjoyed listening to jazz, checking the stock market, commenting on politics, eating burgers and fries and chocolate chip cookies, having two beers with his evening meal, playing basketball, riding his motorcycle and later his bicycle, watching his high definition big screen TV, going to movies with his wife, telling a good story on himself, laughing until tears came, and relaxing with his friends.  Also, he loved owning his big black Newfoundland dogs.

Thomas Hull was preceded in death by his parents.

He is survived by his wife of thirty-six years, Melody, and family John Summers, Monte and Debbie Summers, and Meredith Summers.  He will also be missed by his friends and the national community of Lipizzan owners and breeders.


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The watercolor at left is by John Phillip Summers, "Pacasso," Mel's father.  Other Pacasso watercolors also appear as the backgrounds in the genealogy section.

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