Alley & Christian Genealogy

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Descendants of John Alley

All Saints Parish Church, High Wycombe (Chipping Wycombe), Buckinghamshire, England, in which John and son William asked in their wills to be buried.  They were both mayors of the town. The church was begun c. 1090.

Generation No. 1

1. 1 Alley was born Abt. 1438 in France, and died Abt. 1475 in Buckinghamshire, England.

Children of Alley are:

+ 2 i. John2 Alley, Sir, born 1460 in France; died Aft. August 11, 1506 in London, England.

3 ii. William Alley, born 1465 in France.

4 iii. Isabelle Alley, born 1467 in France. She married Edward Bayntum, Sir.


Generation No. 2

2. John2 Alley, Sir (Alley1) was born 1460 in France, and died Aft. August 11, 1506 in London, England. He married Agnes Abt. 1485 in Chipping (now High) Wycombe, Buckingham, England. She was born 1463 in Frampton, England.

Notes for John Alley, Sir:

At right is a map of London and surrounding area showing High Wycombe (once called Chipping Wycombe) at red star on the way to Oxford.

information on Alley family from Randall Alley, RootsWeb's World Connect Project;

also from Terry Haas at Ancestry World Tree Project,;

from Alley descendant Ray Alley, Northwood, Middlesex, England;

from Ray Alley: Will of John Alley, Mayor of Chepyng Wycomb, original written in Old [more probably Middle] English, translation--

       "...In the name of God Amen the 11th day of August 1506, John Alley of Cheping Wicomb in the county of Bucks whole of mind make this my last will and testament. [Ray's summation] He asks that his body shall be buried in the Chapel of Our Blessed Lady Wicomb. He leaves money to the church, and to the Vicar Stir Thomas Burley for the offerings he says he forgot to pay in his lifetime. He leaves money to the Chaplain Sir Thomas Mole, and to the repair of the church and to provide light in the church. He then makes bequests to the repair of crosses on the highways about Wicomb. He then leaves 8 murals and all Christian souls. He then leaves tenements (houses) to his wife Agnes and after her death to his son Robert. But if he son Robert does not have children then these tenements to pass to the town on Robert's death. He then leaves a bequest to William his brother. He makes Robert Ashcroft and others to oversee his will."

More About John Alley, Sir:

Burial: Chapel of Our Blessed Lady Wicomb, Chipping (now High) Wycombe, England

Fact 1: 1475 arrived in England from France;

Fact 2: occupation: mayor of Chipping Wycombe, 1501;

Children of John Alley and Agnes are:

+ 5 i. William3 Alley, born Bet. 1483 - 1487 in Chipping (now High) Wycombe, Buckingham, England; died April 15, 1570 in London, England.

+ 6 ii. Robert Alley, born 1490 in Chipping (now High) Wycombe, Buckingham, England; died December 08, 1542 in London, England.


Generation No. 3

5. William3 Alley (John2, Alley1) was born Bet. 1483 - 1487 in Chipping (now High) Wycombe, Buckingham, England, and died April 15, 1570 in London, England. He married Isabelle. She was born Abt. 1484 in Chipping (now High) Wycombe, Buckingham, England.

Notes for William Alley: from Alley descendant Ray Alley, Northwood, Middlesex, England:  Will of William Alley, written in Medieval Latin, translation--

       "In the name of God Amen the 20th day of January 1487/8 I Willelmus Alley of same memory make my testament in like manner. My body to be buried in the sanctuary of the Blessed Mary in the Church at Chepyng Wycomb. Item for the altar 12 pence, item to Marie Lincoln 2 pence...Item for the maintenance of the Church 20 pence, Item to Isabelle my wife a tenement for the rest of her life and a garden known as Corbygges, Item to the presbytery 11 shillings to raise a memorial. The residue left to my wife and sone Willemous who he makes his executors..."

More About William Alley:

Fact 1: Bet. 1546 - 1560, Mayor of Chipping (Great/High) Wycombe, Buckingham, England;

Child of William Alley and Isabelle is:

+ 7 i. William4 Alley, born 1510 in Chipping (now High) Wycombe, Buckingham, England; died April 20, 1570 in London, England.

6. Robert3 Alley (John2, Alley1) was born 1490 in Chipping (now High) Wycombe, Buckingham, England, and died December 08, 1542 in London, England. He married Christian Abt. 1530 in London, England. She was born Abt. 1510.

Notes for Robert Alley:

from Ray Alley, Alley researcher, Northwood, Middlesex, England:

        "[Robert's] will is dated 8th Dec. 1542. The will give the usual preamble, then goes on to give to his wife Christian all his lands, houses, and tenements in the parish of Wicombe Bucks. And all land, etc., bequeathed to her by her father and after her death, to John his son. the residue si to be divided between the rest of his children. The will to be overseen by John and Andrew his sons."

Children of Robert Alley and Christian are:

8 i. John4 Alley, born 1530 in Chipping (now High) Wycombe, Buckingham, England.

9 ii. Andrew Alley, born 1535 in Chipping (now High) Wycombe, Buckingham, England.


Generation No. 4

7. William4 Alley (William3, John2, Alley1) was born 1510 in Chipping (now High) Wycombe, Buckingham, England, and died April 20, 1570 in London, England. He married Sybil Honacott Bodleigh. She was born Abt. 1515 in Chipping (now High) Wycombe, Buckingham, England.

Notes for William Alley:

        Arms: According to Izacke--azure, a ple engrailed ermine between two lions rampant, arnet, langued and armed, gules; according Westcote--azure, a pale ermine crowned between two lions rampant;

at right, a 1563 map of Exeter showing cathedral in upper right;

from "Lives of the Bishops of Exeter," pp. 138-9:

        "William Alley, S.T.P., a native of Wycombe, Bucks, and educated at Eton, but finished his course of studies at Cambridge and Oxford, whilst Prebendary of St. Paul's London, was fixed on by Queen Elizabeth to succeed the deprived Turberville. On 27th April, 1560, she issued her conge' d'elire to our Dean and Chapter. It was delivered to the President, Chancellor Levison, on 5th May...: the election book place on the 20th that month; but his consecration' 14th July that year (Parker's 'Register,' fol. 80)...

        "Owing to the impoverished state of the finances of his Dean and Chapter, with the unanimous consent of its members, and un the Royal authority, he [Alley] diminished the number of the Canons of the Cathedral from twenty-four to nine...

        "Hoker, who knew the bishop well, commends his affability of manners, regularity of life, and singular learning; adding that 'his library was replenished with all the best sort of writers, which most gladly he would import, and make open to every good scholar and student, whose company and conference he did most desire and embrace;'...




 "After governing the diocese for about nine years and a half, he died, according to his epitaph, on 15th April, 1570, aged 60, and was buried in the choir of his cathedral. He is known to the literary world by his 'Poor Man's Librarie,' printed in folio by John Day, London, 1565, or 'Lectures upon the First Epistle of Saint Peter red publicquely in the Cathedrall Church of Saint Paule, within the Citye of London, in 1560. Here are adioyned at the ende of euery special treatise, certain fruitful annotacions called miscellanea, because they do entreate of diuerse and sundry matters.' "

 a close-up of 1563 map showing cathedral and "Bishopps pallace" in lower right corner;

from footnotes on the above pages:

        "from the Register of St. Mary Major's parish we copy the following extract:--'1565, xxiii daye of September was christined Austin Alleye, the sonne of the Right Whorshipfull My Lords William Alleye, Bisshoppe of Exeter (by his wife Sybil).'

        "We apprehend his son Roger, collated too prematurely to the Archdeaconry of Cornwall, 13th October, 1563, was admitted Rector of Pyworthy in the summer of 1581: ob. 1610."





from Exeter Cathedral Archivist, Angela Doughty:

        "William Alley or Allein was buried 25 feet west of the High Altar of the Cathedral. The ledger stone, covering his resting place, was moved when the quire and sanctuary were re-floored in 1762-3. It is now in the north quire aisle, and measures 10'11" by 4'2". The inscription on it is now almost completely obliterated by several centuries of boots and shoes, but was recorded in the mid 19th century. A translation of it reads, 'the Reverend Father William Alley, Bishop of Exeter, a very ardent champion of the Gospel truth, famous for uprightness of character, renowned for his wonderful skill in the art of teaching, lies at rest in the Lord Jesus under this stone. He died on April 15th, 1570.' "

 at right, a photograph of Exeter Cathedral' s Great East Window with fine 14th century glass;

from J.W. Wittaker MA, Fellow of St. John's, Cambridge in 1820 in his authoritative work, "An Historical and Critical Enquiry into the Interpretation of the Hebrew Scripture,":

        'Fortunately we are not left in ignorance of the attainments of these learned men [translators of Bible KJV]: Dr. William Alley, Bishop of Exeter, was educated at King's College, from which place he went to Oxford, and there wrote a Hebrew Grammar.'

from C.H. Garrett's "The Marian Exiles: A Study in the Origins of Elizabethan Puritanism" (Cambridge, 1938, repro. 1966):

        'William Alley, first Elizabethan bishop of Exeter, likewise supported himself by practicing medicine in the north of England.'

from Alley descendant Ray Alley, Northwood, Middlesex, England:

Will of William Alley, Bishop of Exeter--

        "...Amen, 1st day of April AD 1570 I William Alley by Permission of God Bishop of Exon (now Exeter) sick in body but perfect of remembrance make my last will and testament in like manner. I bequeath my soul to Almighty God. My body to be buried in Christian burial that to my wife and friends she be thought most reverent. Item all my books of divinity to my son Roger Alley Archdeacon of Cornwall. I give to my son-in-law Christopher Bodleighe all my books of philosophy and physic. Item all my books of humanity to my younger sons to be given to them as they shall increase in learning some at one time and some at another as often as need shall require. To my servants John Martin and Robert Cole 10 pence each. The residue once my funeral and all debts discharged to my wife Sybil whom I make my sole executrix. She to see that all my children are goodly brought up and educated..."

from Ray Alley, Alley descendant, Northwood, Middlesex, England, via Susan Brenner at Chronicle of the Life of William Alley, Bishop of Exeter 1560..; Ray's summation--

1510 William Alley born at High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England.

c. 1524 enrolled as a King's scholar at Eton College, Berkshire, (Henry VI made provision for 70 scholars to receive free education and were known as King's scholars.)

c. 1527 roughly cut his name on a window shutter; found in the lower school at Eton College on the 15yh shutter from the left, just above the top hinge.

1528 12th August admitted to King's College Cambridge at the age of 17.

c. 1531 B.A. at Cambridge

1531-34 Fellow of Kings College Cambridge

1534 retired to Oxford for study

c. 1534 married probably about this time

1534 4th April ordained Deacon of Lincoln Cathedral in Lincolnshire

1535 birth of son Roger who became Archdeacon of Cornwall 13th October 1563, ob 1610

1540 possible birth of a son Jerome

1544 rector of Oakford in Devon

1549 rector of Croscombe in Somerset

1550-1553 vicar of Doddington in Lincolnshire

c. 1553--c. 1558 As a reformer and married William would not have been in Queen Mary's favour, so he left the parish and traveled in northern England teaching and practising medicine.

1559 Under Queen Elizabeth, he was in favour and made Prebendary of St. Pauls Cathedral in the city of London.

1560 27th April, Queen Elizabeth desires William to be Bishop of Exeter.

1560 5th May proclamation delivered to Chancellor Levison

1560 14th July consecrated Bishop of Exeter, at Lambeth Palace, London by Archbishop of Canterbury, Mathew Parker, assisted by Edmond, Bishop of London, and Gilbert, Bishop of Bath and Wells, in the presence of John Incent, public notary and other witnesses.

1561 made Doctor of Divinity at Oxford

1561 1st January Queen Elizabeth gave him a silver cup for the respect she held him in. (From then on gave him a gift of a silver cup each new year.)

at right a map of Devonshire showing Exeter right of center;

1561-2 It is just possible that about this time he married for the second time.

1563 birth of daughter Jane of Joan

1563 13th October son Roger collated to the Archdeaconry of Cornwall; later rector of Pyworthy, Devon in summer 1581

1564 possible birth of a son Peter

1565 birth of son Austin. An Entry in the register of the parish of St. Mary Major, Exeter state, "1565 xxiii daye of september was christened Austin Alleye, the son of the Right Worshipfull my Lord William Alleye, Bosshoppe of Exeter by his wife Sybil"

1565 with others translated the book of Deuteronomy in the bible, and was author of "Poor Mans Library"

1570 1st April made his last will and testament

1570 died 15th April aged 60. He was buried in the Cathedral near his Choir; listed on wooden board showing bishops of Exeter.

More About William Alley:

Burial: Exeter Cathedral

Fact 1: buried 1570 in Exeter Cathedral

Bishop William Alley, 1510-1570, is buried, according to Exeter Cathedral archivists "under the big square patterns in the marble floor of the Presbytery, west of the High Altar."  That location would be the bottom right corner in the picture at left.  "The actual ledger stone bearing the original inscription is now in the north quire aisle [the window faces the east], left of the big columns seen in the photo.  The floor of the Presbytery has been re-laid at least four times since Alley's burial."

Children of William Alley and Sybil Bodleigh are:

+ 10 i. Roger5 Alley, born 1535 in Devonshire, England; died 1610 in England.

+ 11 ii. Jerome Alley, born 1540.

12 iii. Austin Alley.

Notes for Austin Alley:

from "Lives of the Bishops of Exeter," pp. 138, ft. 8:

   "From the Register of St. Mary Major's' parish we copy the following extract:--'1565, xxiii, the daye of September was christined Austin Alleye, the sonne of the Right Worshipfull My Lord William Alleye, Bisshoppe of Exeter' (by his wife Sybil)."


Generation No. 5

10. Roger5 Alley (William4, William3, John2, Alley1) was born 1535 in Devonshire, England, and died 1610 in England.

Notes for Roger Alley:

from "Lives of the Bishops of Exeter," pp.138-9, ft. 8, under 'William Alley, S.T.P.':  "We apprehend his [William Alley's] son Roger, collated too prematurely to the Archdeaconry of Cornwall, 13th October, 1563, was admitted Rector of Pyworthy in the summer of 1581: ob. 1610, appointed by father."

Pyworthy's St. Swithuns Church, started in 13th century, Devonshire, England: at left office and tower, at right old photo of interior by J. Stabb; "1576 Roger Allye" recorded on list of rectors;

More About Roger Alley:

Fact 1: admitted Rector of Pyworthy in summer of 1581;

Fact 2: Archdeacon of Cornwall, 13th October, 1563;

Child of Roger Alley is:

+ 13 i. Jerome6 Alley, born 1560 in Devonshire, England; died 1635 in England.


11. Jerome5 Alley (William4, William3, John2, Alley1) was born 1540.

Child of Jerome Alley is:

+ 14 i. Peter6 Alley, born April 12, 1563 in Hamilton Church Devonshire, England; died 1627.


Generation No. 6

13. Jerome6 Alley (Roger5, William4, William3, John2, Alley1) was born 1560 in Devonshire, England, and died 1635 in England. He married Joan Vilvane Bet. February 12, 1592 - 1593 in Oxon, Oxford, England. She was born Abt. 1565 in Oxon, Oxford, England.

More About Jerome Alley:

Christ Church Cathedral's rose window, Oxford University, Oxford, England;

Fact1: November 27, 1581, vicar of Christ Church, Oxon, England;

Children of Jerome Alley and Joan Vilvane are:

+ 15 i. Thomas7 Alley, Rev., born November 27, 1581 in Oxon, Oxford, England; died 1656 in Oxon, Oxford, England.

+ 16 ii. Francis Alley, born 1588 in Oxford, England; died Bet. 1656 - 1679 in Washington Co., Virginia.

17 iii. John Alley, born 1590.

More About John Alley:

Fact1: 1625, immigrated to Virginia;

+ 18 iv. Philip Alley, born 1594 in Oxford, England; died November 12, 1655 in Boston, MA.

14. Peter6 Alley (Jerome5, William4, William3, John2, Alley1) was born April 12, 1563 in Hamilton Church Devonshire, England, and died 1627.

Notes for Peter Alley:

from "Diary of William Camden, 1603-1623": 'January 31, 1618, Peter Ally sent back by Ralegh, reported he is in poor health, and that a number of volunteers have perished of disease.'

Susan Brenner at  "This may be the Peter Ally who served with Raleigh and was killed along with two sons at the battle recorded as "Retreat from Rea/Rhe."

Child of Peter Alley is:

+ 19 i. Jerome7 Alley, born 1590.


Generation No. 7

15. Thomas7 Alley, Rev. (Jerome6, Roger5, William4, William3, John2, Alley1) was born November 27, 1581 in Oxon, Oxford, England, and died 1656 in Oxon, Oxford, England.

More About Thomas Alley, Rev.:

Occupation: Rector of St. Mary's Church, Oxford, 1602-1656;

Child of Thomas Alley, Rev. is:

+ 20 i. William8 Alley, born 1605 in Oxon, Oxford, England; died Abt. 1660 in Salem, MA.


16. Francis7 Alley (Jerome6, Roger5, William4, William3, John2, Alley1) was born 1588 in Oxford, England, and died Bet. 1656 - 1679 in Washington Co., Virginia. He married Wealthian Snelling June 04, 1611 in Harberton, Devon, England, daughter of Thomas Snelling and Johan Elford. She was born 1590 in Plympton, St. Mary, Devon, England, and died Abt. 1640 in Virginia.

Notes for Francis Alley:

from "New England History and General Register, Index of Persons," vols. 1-50, pp. 18 & 19: Francis Alley (49--499) and Welthian (49--499) are listed;

More About Francis Alley:

Fact 1: Bef. 1642, came to Virginia with his family;


The maps above shows colonial America and the early settlement of Virginia Colony.  Jamestown is underlined in red.  Around this settlement, Francis Alley and wife Wealthian Snelling moved before 1642. Later, their grandson Thomas would be recorded just south of Jamestown, in the Isle of Wight County.

Notes for Wealthian Snelling:

from "Genealogical Gleanings in England Abstracts of Wills relating to Early American Families...," by Henry Walter, p. 1907, vol. II, p. 1097:

        'Thomas Snelling, clerk, vicar of Bridgerule, 30 May 1639, proved 11 August 1642. The poor of Bridgerule and the poor of Launcels. towards the augmentation of enlarging of the Communion Cup of the parish of Bridgerule I do give and bequeath forty shillings sterling. My daughters Elizabeth, Margaret and Joane Snelling. Lands called little Torage in Plimpton, St. Mary's, Devon, which I hold the demise and grant of Sir Richard Strode, Knight. Margaret my wife. My brother Emanuell Snelling. My sister Welthian Alley and her children by Francis Alley. My sister Florence...'"

More About Wealthian Snelling:

Fact 1: 1639, listed in her brother William's will written 1639 and includes "her children of Francis Alley of Virginia";

Children of Francis Alley and Wealthian Snelling are:

+ 21 i. Thomas8 Alley, born 1625 in Oxford, England; died Aft. 1676 in Virginia.

22 ii. Christian Alley, born 1612.

23 iii. Ann Alley, born 1615.

24 iv. Edward Alley, born 1620.


18. Philip7 Alley (Jerome6, Roger5, William4, William3, John2, Alley1) was born 1594 in Oxford, England, and died November 12, 1655 in Boston, MA. He married (1) Susan. He married (2) Mary Pitts 1622 in Oxford, England. She was born 1600 in Oxford, England.

Notes for Philip Alley:

from Randall Alley at, stonefish659@yahoo; "Alley Ancestors" by Gene Alley, 1994: 

        "...he [Philip] was known as rough and hardy, drinking to excess at times. His wife divorced him. His will was probated December 11, 1655... 

        "...listed in 'Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1538-1940'... Also a Philip Ally emigrated the same year, contained in 'Immigrants to America before 1750,' ed. by Frederick Virkus."

More About Philip Alley:

Fact 1: immigrated to America 1630 on board "Swift" from New Amsterdam;

Fact 2: Occupation: mariner;

Fact 3: 1st wife Susanne divorced Phillip because he was "rough and hardy, drinking to excess";

Children of Philip Alley and Mary Pitts are:

25 i. Roger8 Alley, born 1624.

26 ii. Giles Alley, born 1626.


19. Jerome7 Alley (Peter6, Jerome5, William4, William3, John2, Alley1) was born 1590.

Child of Jerome Alley is:

27 i. Jerome8 Alley, born 1629; died 1704.

More About Jerome Alley:

Fact1: Doctor of Divinity and Physic;


Generation No. 8

20. William8 Alley (Thomas7, Jerome6, Roger5, William4, William3, John2, Alley1) was born 1605 in Oxon, Oxford, England, and died Abt. 1660 in Salem, MA.

More About William Alley:

Fact 1: all of his children born in Oxford, England;

Fact 2: immigrated to Salem, MA, in 1632;

Fact 3: shipped aboard the "Betsy" with wife and two sons;

Fact 4: unnamed wife may have been born about 1612 in Oxford, England;

Children of William Alley are:

+ 28 i. John9 Alley, born 1628 in Oxon, Oxford, England; died November 25, 1653 in Newbury or Rowley, Essex Co., MA.

29 ii. Henry Alley, born 1630 in Oxford, England.

More About Henry Alley:

Fact 1: lived in Haverhill, Essex Co., MA;

Fact 2: 1686, listed in Salem, Essex Co., MA;

30 iii. Edward Alley, born 1635 in Essex, MA.

31 iv. Pope Alley, born 1640 in Essex Co., MA. He married Ann Harmon; born Abt. 1645.

32 v. Roger Alley, born 1624.

33 vi. Giles Alley, born 1626.


21. Thomas8 Alley (Francis7, Jerome6, Roger5, William4, William3, John2, Alley1) was born 1625 in Oxford, England, and died Aft. 1676 in Virginia. He married Martha Rutter Abt. 1654. She was born Abt. 1630.

Children of Thomas Alley and Martha Rutter are:

+ 34 i. Thomas9 Alley, born 1655.

35 ii. Roger Alley, born 1660 in Virginia.

36 iii. William Rutter Alley, born 1665 in Virginia.

37 iv. Arthur Alley, born 1670 in Virginia.

38 v. Anne Alley, born 1674.

39 vi. Nicholas Alley, born 1676.


Generation No. 9

28. John9 Alley (William8, Thomas7, Jerome6, Roger5, William4, William3, John2, Alley1) was born 1628 in Oxon, Oxford, England, and died November 25, 1653 in Newbury or Rowley, Essex Co., MA.

Notes for John Alley:

from Noreen Ayres Craig email at World Connect/Ancestry World Trees, "...Rebecca Ayers, she did not marry John Alley. She married first, John Aslet, on 8 October 1648... John Aslet died in 1671 after which Rebecca married widower George Keyser."

More About John Alley:

Fact 1: immigrated to America before 1648;

Child of John Alley is:

+ 40 i. Thomas10 Alley, Sr., born 1650 in Essex Co., MA; died May 04, 1699 in Rowley, Essex Co., MA.


34. Thomas9 Alley (Thomas8, Francis7, Jerome6, Roger5, William4, William3, John2, Alley1) was born 1655. He married Mary Seward Jennings Abt. 1678. She was born Abt. 1658.

Notes for Thomas Alley:

from John Poole, Jr. at

       "According to the circuit court of Isle of Wight County, in the year 1678 Thomas Alley requested that the will of Capt. John Jennings be probated so as he could marry the 'relic' [widow] of the captain a Mrs. Mary Jennings." Will & Deed Book 2, p. 45;

from Isle of Wight Deed Book 1, p. 19: "Jennings, John--Inventory presented by Mary Alley, late wife to said Jennings d. June 3, 1679."

Notes for Mary Seward Jennings:

from John Oliver, Jr. at's genforum:  "Mary Seward married a Capt. Jennings who was in Bacon's Rebellion in and around Surrey Co., VA, in 1675-1678. he died prior to being hanged after the rebellion fell. She [Mary] later married Thomas Alley."

from "before 1678 groom Thomas Alley, bride Mary Jennings, widow, dec'd hus. John Jennings, location Isle of Wight";

from "Seventeenth Century Isle of Wight, Virginia," by John Bennett Boddie, p. 577: 'John Jennings was banished from Virginia because of his part in Bacon's Rebellion. He died before his date to go because he pleaded for a delay due to monetary reasons, saying he had a " wife and children".' "

Child of Thomas Alley and Mary Jennings is:

+ 41 i. Thomas10 Alley, Jr., born Abt. 1690 in Isle of Wight Co., VA; died 1773 in Henrico Co., VA.


Generation No. 10

40. Thomas10 Alley, Sr. (John9, William8, Thomas7, Jerome6, Roger5, William4, William3, John2, Alley1) was born 1650 in Essex Co., MA, and died May 04, 1699 in Rowley, Essex Co., MA. He married (1) Sarah Silver Bet. February 09, 1669 - 1670, daughter of Thomas Silver and Katherine Crosby. She was born October 18, 1655 in Essex, MA, and died 1680 in Rowley, MA. He married (2) Abigail Killham October 10, 1681, daughter of John Killham and Hannah Pickworth. She was born Abt. 1663 in Wenham, Essex Co., MA, and died Bef. 1764.

More About Abigail Killham:

Fact1: 1700, moved to Dover, NH;

Children of Thomas Alley and Abigail Killham are:

42 i. Joanna11 Alley, born 1685 in Essex, MA. She married John Rhodes 1712.

43 ii. Abigail Alley, born Bet. March 01, 1686 - 1687 in Essex, MA.

44 iii. Anna Alley, born 1689 in Essex, MA. She married David Boise 1712.

45 iv. Hannah Alley, born 1691 in Essex, MA. She married James Pierce 1716.


41. Thomas10 Alley, Jr. (Thomas9, Thomas8, Francis7, Jerome6, Roger5, William4, William3, John2, Alley1) was born Abt. 1690 in Isle of Wight Co., VA, and died 1773 in Henrico Co., VA. He married Francis Reavis 1723 in Henrico, VA, daughter of unknown first name Reavis. She was born 1705 in Henrico Co., VA, and died 1771 in Henrico Co., VA.

Notes for Thomas Alley, Jr.:

from Alley researcher Lawrence E. Alley, III, at World Connect Project:

       "The death of Thomas and his wife can be ascertained from records in the Vestry Book of St. John's Church, Henrico Co., VA. The church also was the center of the government at that time.

       "Dec. 9, 1771, wife of Thomas Alley is no longer listed in Parish Levy (tax), page 144.

       "Dec. 17, 1773, last listing of Thomas Alley in the Parish Levy (tax), page 149.

       "About a year after Thomas died, on 20 March 1775, the Second Virginia Convention convened at St. John's Church in Richmond. Patrick Henry made the church famous with his "Give me liberty, or give me death" speech, March 23, 1775."

where Thomas and Francis Reavis Alley are recorded and Patrick Henry spoke--St. John's Church, Richmond, Henrico Co., Virginia; photos from

from Alley researcher Patricia Alley Gaddie:

       "Land Deed from William Gooch, Esquire, Lieutenant Governor and Commander in Chief of said Colony of the Dominion at Williamsburg...the Twenty-ninth day of June one thousand, seven hundred and thirty-nine:

       "In the Thirteenth year of the reign that included George the second by the Grace of God of Great Britain...Know ye that for divers good causes and considerations...of the sum of forty shillings...paid to our general of Revenues in this Colony of Dominion of Virginia.

       "We have given granted and give...unto Thomas Alley one certain Tract or Parcel of Land containing four hundred acres lying and being in the County of Henrico on the North Side of James River and bounded as followeth to wit.

       "Beginning at the corner tree of Charles Christian's then on the said Christian's line north thirty degrees west two hundred and seventy poles to a corner pine of said Christian's. Then leaving Christian's line and continuing the same course eighty poles to a corner pine...unto said Thomas Alley his Heirs and assigns forever...

       "...if said Thomas Alley his Heirs and Assigns do not within the years of three improve three acres part of every fifty of the Tract above mentioned, then the Estate whereby granted shall cease...signed William Gooch."

from Henrico Co., VA, Deed Book, pp. 242-4: "Edward Revis of County and Parish of Henrico to Thomas Alley of same. Whereas said Edward and Thomas are both seized of 400 acres as by Patent 5 Sept. 1723, they agree to division. Hannah wife of Edward and Frances wife of Thomas relinquish their Dower Rights. Witnesses George Payne, Pierre Louis Soblet, Monday, 1 Aug. 1729."

More About Thomas Alley, Jr.:

Fact 1: 1716, moved to Henrico Co., VA;

Notes for Francis Reavis:

from Alley researcher Lawrence E. Alley, III,, WorldConnect Project: "[Francis was] thought to be a sister of a friend and neighbor, Edward Reavis, about 1695, who married Hannah (thought to be an Alley). Hannah may have been a sister or cousin of Thomas Alley."

from "Alley Ancestors," by Gene Alley, pd 1994: 'Frances was sister to Edward who married Hannah Alley about 1714.'

concerning the Reavis family, from Valorie Hunter at
       "It is believed that Edward left his native England as a young man. He settled in Henrico Co., VA. In 1731 he lived on Tuckahoe Creek. In 1735 he bought 500 acres adjoining Charles Christian.
       "Around 1747, Edward left Virginia with his older married sons and John and Jesse Gilliam, possible brothers of his wife Sarah [2nd], and settled in Granville Co., NC, then on to Northampton Co., NC where they owned many parcels of land. He didn't sign an X like many of his peers, so he had some education. He received a royal patent on land on the James River in recognition of his 'Importation of two persons to dwell within our colony of Virginia.'
       "...will was written February 21, 1750; it was probated 1752."

Children of Thomas Alley and Francis Reavis are:

+ 46 i. James L.11 Alley, Sr., born Abt. 1728 in Henrico Co., VA; died March 26, 1799 in Russell Co., VA.

47 ii. Thomas Alley, born 1722 in Henrico Co., VA; died 1780 in Buford's Retreat, SC. He married Jane Ealey; born 1723.

48 iii. Edmund Alley, born 1725 in Henrico Co., VA.

49 iv. David Alley, born 1730 in Henrico Co., VA; died 1793. He married Elizabeth Harrelson; born 1740.

50 v. Mary Alley, born 1733 in Henrico Co., VA; died 1789. She married Richard Cottrell 1753; born 1730.

51 vi. Dorcas Alley, born 1735 in Virginia. She married David Hall November 20, 1754 in Goochland Co., VA; born 1730.


Generation No. 11

46. James L.11 Alley, Sr. (Thomas10, Thomas9, Thomas8, Francis7, Jerome6, Roger5, William4, William3, John2, Alley1) was born Abt. 1728 in Henrico Co., VA, and died March 26, 1799 in Russell Co., VA. He married Azby Christian 1750 in Henrico, VA, daughter of James Christian and Ann Macon. She was born 1730, and died April 10, 1798.

Notes for James L. Alley, Sr.:

from family researcher Randall Alley:

       "got land from father in 1749; moved in 1776 to what is now Scott Co., VA;

       "Some records suggest that James and Azby had 7 sons and 2 daughters.

       "Also, land records show that James Alley was in Orange Co. and Rowan Co., NC, between the time he left Henrico Co., VA, to the time when he reached the Clinch River area.

       "He served on juries, helped appraise an estate, and gave bond to his friends. In 1798, he deeded land to his son David K. Alley with the agreement that David would care for him."

More About James L. Alley, Sr.:

Fact 1: listed on Petition to Form Russell County, December 1785, along with sons David, Hosea, James Jr., John, & Peter;

Fact 2: listed on 1787 & '88 Russell Co., VA Personal Property Taxes, Lower District;

Fact 3: may have had son named Cyrus;

More About Azby Christian:

Fact 1: witnessed her daughter Fanny and Fanny's 5 children killed by Native Americans near Ft. Blackmore, Clinch River frontier area, VA;

***For more on Azby Christian's father James and his father Thomas Christian, go to the bottom of the page.***

Children of James Alley and Azby Christian are:

+ 52 i. James L.12 Alley, born 1753 in Henrico Co., VA; died August 02, 1834 in Roane Co., TN.

53 ii. Frances Alley, born 1750 in Virginia; died 1777 near Ft. Blackmore, Scott Co., VA. She married ...Nappier.

Notes for Frances Alley:

from "Killing of Fanny Napper and Her Children, " by Emory L. Hamilton, manuscript appeared in 'Indian Atrocities Along the Clinch, Powell and Holston Rivers,' pp. 52-3, based on letter written by Samuel Alley, Metamora, IN, to Dr. Lyman C. Draper, dated April 28, 1884:

       " 'My father's sister, Fanny Napper and her five children were killed and scalped by Indians near Fort Blackmore. I was born in a few yards of the fort in 1801, and have just returned from a visit to my old birthplace. The ground where the fort stood was being cultivated. A large apple tree stands near the fort that my father set out. It is to this called the 'John Alley Apple Tree.'

        "My aunt and family were killed, I think, in 1777. My father was born at Petersburg, VA, in 1760, and settled on Clinch [River] when a young boy. Died on Piper Creek, Franklin Co., IN, in 1842, where I now live, aged 82 years.'

       "Fanny Napper was a daughter of James Alley, Sr., who along with his brother Thomas Alley, Sr., were very early settlers on the Clinch River in the present Scott Co., VA. The writer has been unable to discover in the area any details of just how she and her five children were slain, but in the Shane Historical Collection (2) of the Draper Manuscripts is an interview with Jessee Graddy who tells of his trip from Virginia to Kentucky with his arrival at the Crab Orchard in Lincoln Co., KY, September 3, 1777. If Graddy is telling of the killing of Fanny Napper, which he undoubtedly is, although he mentions no names, then she and her children must have been slain in July or August of 1777, Graddy says:

                  'The morning before we came to the ford of Clinch (Blackmore's Station was 10 miles beyond that) these murders were committed. A mother and four children killed within eight of the fort. The husband was in the field, but escaped. A girl about half grown, and three little boys tomahawked and scalped, who were talking while their brains were boiling out. The grandmother asked them if they saw their little brother (this is perhaps the 5th child). What had become of him? Said they didn't know. There were Dutch people.' (In the early days in this area it was very common to refer to people of German extraction as being Dutch. The word Naper, variantly spelled Napier or Nappier, is perhaps from the German. The name is still to be found in this area and the spelling usually takes the form of the latter two.)

                 'We stayed a good part of the day. Their aunt sat on a stump in sight of the fort and cried all day. Went by Blackmore's Station next day and didn't see the smoke of a chimney after that until we got to Boonesboro. The pretty springs of water and the woods rendered Powell Valley exceedingly beautiful. I could have stopped very freely in it. A rock road all the way down and mountains to one side of us. Just before we got to the foot of Cumberland Mountain, the company, three fourths of a mile ahead of us, had all their horses stolen. they could do nothing better than just turn their featherbeds loose. They could do nothing with them about their cattle. We never saw any Indians and were not interrupted. I was most afraid coming down Cumberland Mountain. The place was narrow and rocky. Stood up on either side not broader than a house. Woods more beautiful in Cumberland Valley than any other place' "

More About Frances Alley:

Fact 1: killed near Ft. Blackmore, Scott Co., VA, by Native Americans;

Fact 2: children killed at the same time;

+ 54 iii. Thomas Joseph Alley, born 1755 in Henrico Co., VA; died May 27, 1834 in Scott Co., VA.

55 iv. Peter Alley, born 1757 in Henrico Co., VA; died January 09, 1831 in Nickelsville, Scott Co., VA. He married (1) Elizabeth Davis. He married (2) Jane Hundley.

56 v. Hosea Alley, born 1759 in Virginia; died 1826 in Virginia. He married Abigail Halsey.

57 vi. Samuel Jay Alley, born June 25, 1761 in Henrico, VA; died August 12, 1847 in Shelby Co., IN. He married Mary Osborne April 1786; born 1768 in North Carolina; died 1856 in Indiana.

58 vii. Mary Alley, born 1762; died Aft. 1803.

59 viii. Jonathan Alley, born 1764 in Henrico Co., VA; died August 25, 1841 in Franklin Co., IN. He married Mary B. Porter 1790 in Scott County, Virginia; born 1771 in North Carolina; died 1842 in Indiana.

60 ix. Jane Alley, born 1767.

61 x. David K. Alley, born 1768 in Virginia; died Bef. November 14, 1838 in Franklin Co., IN.

62 xi. Elizabeth Alley, born 1772; died 1843 in Missouri. She married Franklin Spear April 13, 1812 in Franklin, IN.

More About Elizabeth Alley:

Fact 1: first marriage to Squire Osborn who drowned on way to Indiana; then married Andrew Spear;

The modern map above shows Scott, Russell, and Lee counties in the Appalachian range of western Virginia.  It was in this Virginia frontier in the last three decades of the 1700s that the Alley family lived, fought, and died.  This was the time not only of the American Revolution but also of the great migration along Daniel Boone's Wilderness Trail, in orange, through the Cumberland Gap, and into the wilderness of what is now Kentucky and Tennessee. The Clinch River, in dark turquoise, traced another wilderness road.  Along it were various forts, underlined in dark pink, built to protect migrating settlers from hostile Native Americans.   Along the Clinch, James, Sr., moved his family in 1777.  The Ft. Blackmore area, center, is where his wife Azby Christian Alley witnessed the scalping and deaths of her daughter Fanny Alley Napper/Nappier and Fanny's five children, probably by Cherokees. 

Ft. Blackmore and Moore's Fort, near Castlewood to the right or east, are places where Daniel Boone with his family stayed before moving into Kentucky.  James Jr., and brothers Samuel and John are listed among the troops for this fort in 1777.  James was in many military operations during the Revolutionary War.  He would later be constable of Castlewood and move his family on Boone's Wilderness Trail through the Cumberland Gap, living eventually in Wayne Co., KY, for ten to twelve years where his daughter Sarah "Sally" met Thomas Decker.

Generation 12



52. James L.12 Alley (James L.11, Thomas10, Thomas9, Thomas8, Francis7, Jerome6, Roger5, William4, William3, John2, Alley1) was born 1753 in Henrico Co., VA, and died August 02, 1832 in Roane Co., TN. He married Massey Saunders 1781 in Blockhouse, Guilford, NC. She was born Abt. 1759, and died April 1849 in Tennessee.

Notes for James L. Alley:

from Guilford Co., NC Archives Military Records, Revolutionary War Pension, Pension Application of James Alley, National Archives Series M804, Application #W256, from Roane County, Tennessee--Alley, James October 29, 1833:
      "On this 29th day of October, in the Year of our Lord 1833, personally appeared in open court, James Alley, 80 years, made the following declaration: 'In the year 1777, volunteered in Capt. Culpeper's Company in the regiment commanded by Col. Love. Went from Tryon Co. [now Guilford Co.], NC to the head of Catawba where applicant was transferred to Capt. Roberson, in the same regiment and was attached to the Brigade commanded by Gen. Rutherford. Marched through various parts of the County to the Hywassee on a tour after hostile Indians. Applicant was discharged after having served seven months. Applicant then went back to Tryon where he remained about twelve months; in 1779, he again volunteered in Cap. Snoddy's Company, in the regiment commanded by Col. Smith. Marched to Boonesborough in Kentucky to defend the place at the time. An Indian called Black Fish besieged it. Applicant was discharged after serving three months.

A depiction of Boonesborough fort in Kentucky, which 135 pioneers used for safety, is at right.  During the American Revolution, Chief Blackfish, a Shawnee leader allied to the British, besieged the settlement starting September 7, 1778.   James Alley, Jr., along with approximately thirty-five other gunmen, volunteered to Col. William Bailey Smith's regiment to help save the pioneers. Daniel Boone, who had earlier been captured by the Shawnees, escaped in time to lead the defense.  The siege ended September 18, 1778 with Blackfish's defeat.

       "He went hence to what is now Lee County, VA where he remained about twelve months, when he again volunteered in defense of his country, in the company commanded by Cap. Snoddy... Marched to a place called the Block House on the**__of the Holstein, from thence to the Crab Orchard in Kentucky after the Indians, at which place this applicant was discharged, after serving three months. This was in 1780. He received no discharge. He did not return home immediately from the Crab Orchard, but substituted for a man by the name of McKinney in Capt. Martin's company, on an expedition against the hostile Indians. Marched out of the settlement to Lee's Town, after serving two months. This was in 1781. He was discharged at this time. He received no discharge [papers]. From which place he went back to the Crab Orchard where he remained a short time, when he returned from service and to his father's house on Clinch River, now Lee Co., VA, after serving 15 months as above stated.
"Applicant was born in Henrico Co., VA, in the year 1753. He had a record of his age, but it is lost...
"He now resides in Roane Co., TN, and has lived here ever since 1821."

from above source, Morgan Co., TN:
       "On this 18th day of March, 1839, personally appeared before the undersigned, one of the justices of the peace in and for Morgan Co., TN, Massey Alley, a resident of the county and sate aforesaid, aged 80 years...
      "That she is the widow of James Alley. That in the year 1777 or 1778, he volunteered in Guilford Co., NC, in the brigade commanded by General Rutherford, and was a private and served a campaign against the Cherokee Indians and marched to Big Valley River in NC and marched back; after serving three months, was discharged. Where he received a written discharge or not, this applicant can not say.
      "That in the year 1779 he again volunteered in the service in the brigade commanded by General Davidson. Marched from Guilford to the edge of SC, passed Hill's Works thence to ?Warfed [Marfed?] Works (had a little skirmish with the Tories near the latter place) from thence to Gilbert Town in NC. Had another skirmish with the Tories there, thence back to Hill's Works, thence to Cherokee Ford on Broad River, and was there discharged after serving three months. Inferior officers names not recollected by this affiant.

The Battle of the Guilford Courthouse, NC, March 15, 1781, is one of the Revolutionary War conflicts in which James Alley, Jr., was involved.  The map at right shows various troop movements. It was shortly after this battle, "in April or May," that James and Massey Saunders were married in the blockhouse.

Battle lines for Guilford Court House are shown at left, March 15, 1781, General Cornwallis vs. Major General Nathaniel Greene.  Blue indicates American forces; red is British.

       "Affiant further states that to the best of her recollection, he again volunteered in the year 1780, perhaps in the winter of that year, in Guilford Co., NC under a Capt. Culpepper of Love. Affiant c'not recollect which, and was in the Battle at Guilford Courthouse and served six months. It was during this said service that affiant and said James were married, to wit: sometime in April or May 1781. that she is well satisfied that he served six months, and was discharged, and she knows not whether he received a written discharge or not.
      "That he afterwards volunteered and went perhaps in '81 or '82 to the western frontier against the Indians and she has often heard him speak of being on the Cumberland where Nashville now is. That he was gone six months, as well as the applicant remembers, and as she thinks, under Capt. Love. Affiant has no distinct recollection of any other services that he performed, and that he is the same James Alley that drew a pension for his revolutionary services under the provisions of the Act of Congress of the ___of 183__. [left blank by the clerk]
      "She further declares that she was married to the said James Alley in the month of April or May, 1781 by a certain Esq. Love, but there being no family record kept of the same, she is unable to state which of those months or the day of the month she was married and that her husband, the aforesaid James Alley died on the 2nd day of August, 1834. That she was married to him prior to the first day of January 1794, viz. at the time stated above. Sworn and subscribed to on the day and the above written Massey Alley, X [her mark]."



A picture of the Cumberland Gap as viewed from Pinnacle Point.

from the above source, Morgan Co., TN:
       "This day personally appeared the undersigned, a justice of the peace for Morgan Co., David Alley... a citizen of Morgan Co., TN, aged 45 years, who being duly sworn according to law, makes oath that he is the son of James and Massey Alley, that he has often heard his father speak of having served a three month tour against the Indians in the year 1777 or 1778 and also of having served three months against the Tories in the year 1781 and 2, and of being at the Battle of Guilford Courthouse, and that a short time after said battle was fought, his said father and mother were married at a place called ?Little Block House, and by a justice of the peace named Love. That he served a six month tour afterwards to the west after the Indians. He has often heard him speak of being at the place where Nashville now stands. Recollects of hearing his father often speak of Capt. Culpepper and Capt. Love, but affiant does not know what other officers he served under, nor does he recollect of hearing his father say what regiment and etc., he served in.
       "Affiant further states that Father was drawing a pension for his Revolutionary services to the time of his death, which was in August 1834. Affiant also further states that his mother, the present applicant, was always called, reputed and believed to be the wife of the said James, his father, from the first of affiant's recollection until his death and that she was never married to any other man, and that they have had nine children, one of which dead, to wit:
Betsy, aged about fifty or over, James, aged 48 years, Fany, aged about 48 years, Sally [Sarah] about 46 or 47, and this affiant aged 45 years, Leah about 41 years and Joseph aged about 39, William who is dead; being the only children the said James and Massey had.




Through the Cumberland Gap by Bingham shows Daniel Boone leading the horse, followed by a train of settlers.  James Alley would have dressed, probably, like the frontiersman to Daniel's left.

       "That the said James, his wife and family moved from Guilford Co., NC, to the head of Powel's Valley over 45 years since, and remained there about 10 years, and then moved down said valley to a place called the Old Town, remained there four or five years, then moved to Wayne Co., KY, stayed there 10 or 12 years, moved to Monroe Co., TN, remained there 3 or 4 years and then moved to Roane Co., where he resided until his death, and it was during his residence there that he obtained his pension, since which time, the widow, said Massey, has resided in Morgan Co., TN, ever since. Affiant further states that there is no family record of the marriage of his father to his knowledge, that he thinks from the statement of his father and mother, he believes she is 80 years old. Sworn to and subscribed this 10th day of March, 1839, David Alley X [his mark]."






Petition to form Russell County [VA]-December 1785--

      "The petition of sundry in habitants of Clinch River, Moccasin Creek, Powells Valley, and others, citizens of Washington County humbly represent that your petitioners are situated from the line of Montgomery as it crosses near the source of the Clinch River... The greatest portion of your petitioners have to travel from twenty-five miles and some eighty or one hundred; moreover are generally interrupted by Clinch that great difficulty arises to your petitioners not only in attending Courts, but Courts Martial... We therefore pray your Honorable House will take our case into consideration and divide the county... we your Petitioners...: Alley, David; Alley, Hosea; Alley, James, Sr. ;Alley, James, Jr.; Alley, John; Alley, Peter; Alley, Samuel..."

More About James L. Alley:

Fact 1: listed in 1787 Russell Co., VA Personal Property Tax List, Lower District;

Fact 2: Revolutionary War military service, volunteer; fought with officers Snoody, Love, Culpepper, Roberson, Rutherford, Martin, Davidson;

Fact 3:  fought against Native Americans and/or Tories from 1777through 1782;

Fact 4: fought in battles or skirmishes at Boonesborough, KY; the Crab Orchard, VA; the Block House on the Holstein, VA; Big Valley River, NC; Hill's Works NC; Gilbert Town, NC; Guilford Courthouse, NC; Cumberland frontier, TN.

Fact 5: In 1777 and 1783, was serving in the militia in Washington Co., VA, on payroll at Moore's Fort (from Randall Alley);

Fact 6: 1786 constable of Castlewood, VA (RA);

Fact 7: When Russell Co. was formed from Washington Co. became constable in Castlewood for one year (RA).

Children of James Alley and Massey Saunders are:

+ 63 i. Sarah13 "Sally" Alley, born Bet. 1789 - 1793 in Virginia; died May 05, 1880 in Wayne Co., KY.

64 ii. William Alley, born 1782.

65 iii. Elizabeth Alley, born 1784; died 1840 in Tennessee. She married Jeremiah Hatfield 1810; born Abt. 1776; died Abt. 1840.

66 iv. James Alley, born 1790.

67 v. Frances Alley, born 1791. She married James Dean; born Abt. 1794.

68 vi. David Alley, born 1794.

69 vii. Doshea Alley, born 1796.

70 viii. Leah Alley, born 1798.

71 ix. Joseph Alley, born 1803.


54. Thomas Joseph12 Alley (James L.11, Thomas10, Thomas9, Thomas8, Francis7, Jerome6, Roger5, William4, William3, John2, Alley1) was born 1755 in Henrico Co., VA, and died May 27, 1834 in Scott Co., VA. He married (1) Sarah Green. He married (2) Mary Green. He married (3) Sarah Jane Green 1780. She was born 1760 in North Carolina, and died 1805.

Children of Thomas Alley and Sarah Green are:

72 i. Peter M.13 Alley, born 1782.

73 ii. James Alley, born 1783.

74 iii. Millie Alley, born 1784.

75 iv. Nancy Alley, born 1786.

76 v. Thomas Alley, born 1788.

77 vi. David Alley, born 1791.

78 vii. Abijah Alley, born 1794.

79 viii. Mary Alley, born 1796.

80 ix. Fannie Alley, born 1797.

81 x. Rachel Alley, born 1802.


Generation No. 13

63. Sarah13 Alley (James L.12, James L.11, Thomas10, Thomas9, Thomas8, Francis7, Jerome6, Roger5, William4, William3, John2, Alley1) was born Bet. 1789 - 1793 in Virginia, and died May 05, 1880 in Wayne Co., KY. She married Thomas Decker December 24, 1812 in Wayne Co., KY, son of George/Joris Decker and Sally. He was born 1783 in Rockbridge Co., VA, and died July 30, 1866 in Wayne Co., KY.

More About Sarah Alley:

Burial: Bugwood Cemetery, Wayne Co., KY

Fact 1: listed on 1870 census for Wayne Co., KY, living with son John and his family;

Fact 2: listed in "Kentucky Marriages to 1850";

Fact 3 listed "as Sally" with siblings in mother Massey's application for Rev. War pension for father James;

Fact 4 probably met Thomas Decker when Alley family was living in Wayne Co., KY. ten to twelve years, before moving to Monroe Co., TN;

Notes for Thomas Decker:


Kathy Decker Patscheck found stones for Thomas and Sarah at Bugwood Cemetery, Wayne County, KY.

"A Little History of the David Decker Family" by granddaughter Daisy Field-Fink, daughter of Cynthia A. (Annie) Decker Dwiggins, who married Addison Dwiggins:

letter dated June 3, 1961,

       "Mother's father, Grandpa Decker, was born in Kentucky near Monticello where Mae (Mrs. James Humble) now lives. His father's (Thomas Decker's) house was standing on the bank of the Cumberland River when Mother and I were there. It was built high off the ground and there was an old tree standing by it. You could see where the water had left its mark high up on the tree when the river had been in flood. Right across the river from that old house was where Uncle Bill (William) Decker lived when we were there. We went across the river in a little row boat, Mother and I. Just twelve miles from that place is Monticello where the old courthouse was, all covered with vines, and where Grandpa got his marriage license and was married.

       "...the damning of the Cumberland created Lake Cumberland and inundated entirely all the familiar territory that the Decker family called 'Home.' "





Burial: Bugwood Cemetery, Wayne Co., KY

Fact 1: listed on census 1820's -1860's in Wayne County, KY;

Fact 2: veteran of War of 1812, Capt. Taul's Company from Wayne Co. KY, commander Col. Barbee; also Capt. Fards Co.;

Fact 3: buried with wife Sarah in Bugwood Cemetery, Wayne Co., KY;

Sarah Alley Decker's gravestone at Bugwood Cemetery, Wayne Co., KY, at right;

Fact 4: mentioned in "A Century of Wayne County, Kentucky" p. 46;

Fact 5: had cabin "built up" on bank of Cumberland River, twelve miles from Monticello, KY; across river was son Bill's cabin; area later dammed and flooded for Lake Cumberland;

Fact 6: would have traveled through Cumberland Gap;

Fact 7: marriage surety bond dated December 24, 1812, by William Summers;

For a continuation of this Alley-Decker family, go to the Decker page, generation #5.


Descendants of Thomas Christian

Generation No. 1

1. Thomas1 Christian was born 1636 in Isle of Man.

Notes for Thomas Christian:

info on Christian family from Debrah McCann and Alley researcher Lawrence Alley, III, RootsWeb WorldConnect Project:

from "Historical and Genealogy of the Woodsons and Their Connections," Henry Morton Woodson, appeared in "William and Mary College Quarterly," as 'Something of the Christian Family,' p. 60:

       "This is a family of Scandinavian origin and had attained great eminence at a very early date. They were deemsters or judges in the Isle of Man as early as 1408, and as such succeeded one another for several centuries, embracing many generations. The name was formerly Mac Cristen, then Cristen, and finally about the year 1600 it was changed to its present form by Ewan Mac Cristen who, in 1605, when only twenty-six years old, was made deemster, and held the office fifty-one years. He was also deputy governor of Peel Castle and the most influential man in the island. Early in the seventeenth century some of the descendants of this ancient family emigrated to Virginia, acquired large bodies of land and entered vigorously into the development of the new country. The Virginia progenitor of the family was Thomas Christian. As 'Mr. Thomas Christian' he patented, October 21, 1687, 1080 [acres] in Charles City County. The term "Mr." accorded to the immigrant, is indicative of social standing. In 1694 'Thomas Christian, Sen.' obtained a patent for 193 acres south of Chickahominy Swamp. It appears that he had at least four sons: (1) Thomas, of Charles City County, who patented land (1712 and 1727) in the forks of Beaver Dam Creek in that part of Henrico county called Goochland; (2) Charles Christian of Charles City County, who located lands in the same vicinity in 1714 and 1727; (3) James Christian in the same vicinity, located land bounding on Thomas's line (1719); (4) John Christina of Charles City County, in the same vicinity..."

from "Cavaliers and Pioneers," Patent Book 4--

       p. 364:  'Jan 15, 1657, Thomas Christian 100 acres, James City Co., VA, P 167, 249, on N. side of James River and E. side of Chickahominy River, along trees of Capt. Bridges Freeman, S.W. on trees on Thomas Young and N.W. on Island Creek. Trans. of two pers.: Thomas Christian, John Wilkerson.'

      p. 420--'Mar 18, 1662, Thomas Christian 100 Acres James City Co., VA, p. 77 549, on N. side of the James and E. side of Chickahominy River upon marked trees of Thomas Young and on the Island Creek.'

from "Genealogies of Virginia Families," vol. I, Christian Family, p. 785:

      'Oct 21, 1687, Mr. Thomas Christian received a land patent for 1080 acres in Charles City Co., VA.

       'Oct 26, 1694, Mr. Thomas Christian, Sen., received a land patent for 193 acres south of Chickahominy Swamp, in Charles City Co., VA.

      'Nov 2, 1705, Charles Christian received a land patent for 75 acres in Charles City Co., VA.

       'Nov 27, 1705 Thomas Christian and Edmond New, Jr., received a land grant for 1324 acres in Charles City Co., VA. Surveyed by Robert Bolling.'

from Ria Hendrix,

       "Green Oak Farm located in the Sterling Heights area of the county and along the shore of the Chickahominy River. Patent dated 21 Oct, 1687 to Thomas Christian for 1080 acres in Weyanoke Parish, on the south side of Store's/Stoney Run, crossing Black Gutt of the Chickahominy River may well have been the patent for this farm. Formerly called 'Cherry Bottom' this land is thought to have been passed down in the family, by wills, through the Christian family to the present time. According to Bruce B. James, who lives on this property, there is a family cemetery, as well as a slave cemetery to the rear of the old house."

Children of Thomas Christian are:

+ 2 i. James2 Christian, born Abt. 1674 in Charles City Co., VA; died 1752 in Charles City Co., VA.

3 ii. Martha Christian, born Abt. 1675.

4 iii. Charles Christian, born Abt. 1684 in Charles City Co., VA; died in Charles City Co., VA.

5 iv. Thomas Christian, born Abt. 1685 in Charles City Co., VA; died in Charles City Co., VA.

6 v. John Christian.


Generation No. 2

2. James2 Christian (Thomas1) was born Abt. 1674 in Charles City Co., VA, and died 1752 in Charles City Co., VA. He married Ann Macon. She was born 1685 in New Kent Co., VA.

Notes for James Christian:

from Alley researcher Lawrence Alley, III,, WorldConnect Project:

       "James Christian is the most likely candidate for the father of Azby. The entire Christian family owned land near to Thomas Alley. Charles Christian had land adjacent. Henrico Co., Land Grants, Book 18, p. 343. This is mostly speculation. Using the process of elimination, Thomas [Christian] can be eliminated, assuming all his children are listed in his will. The wife of Charles [Christian] is too old for a 1722-1730 birth. This leaves only John and James. Unfortunately nothing is known about John's family or if he even married. No other Christians are known to be in the area. There are many gaps in the ages of James's children making it more likely that Azby is a missing child."

Children of James Christian and Ann Macon are:

+ 7 i. Azby3 Christian, born 1730; died April 10, 1798.

8 ii. Richard Christian, born 1700.

9 iii. Joel Christian.

10 iv. William Christian.

11 v. James Christian, born 1725.

12 vi. Judith Christian, born 1711.

13 vii. Gedion Christian, born Bet. February 05, 1727 - 1728.


Generation No. 3

7. Azby3 Christian (James2, Thomas1) was born 1730, and died April 10, 1798. She married James L. Alley, Sr. 1750 in Henrico, VA, son of Thomas Alley and Francis Reavis. He was born Abt. 1728 in Henrico Co., VA, and died March 26, 1799 in Russell Co., VA.

***For the Alley-Christian connection, go to generation #11 above.***

The watercolor of an English cottage with cathedral, shown below, provides the background for the Alley genealogy page.  It is by Alley descendant John Phillip Summers.

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