Jamison with McCartney & Lemon/Lemmon Genealogy

Descendants of Francis Jamison

Generation No. 1

Antrim County is part of Northern Ireland in the map left.  Belfast, Ireland, is shown in the lower right corner of Antrim County in the map at right.  A Jamison is listed with the elite of the LaMant clan from the Glasgow area that were massacred by the Campbells in the late 17th century.  The Jamisons were probably Scotch-Irish--inhabitants of Scotland that fled to nearby Northern Ireland--as were the McCartneys and Lemons/Lemmons/Lemans/Lamons.

1. Francis1 Jamison was born Bet. 1726 - 1728 in Belfast, Ireland, and died 1792 in Pleasant Unity, Westmoreland County, PA. He married Margaret.

Notes for Francis Jamison:

from http://www.jamison.oilcreekgenealogy.com/:
       "...[Francis and Margaret are] buried in Middle Church Cemetery, north of Mt. Pleasant, Mt. Pleasant Township...

"Francis Jamison's ancestors might have been associated with the Clan Gunn in Caithness, in northeast Scotland. The circumstances for the move to the north of Ireland is not known. Probably they were part of the seventeenth century resettlement of lowland Scots to northern Ireland, the so-called Scottish plantations. The Jamisons were eventually located in Buckna, probably the Parish of Racavan, County Antrim. Buckna is about 5 miles northeast of Ballymena and about 40 miles northwest of Belfast. There is no evidence that the Jamisons were landowners. One account suggests they were linen weavers. But they could have been tenant farmers and hence possible subject to extravagant rents. Perhaps this 'rack-renting' or differences between the established Church of England and the Presbyterian Church or both influenced their decision to emigrate to North America. Regardless, a certificate, dated 17 July 1764, Buckna, attesting to the family's good standing in the the Presbyterian Church and 'wherever it may please providence to cast their lot' is good evidence that the      family shortly was to emigrate to North America.
       "The certificate...was given to the great grandfather [Francis] of Joseph Jamison. 'That Francis Jamison, his wife and family lived within the bounds of this congregation from their infancy, always behaving themselves in a sober, regular and Christian manner, free from all public scandal or church censure, and may by admitted to church privileges in any Christian soviety wherever it may please providence to cast their lot...'
       "The family was probably in North America by late summer, 1764, landing in Philadelphia. One account states they first settled in Maryland, near the location of the 1862 Battle of Antietam. But most accounts infer they went directly to present-day Franklin County, Pennsylvania. The family settled in western Franklin County, the Conococheague area which at one time consisted of several settlements including Conococheague Station. According to Jamison (1992), page B-5, the Conococheague area...was a few miles west of Mercersburg... However, since the Conococheague area would encompass any part of the Conococheague valley, and the stream heads west of Mercersburg (flowing southeast), the Jamison site could be west of Mercersburg, in which case it would be in Montgomery Township.
       "The opening of the Land Office in Westmoreland County in 1769 probably induced Francis's two oldest sons, Robert and John, to take out claims in Westmoreland County. Regardless, John and Robert apparently came to what would in a few years (1773) be Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, in 1769. Robert's claim was in the Pleasant Unity area and John's was further north, on Dry Ridge, between present-day Greensburg and Latrobe. ...the land was improved with the brothers returning to Franklin County in the autumn. In 1773, both Robert and John married in Franklin County.
       "Apparently the remaining brothers and sisters soon followed Robert and John west, but not Francis, Sr., and Margaret. However, both Francis and Margaret died in Westmoreland County, either while visiting their children or after coming to Westmoreland County to live with their children. According to the Kepler letters (1979-80), Francis, Sr., and Margaret continued to live in Cumberland or Franklin County, but died while visiting their children in Westmoreland County. And then this from the Kepler letters: 'our family story hints at drowning in an accident--fording a river.' "

Jamison/McCartney info from "Francis Jamison of Franklin County, Pennsylvania," mcquoidg.tripod.com/frm216.htm:              

     '...the son of Scottish immigrants. He and his wife died in 1792 on a trip to see their children in Westmoreland County. Mr. Jamison married Margaret ??? and they resided in Buckina (Buncrana?), Antrim Co., Ireland and Westmoreland Co., PA.

     "Mr. Jamison emigrated about 1764 to Philadelphia settling in eastern Pennsylvania before removing in 1766 to Franklin Co., PA. A document exists [3] which states that "Francis Jamison, his wife, and family of four sons and three daughters had lived in the bounds of that Congregation from their infancy and that this would admit them to church privileges in any Christian society where it might please providence to call their lot. Signed, Buckina Buncrana?), this 17th day of July 1764 by me John Logan, Moderator."

     "One source indicates that Francis Jamison and family resided for a time in Maryland, but this should not be confused with the Francis Jamison who emigrated [sic] to Maryland settling in Frederick Co., MD in 1769 with his two sons, John W. and William Jamison. These folks removed first to Cumberland Co., PA and then went on to Indiana Co., PA, the county north of Westmoreland, while our subject settled in Westmoreland county dying in Pleasant Unity. Mr. Jamison (5 d) along with his children Francis J. (single, 6d), John (1s, 6d), Marmaduke (single, renter, 3s), and Robert (3s, 1d) were listed in the 1798 taxes for Unity.'

from "History of Westmoreland County, Volume II Pennsylvania," by John N. Boucher New York, The Lewis Publishing Company, 1906, pp. 37 & 38:
     '...The family history in this country begins with Francis Jamison, SR., who with his wife, four sons and two daughters emigrated from the north of Ireland in 1764, and settled in Franklin county, Pennsylvania. His children were: John, Robert, Margaret, Roseanne. Marmaduke, and Francis. Mr. and Mrs. Francis Jamison, Sr., lived to a ripe old age, and both died while on a visit to their children in Westmoreland county and are buried at Ridge Church.
     'Robert S. Jamison was born near Greensburg, Pennsylvania, July 13, 1835, and died March 14, 1903, at Redlands, California, where he had gone a few weeks before on account of ill health. In his youth he received a fair common school education, and having been reared on the farm became a land-holder almost as soon as he was of legal age. Although devoting much time to other pursuits, he was a farmer all his life, and was a leader in scientific methods for improving the land, using labor-saving machinery and introducing new and better strains of live stock. He took an active part in establishing the Westmoreland Agricultural Society, being its president for a number of years. In early manhood his mind was attracted to the growing importance of the coal and coke industry of western Pennsylvania. With keen foresight of the needs of the future, he began to study the coal basins of his own locality. In 1880, associating himself with others, he began buying coal lands extensively in Westmoreland county and continued to do so for more than twenty years, and time has amply proved the wisdom of these ventures. All the properties purchased by him have become incorporated into large and flourishing industries. At the time of his death he was president and large owner of the coal and coke company that bears his name. In private life has was genial, fair, uniformly courteous and charitable. He was a member of the Second Reformed Church in Greensburg, and one of its officers of many years. He married Caroline Wible, also native to Greensburg, who died May 24, 1905. Both are buried in St. Clair cemetery. The names of their ten children are: Mary Emma died 1877; William W., Joseph Henry, died 1865; John M., Thomas S., Charles M., Robert S., Hugh D. Richard H., and Jay C. Jamison
     'John Jamison (1749-1819) came to Westmoreland county in 1769 with his brother Robert, and each took patent to about three hundred acres of land. Robert Jamison located in Unity township, and his grandson, Joseph Jamison, owns and still lives at the old homestead. John Jamison located in Hempfield township, and after remaining for more than one hundred years in his family the land is now owned by the Westmoreland Water Company, the present reservior covering the site of the original buildings. In 1774 John Jamison married Janet Martin*, daughter of John Martin, of Big Cove, Fulton county, Pennsylvania. She was a sister of Hugh Martin, who also came to Westmoreland county about that time. The children of Mr. & Mrs. John Jamison were: Francis, John, Hugh, Robert, Benjamin, James, Margaret, Janet, Mary, and Martha. Hugh and James inherited the old homestead and spent their lives upon it.
     'Hugh Jamison (1785-1873), father of Robert S. Jamison, married Jane Stuart in 1817. A farmer by occupation, he taught for many winters in the public schools near his home. He was a soldier in the war of 1812. His children were: John *1818-1902), Daniel Stuart (1822-1891), Hugh Martin, now living in the state of Texas; Margaret J., now living in Greensburg, and Robert S. Jamison (1835-1903).'

Children of Francis Jamison and Margaret are:

+ 2 i. Mary "Molly/Mollie"2 Jamison, born March 23, 1758.

+ 3 ii. Robert Jamison, born 1745 in Buckina, Northern Ireland; married Elizabeth Gaff; died August 24, 1825 in Pleasant Unity, Westmoreland Co., PA.

+ 4 iii. John Jamison, born Abt. 1749 in Buckina, County Antrim, Ireland; married Janet Martin; died Bet. 1819 - 1839 in Hempfield, Westmoreland Co., PA.

5 iv. Marmaduke Jamison, born Abt. 1756.

More About Marmaduke Jamison:

Fact 1: resided in Mercer Co., PA;

+ 6 v. Francis Jamison, born Abt. 1760 in County Antrim, Ireland; married; died March 23 Ross Co., OH/1807 in Franklin Co., PA.

7 vi. Margaret Jamison, born Abt. 1762. She married John Peoples/Peebles.

More About Margaret Jamison:

Fact 1: 1st marriage to Robinson; 2nd John Peebles/Peoples;

8 vii. Rosanna Jamison, born Abt. 1764. She married John Kilgore/Kilger.


Generation No. 2

From 1791, this map of the counties of Pennsylvania shows Franklin County in blue at bottom center and Westmoreland in green at lower left.

2. Mary "Molly/Mollie"2 Jamison (Francis1) was born March 23, 1758. She married James McCartney 1774 in Pennsylvania, son of Isaac McCartney. He was born April 11, 1745 in Londonderry, County Londonderry, Ireland, and died 1835 in Concord Twp., Ross Co., OH.

Notes for Mary "Molly/Mollie" Jamison:

from "Francis Jamison of Franklin...":

       'She [Molly] died August 25, 1846 Cass Co., IA. Miss Jamison married about 1778, Westmoreland Co., PA, James McCartney, born April 11, 1745, Londonderry, County Londonderry, Ireland, died 1835, Concord [Twp.] Ross Co., OH, the son of Isaac McCartney, b. Glasgow, Scotland. They resided in Westmoreland Co., PA; Ross Co., OH, and Campbell Co., KY.'

James McCartney's father Isaac was from Glasgow, Scotland. The map above shows Glasgow as just across the Irish Sea from Belfast, Antrim Co., Ireland.  Londonderry and Buncrana, Ireland, are to the north on the coast of Antrim County.

from McAferty-Cole Genealogy, RootsWeb.com:

death date August 25, 1846, Allen Co., OH;

Notes for James McCartney:

from "Francis Jamison of Franklin..."

       'James McCartney was a Revolutionary soldier with the 4th PA Regiment and claimed a pension. He emigrated as a young man in 1770 from Ireland and after landing in Philadelphia settled out west in Westmoreland Co., PA. He was listed in the 1786 tax list with Jonathan Begg Jamison. William and Robert Jamison were purchasers of several tracts of land up for sale in 1836 after Mr. McCartney's death.

       'Revolutionary War Pension Claim #52772, 10/10/1832; State Papers, Ross Co., OH, v. 9, p. 196...'

from "Ross County, Ohio Families, Bicentennial Edition": 'James McCartney came to the colonies about five years before the Revolutionary War.  He fought in Westmoreland Co., PA; went to Bourbon Co., KY, in 1793, then ca. 1804 came to Ross Co., OH, where he resided until his death. (National Archives file S2772)  Serving in "Roster of Ohio Soldiers War of 1812" were Marmaduke (Duke), John and Cp. William McCartney in Capt. Henry Mallow's Company from Ross Co., OH.  their brother Isaac McCartney served in Capt. John R. Lemmons Company...'

from Stephen McCartney at RootsWeb.com, Message Boards, Ireland:

       "James served in the Revolution and received a pension... He stated that he arrived from County Londonderry in 1770-1771. A woman joined the DAR using him as her ancestor... James lived for 28 years in Bourbon County, Kentucky... He mentions a daughter Mary [middle or knick name?] and her husband, and the family bible with information in it. He died in Chillicothe, Ohio."

       "My research show that the name [McCartney] can mean: 'son of the bear,' 'son of the stone' or...'son of the argumentative one.' Most accounts which I have seen discounts any relationship to the MacArthys of Ireland. the name seems to have arisen...in both Scotland and Ireland. My ancestors were Ulster Scots, from County Londonderry..."


The pictures, above and right, of the Grandview Cemetery in Ross County, Ohio, and of the grave marker for James McCartney are from FindAGrave contributor LaDene.


from Carol Livingston at GenForum.Genealogy.com:

       "James McCartney of Ross Co., Ohio, made the following statements in his application for pension for his service in the Rev. War. '...and he was born in the Co. of Londonderry, in Ire. on the 11th day of Apr. 1745 as appears by the record of his age in the old family bible of his father now in the possession of some of the heirs of John Tagart and Sarah, his wife, late of the Co. of Belmont in the state of Ohio dec/d, that he came to American about 4 or 5 years before the commencement of the Rev. War, and landed at Philadelphia, and afterward removed to Westmoreland Co., PA, from which place he was drafted to serve as a private soldier in the Militia...' This application was started on the 10th day of Oct. 1832."

More About James McCartney:

Fact 1: 1808 Ross Co., OH tax list with 100 acres, near James McArthey/McCartney, entry #408, Edward Duff orig. owner, N Paint;

Fact 2: 1810 tax list Ross Co., OH, entry 408, 108 acres, orig. owner Thomas Duff, Nfk Paint; on head of house;

Fact 3: 1816, '17, '18, '19, tax lists Concord Twp. entry #408 108 acres;

Fact 4: 1820 additional entry #4120 100 acres, orig. owner Duncan McArthur;

Fact 5: 1821, '22, '23, same;

Children of Mary Jamison and James McCartney are:

+ 9 i. Elizabeth3 McCartney, born 1779 in Westmoreland Co., PA; died 1856 in Anderson Twp., Madison Co., IN.

10 ii. Isaac McCartney, born 1780 in Westmoreland Co., PA; died January 01, 1863. He married Elizabeth Heath September 05, 1816.

11 iii. Jane McCartney, born 1782 in Westmoreland Co., PA; died 1868. She married Samuel McCafferty August 20, 1807.

12 iv. John McCartney, born April 08, 1786 in Westmoreland Co., PA; died April 12, 1849.

More About John McCartney:

Fact 1: 1st marriage to Elinor Dorhady; 2nd marriage to Margaret Wells; 3rd marriage Margaret Cressy;

13 v. Marmaduke McCartney, born 1788 in Kentucky; died March 11, 1862. He married Elizabeth Baylor March 23, 1817.

Marmaduke McCartney -Headstone     Elizabeth Baylor McCartney Headstone  

From John and Carolyn McCartney Shumate, the pictures above are of the gravestones of Marmaduke McCartney and wife Elizabeth Baylor in Rock Port, Atchison Co., Missouri.  Carolyn descends from Marmaduke and Elizabeth's son Granville>James Albert>George Herman>Chester Milton McCartney.


14 vi. William C. McCartney, born November 22, 1789 in Kentucky; died February 16, 1889. He married Hannah Craig June 17, 1821.

15 vii. Andrew McCartney, born 1792 in Kentucky. He married Nancy.

16 viii. Sarah McCartney, born in Kentucky. She married Archibald Caskey October 10, 1832.

17 ix. Joseph McCartney, born December 22, 1802; died 1888.

More About Joseph McCartney:

Fact 1: 1st marriage to Mary McKee; 2nd to Julia Painter;


3. Robert2 Jamison (Francis1) was born 1745 in Buckina, Northern Ireland, and died August 24, 1825 in Pleasant Unity, Westmoreland Co., PA. He married Elizabeth Gath/Gaff December 13, 1773 in Mercerburg, PA. She was born 1746 in Northern Ireland, and died 1831 in Pleasant Unity, Westmoreland Co., PA.

Notes for Robert Jamison:

from "Francis Jamison of Franklin...":

       'Mr. [Robert] Jamison settled in Franklin County and moved west in 1768/9 to Westmoreland Co., PA. For 56 years he farmed the rich fertile lands of Westmoreland having built his home in 1769. He volunteered into the Revolutionary War and spent time as a Ranger on the frontier with Capt. James Clark...

       ' In his will he states, "To James Jamison adjoining land of Robert Jamison part of larger tract patented to Robert Jamison and will to son, James." '

More About Robert Jamison:

Fact 1: resided in Westmoreland Co., PA;

Children of Robert Jamison and Elizabeth Gath/Gaff are:

18 i. James3 Jamison, born April 24, 1775; died 1853. He married Elizabeth Lloyd 1818.

19 ii. Margaret Jamison, born 1777; died May 05, 1850. She married Samuel Milligan 1802.

20 iii. Francis Jamison.

21 iv. Jane Jamison. She married George Anderson.

22 v. Elizabeth Jamison, born April 20, 1789.


4. John2 Jamison (Francis1) was born Abt. 1749 in Buckina, County Antrim, Ireland, and died Bet. 1819 - 1839 in Hempfield, Westmoreland Co., PA. He married Janet Martin September 23, 1773 in Mercerburg, PA, daughter of John Martin. She was born 1753 in Fulton Co., PA, and died February 12, 1839 in Unity, PA.

Notes for John Jamison:

from "Francis Jamison of Franklin..."

       'Mr. [John] settled in Westmoreland Co., PA with his brother, Robert in 1769 each taking a patent of land of 300 acres.

       '[John's] land was taxed in 1789 at 1 shilling 6 quid. Mr. Jamison made his will in 1819 which was probated in the same year. Hugh and James Jamison, his sons, equally divided the farm.

       '[Son] James Jamison rec'd 1/3rd of his father's estate; taxed in 1838 on 90 acres; and on 96 acres; farmer and carpenter.'

More About John Jamison:

Fact 1: resided in Westmoreland Co., PA;

Notes for Janet Martin:

from "Francis Jamison of Franklin..."

       'Janet Martin at the age of two and two of her brothers were captured by a band of Indians in 1755. They remained with them until 1763 when Col Boquit defeated the tribe that held them captive at Bushy Run and they were set free from their bonds.'

Children of John Jamison and Janet Martin are:

23 i. Margaret Jane3 Jamison, born 1773; died May 12, 1853.

24 ii. John Jamison, born April 24, 1775; died September 04, 1813 in Fort Meigs.

25 iii. Joseph Jamison, born Abt. 1776.

26 iv. Mary Jamison, born 1778.

27 v. Francis Jamison, born 1779; died April 18, 1846. He married Hannah.

28 vi. Benjamin Jamison, born Abt. 1780; died May 21, 1842.

29 vii. Rosanna Jamison, born Abt. 1783.

30 viii. Hugh Martin Jamison, born 1785; died 1873. He married Jane Stewart 1817.

31 ix. Jenet Jamison, born 1787.

32 x. Martha Jamison, born 1788. She married ...Thompson.

33 xi. Robert Jamison, born Bet. 1790 - 1791.

34 xii. James Jamison, born 1794; died Bef. 1850.


6. Francis2 Jamison (Francis1) was born Abt. 1760 in County Antrim, Ireland, and died 1807 in Franklin Co., PA. He married Elizabeth Gamble November 26, 1789 in Carlisle, Franklin Co., PA.

Notes for Francis Jamison:

from "Francis Jamison of Franklin..."

       'Mr. [Francis] Jamison was in the Revolution. He resided in Westmoreland Co., PA, for some time but later moved east to Franklin Co., PA sometime prior to 1800... married by Rev. Robert Davidson, D.D. In 1789 he was taxed in Westmoreland Co., at 6 quid. Letters of Administration were granted to his spouse, Elizabeth Jamison, son, Francis Jamison, yeoman, and to Christian Stuff on July 4, 1807. Orphans court records Michael Cook as guardian of John, Polly, and Elizabeth...1809 all under the age of 14 years. ...Martin Wenger became their guardian...Frederick Shearer of Peters Township was appointed by the court as their guardian.'

More About Francis Jamison:

Fact 1: resided in Franklin Co., PA;

Children of Francis Jamison and Elizabeth Gamble are:

35 i. Francis L.3 Jamison, born Abt. 1784.

36 ii. John Jamison, born Abt. 1795.

37 iii. Mary "Polly" Jamison, born Abt. 1797.

38 iv. Elizabeth Jamison, born Abt. 1800.


Generation No. 3


9. Elizabeth3 McCartney (Mary "Molly/Mollie"2 Jamison, Francis1) was born 1779 in Westmoreland Co., PA, and died 1856 in Anderson Twp., Madison Co., IN. She married Joseph Lemon/Lemmon/Leman/Lamon March 12, 1799 in Ross Co., OH. He was born in poss. Pennsylvania, and died Abt. 1809 in Ross Co., OH.

More About Elizabeth McCartney:

Fact 1: 2nd, married James Lee as "Betsy" January 20, 1818, Ross Co., OH;

Fact 2: had children by second marriage; James Lee had children from his first;

Fact 3: on 1840 and '50 Anderson Twp., Madison Co., IN, census as Elizabeth Lee along with sons Andrew and Joseph;

Fact 4: on 1824 tax list Ross Co. entry #408 on same land with James Lee;

Fact 5: 1837 sold land, survey #408 of 98 acres & 72 acres to Charles Biggs, book 34, p. 15,17;

Fact 6: 1811 leased land to Henry Cowly, book 10, p. 155;

Fact 7: in early Ross Co., OH, marriage records as marrying Joseph Lemon/Lemmon 1799;

Notes for Joseph Lemon/Lemmon/Leman/Lamon:

Lemon/Lemmon/Leman/Lamon/Lemen info from researchers Nancy Royce, nroyce@verizon.net; Kelle Metz, jkmetz268@olywa.net; Jack Lemon at GenForum.com;

from "Gateway to the West":
       p. 14--- '9-1-1797--Nath'l Massie of Adams Co., NW Territory to Joseph Lamon of same; 10 pds. Ky money; in-lots 176, 179, & 223 Chillicothe. Wit: T. Worthington. Red. 3-13-1798. (16).' [land in Adams Co., now Ross Co., OH, purchased by Joseph Lemmon/Lamon from Nathaniel Massie]
       p. 470--- 'Court held 4th Wednesday June 1799, all Esquires present, Langham & James vs. Joseph Lemmon. Plff. to recover $35.47. from debt. (35-36)'
       p. 482--- 'Court held Thurs. after 4th Tues. in March 1800, Present: Samuel Finley, William Patton, James Dunlap, Esq., Justices,
Finley, Samuel vs. Joseph Lemon, Petition that sometime in March 1799 various articles and goods were sold to Lemon at Chillicothe. At March term 1800 found that plff. to recover with judgment executed at next term. (348-350)'
       p. 489--- 'Ross County, Ohio Index to Estates...1797-1814, 1809 Lamon, Joseph #4269'

from Cindi Schmerber at comcast.net:
"...Hattie Wooten Roberds [was]a relative who began researching the Lemon line back in the 1910's. Her husband eventually became a Mississippi State Supreme Court Justice, and she travelled with him to Washington, D. C. extensively to research at the National Archives as well as other areas in VA. She wrote many letters to people in the family, libraries, etc., and kept them all. In fact, she eventually became a professional genealogist and founded the first DAR chapter in MS.... Many of her letters are to and from relatives who were my Robert's granddaughters. I have already seen and scanned quite a few of them and placed those scans on the online site. There are 33 boxes of materials altogether, which are now in the possession of Hattie's granddaughter, a urologist in Austin, TX. She is allowing me to go through them at my own pace. I've got the first six that I am working on now. So far, there is nothing specifically about Joseph except one handwritten chart of all the brothers (it shows ten) and the one sister. The only thing it says about Joseph is "[went] to Kentucky."

from Lemon/Lemmon reseacher Patrick Collar:
     "Pennsylvania Archives--3rd series, Vol. 22,
      pg. 375: 1784 Tax List-Rostraver Twp., Westmoreland Co., PA.; Joseph Lemon- 150 acres, 1 horse, 1 cattle, 6 white inhabitants; Thomas Lemon-1 horse, 2 cattle, 3 white inhabitants.
      pg. 478-1786 state tax, Rostraver Twp., Westmoreland Co., PA: Joseph Lemmon-amount of tax 3.4; Thomas Lemon-amount of tax: 10."

from Bourbon Co., KY tax list for 1795:
"Joseph Lemmon, William Lemmon, John Lemon, John Lemmons..."
from Bourbon Co., KY tax list for 1797:
"Joseph Linom (spelling/transcription error?), William Lemon..."

from Nancy Royce, a researcher for McCartney and James Lee families:
       "I had checked the Ross Co., tax lists for Lees finding James Lee first listed in 1824 with Entry #408 of 100 ac. on Nf, of Paint, orig. proprietor Edward Duff. Listed with the same land as Lee is Elizabeth Lemon. Also on this tax list were Joseph Lemon, Andrew Lemon, Thomas Lemon, and James Lemon all with the same land listing of Entry # 2901 orig. Ntl. Massie, west of Scioto. Each one had a 27 ac. share of this property (this equals a total of 108 ac. ) I decided that the land most likely originally belonged to Elizabeth's husband Joseph Lemmon and at his death she got a portion and the boys got a portion...I went back to the tax list... 1826--tax for the Lemmon boys is the same but they are in Union Twp. and Elizabeth Lemon is in Concord... 1829--Thomas must have sold or died and left to brother James his 27 ac as James now has 56 ac. and Joseph and Andrew on the 27. Thomas is not on the list. [This may be the Thomas Lemon who is listed as a pioneer in the 1820s to Anderson Twp., Madison Co., IN--where Andrew and Joseph moved to in the 1830s-- by Samuel Harden in The Pioneer.]
       "...My take on this is she [Elizabeth "Betsey" McCartney] married Lemmon Mar 1799 and had the first child in 1800, then 1802, 1804, 1806, 1808, and possibly 1810 after Joseph died in 1809. Andrew shows his age as 42 in 1850 which puts him born 1808. A James Lemmon with a son Andrew is on the 1850 Sangamon Co., IL census age 48 born Ohio, so born 1802.
"I think Elizabeth had these four boys and possibly others though only these four got land. James Lee already had children when they married. And they had 3 children together, Francis Lee being the youngest."


At right is the first Chillicothe Courthouse built soon after Ohio became a state in 1803.  This is the building Joseph Lemmon would have known.



from http://www. scioto.org/Ross/locations/townships.html:

       "Ross County was formed by proclamation of Governor St. Clair, 20 Aug 1798, being the sixth county formed in the Northwest Territory... In 1800, the seat of government of the Northwest Territory was removed by law of Congress from Cincinnati to Chillicothe. Chillicothe was incorporated 04 Jan 1802, and became the capital of the State of Ohio from 1803 to 1812..." (Chillicothe in Scioto Twp.; Christie-Rowe-Young Cemetery, Concord Twp. to the northwest of Chillicothe;)

Theory: Most likely Joseph Lemon's father was James/John Lemon/Lemmon, Sr., who died circa 1782. James, Sr., immigrated from Tyrone County, Ireland before 1760 with his sons, and he and his nine sons--John, James, Robert, William, Samuel, Joseph, Thomas, etc., were all Revolutionary War veterans, according to other researchers of this family. The family was from Cumberland-Westmoreland Co., PA, area. Westmoreland County was made in 1773 from Bedford County which was made in 1771 from Cumberland County which was made in 1750 from Lancaster County, PA. In this regard, Joseph Lemon is found along with other members of his family living in the region populated by other families who eventually had connections to the settling of Ohio-- the names of Seller/Sellar/Zellar, Finley, Hinkson, McCartney, Johnston, McDonald, etc.
It is my working theory that our Joseph Lemmon/Lemon was the son of James/John Lemon/Lemmon, Sr., that he participated in the Revolutionary War and was in, among others, the Crawford/Sandusky Campaign and possibly was a member of Hinkson's Rangers, that after the war he moved with some of his brothers to Bourbon Co., KY, and then around 1798-99 moved to the north fork of Paint Creek, as land records show, northwest of Chillicothe, Ross Co., OH, and that this is the Joseph Lemmon who married Elizabeth McCartney in 1799 in Ross Co., OH--according to records--and who fathered our Andrew Lemmon/Lemon, b.c. 1809-10 and his brothers.

1. from www.genealogymagazine.com, "Some Pennsylvanians in 1772 Settlers in Fayette, Greene, Washington, and Westmoreland Counties":
       'In 1772 and until Westmoreland County was established in 1773, Bedford County encompassed all of southwestern Pennsylvania... Rostraver Township, Inmates (Boarders, not heads of families)...Joseph Lemon, William Moore, John McClellan...' [Finley, Lamb, Burns, Glass, Johnson, Miller, Martin Morgan, Mays, Swearingen heads of households mentioned elsewhere in Rostraver Twp. Rostraver is just south of Fort Pitt and along the east side of the Mongahela River.]

2. from http://www.digitalarchives.state.pa.us, "Revolutionary War Military Abstract Card File":
       'Lemmon, Joseph, Westmoreland County, class 8th, time of service August 6, 1782, company commander Capt. Joseph Beckett, duty a volunteer for the campaign Aug. 6, 1782, return of the classes out of Capt. Beckett's Co., A 6 II 344'

from http://www.sellers-sellars-sollar-zellars.net/pawest.htm:
       "A list of Captian John Hinkson's Company, circa 1779--
John Hinkson, Captain; John Sellers, Lieutenant; David Wilson, Ensign; Privates: John Hanna, James Clifford, Robert McInoe, George Finley, High Knose, Samuel Cunning, James McDonald, Robert McDonald, William Lemmon, John Lemmon, Joseph Lemmon, Edward Burns, Wilson Buck, John Callet, Samuel Sellers, Hugh Gibb, John McMillian, Alexander Barlantine, John Burns, James McClennachan, James Staut. (PA Archives 6th Series, Vol. II, pg. 272)
"In Westmoreland County, PA Deed Book A. 1773-1873 there were some transactions that mentioned Enos McDonald...the Sellers, Hinkson, Wilson, Lemmon, and McMillian families...settled around Harrison and Bourbon Co., KY." [in 1790s]

3. from Laurence Lemon at http://genforum.genealogy.com/lemon/messages:
       "...In the Cumberland of the day (today Cumberland, Franklin, Perry Cos.)...Scots Irish Lemon/Lemmon...James w/sons Joseph, Samuel, Wm., James, Alexander, John, Thomas, Robert, and Archibald...1778 Thomas and his brothers Archbld., Samuel, and James lived in Cumberland County, no Military records exist; Wm was 1st [Lieut.], John was Ensign in 1st Batt. Westmoreland Militia.
       "1782 Thomas, Robert, William and John same county Westmoreland militia; 1782 Arch. Wm, J'no Joseph, Thomas lived in Westmoreland Co.; 1786 Joseph, Thomas lived in Westmoreland. In 1790 Thomas and William lived in Armstrong Co. as  did others but left shortly after for 'Lexington, KY...'

       "Cumberland & Westmoreland Lemons Pennsylvania 1776 Militia Data, 1st Battalion, John Hinkson's Co.
Sons of James/John Lemon (d.c. 1782)
Wm. Lemmon
John Lemmon
Joseph Lemmon
"Cumberland County Militia Data, 6th Batt., John McClellan's Co., May, 1779
Sons of James/John Lemon (d.c. 1782)
James Lamon
Robert Lamon
Joseph Lamon
"Cumberland & Westmoreland Lemons Pennsylvania 1782. This material is extracted from the Pennsylvania Archives Series. 1782 Cumberland County Taxation List
Sons of James/John Lemon (d.c. 1782)
James Lammon Montgomery Twp. 230 Acres, 5 horses, 9 cattle
Alex-r Lammon Montgomery Twp. 300 acres, 3 horses, 2 cattle
Robert Lemon Montgomery Twp. Freeman (Freeman is a male over 21 who does not own property] John Lammon Montgomery Twp. 1 horse, 2 cattle
William Lammon Montgomery Twp. 1 horse, 2 cattle
Joseph Lammon Montgomery Twp. Freeman
Samuel Lemons Teboyne Twp. 200 Acres, 2 horses, 2 cattle
"1782 Westmoreland County Militia Data, (all active duty records from last half of 1782 for the Sandusky Expedition led by Col. Crawford and his son, both were tortured, the Co., was burned alive, the son butchered alive. Approximately 300 militia went out half returned, Expedition was months long.)
Robert Lemon, pvt.
Joseph Lemmon pvt.
Thomas Lemon pvt.
William Lemon Pvt.
John Lemon, pvt.

4. from worldconnect.rootsweb.com, Lemon researcher Earl P. Clark, grandmalolo27@earthlink.net:
       "Robert Lemon states in his Revolutionary War Pension that he had four brothers, all older than him and who are all now dead. they were in the same service with him, one of them 1st lieutenant and another 2nd lieut. of the company. It is unkown exactly where Joseph served, however, two James Lamons, a Joseph Lamon, John Lamon, and Robert Lamon were listed in Captain John McClellan's 7th Comapny, 6th Battalion, Cumberland County Militia in 1779.
"James [sr.] immigrated with his family from County Tyrone, Ireland sometime in the early 1750s. He apparently served in Captain John McClellans Company of the 7th Company, 6th Battalion, Cumberland County Militia in 1770 during the Revolution along with his sons William, James, Joseph, and Robert."

5. from Lemon researcher Cindi Schmerbers, schmerbers@comcast.com:
       "William Lemmon's father's name was James. They came from County Tyrone, Ireland, sometime in the early-to-mid 1750s. William and Robert, my ancestor also had brothers named John, Joseph... I have found the name as Lemon, Lemons, Lemmon, Lemmons, Lamon, and Lemmun. James, Sr., and William, Robert, John, Joseph, and James, Jr., all fought in the Revolution. My father owns the sash that Robert was given during the Revolution when he was promoted to the rank of orderly sergeant...
       "If I am right, the brother named George was also married in Berkeley County VA (now WV) three years after my Robert married Mary McCown, by the same minister. If so, this George was the grandfather of Ward Hill Lamon, who was Abraham Lincoln's best friend, law partner, and bodyguard on the trip from Illinois to Washington, DC, when Lincoln had to sneak into town to be inaugurated. Ward Hill chose to spell the name Lamon, since he believed that was supposed to have been the way it was originally spelled."

6. from rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/pennsylvania:
       "John Imbly--295 3/4 acres, called 'Wry Hill,' located near the Monogahela River in Rostraver Twp., Westmoreland County, adjoining lands of Robert Craighead, Joseph Lemond, David Applegate, Andrew Pearce, Sr., and River Hill. Surveyed 01 Sep. 1786 pursuant to a warrant dated 26 Oct. 1785. Source: Fayette County, Original Warrants Book 2, page 70."

7. Our Joseph Lemon/Lemmon married in Ross Co., OH, in 1799 Elizabeth McCartney, b. 1779 Westmoreland Co., PA, daughter of James McCartney of Westmoreland Co., PA. Elizabeth's father James and her maternal cousins, the Jamisons, also from Westmoreland Co., PA, migrated to the Concord/Fayette Twps. area of Ross Co. Joseph Lemon died in c. 1809; will probated 1809 Ross Co.

Below is a map showing Paint Creek in olive and the townships of Concord and Union, both in pink.  Joseph Lemmon owned land on the north side of Paint Creek near the juncture of Concord and Union townships.  The approximate area is marked by the half circle.


from Jack Lemon at GenForum.com:

       "There was a book by A. Eckert called "The Frontiersman." It was about Simon Kenton, A Joe Lemon is mentioned in this book as an Indian fighter, who, along with Kenton, fought against Tecumseh around Chillicothe, Ohio, in the late 1700s. A Joseph Lemon died in Chillicothe, OH about 1806 or so. I have a copy of his will. Also, a Joseph Lemon is listed as a Revolutionary War veteran, b.c. 1747 PA and d.p. 1806 OH..."


More About Joseph Lemon/Lemmon/Leman/Lamon:

Fact 1: 1806, '07, '08, '09 Ohio tax lists; 1808 Ross Co., OH tax list with 100 acres, near James McArthey/McCartney, entry #408, Edward Duff orig. owner, N Paint;

Fact 2: 1809 Ross Co., OH, Probate Index, case #4269, with appraisal, inventory, and account;

Fact 3: 1810 tax list widow Elizabeth Lemon head of house;

Fact 4: ? poss. Rev. War vet. listed by LBAS researchers as "Joseph Lemon, b.c. 1747 PA-d.c. 1806 OH;

Fact 5: poss. had son Isaac, married Polly Barkley Sept. 10, 1833, Ross Co., OH;

Fact 6: 1806 OH Early Census Index, Ross Co., OH, tax list, p. 19 (Ancestry.com);

Children of Elizabeth McCartney and Joseph Lemon/Lemmon/Leman/Lamon are:

+ 39 i. Andrew4 Lemon, born Bet. 1809 - 1810 in Ohio; died June 19, 1878 in Madison Co., IN.

+ 40 ii. Joseph Lemon, born Bet. 1807 - 1808.

41 iii. James Lemon.

More About James Lemon:

Fact 1: on 1824 Ross Co., OH, tax list with 27 acres, same entry #2901 as Joseph, Thomas, Andrew Leman;

Fact 2: 1826, '27 tax lists the same, Union Twp. named;

Fact 3: 1829 tax list brother Thomas must have sold or died; James now has 56 acres; Thomas not on list;

Fact 4: poss. married Ann McCafferty May 22, 1823, Ross Co., OH;

42 iv. Thomas Lemon. He married Margret Hall November 12, 1830 in Ross Co., OH.

More About Thomas Lemon:

Fact 1: on 1824 Ross Co., OH, tax list with 27 acres, same entry #2901 as Joseph, Andrew, James Leman, orig. owner Ntl. Massie, W of Scioto (R.);

Fact 2: 1826, '27 tax lists the same, Union Twp. named;

Fact 3: must have sold or died; brother James has 56 acres; Joseph and Andrew only 27; Thomas not on list; (Is this the Thomas Lemon who is listed as a pioneer to Anderson Twp., Madison Co., IN?)


Generation No. 4

39. Andrew4 Lemon (Elizabeth3 McCartney, Mary "Molly/Mollie"2 Jamison, Francis1) was born Bet. 1809 - 1810 in Ohio, and died June 19, 1878 in Madison Co., IN. He married Jane Bryant/Bryan/Briant September 10, 1835 in Ross County, OH, daughter of John Bryant/Briant and Ethalinda Orahood/Orchard. She was born 1815 in Ohio, and died April 03, 1874 in Madison Co., IN.

***For more Bryant & Orahood genealogy, go to the Orahood & Bryant page.***

Notes for Andrew Lemon:

Another brother may be Isaac Lemon, b. October 1809 in Ross Co., OH, on 1850, 60, 70, census records for Liberty Twp., Wabash Co., IN with wife Mary; children: John, Henry, Elizabeth, James, Isaac, William.

Joseph Lemon on 1806, '08 tax lists for Ross County, OH. There is also a will dated 1809 from this Joseph in Chillicothe.

Andrew owned 120 acres, north and south side of Lindberg Rd. just west of Rangeline Rd. along just west of Dilts property; house in Anderson Township, Madison County, IN.

More About Andrew Lemon:

Burial: West Maplewood Cemetery, Anderson, IN

Fact 1: buried in West Maplewood/Anderson; tombstone has illegible inscription;

Fact 2: 1860 census Anderson Twp., Madison Co., IN;

Fact 3: came to Madison County, IN, before 1840 census; both parents born Ohio;

Fact 4: occupation: farmer;

Fact 5: Andrew and Jane lost an infant son "Francis Lemen son of Andrew and Jane", buried next to Andrew;

Fact 6: "69Y 1M 27D" on gravestone

Fact 7: spelled Lemmon on marriage certificate and 1840 census;

Fact 8: Andrew and Jane sold land in Ross County, OH, to Edward Young July 19, 1836;

Fact 9: couple noted as heirs of John Briant of Chillicothe, Ross County, OH;

Fact 10: on 1824 Ross Co., OH, tax list with 27 acres, same entry #2901 as Joseph, Thomas, James Leman;

Fact 11: 1826, '27, '29, '30 tax lists the same, Union Twp. named;

Fact 12: 1870 Anderson Twp., Madison Co., IN, census spelled "Lamon";

Fact 13: 2 residences down from Louis Dilts with Ethali as wife; John Cunningham in between;

More About Jane Bryant/Bryan/Briant:

Burial: West Maplewood Cemetery, Anderson, IN

Fact 1: Briant/Bryan/Bryant different spellings;

Children of Andrew Lemon and Jane Bryant/Bryan/Briant are:

+ 43 i. Ethali5 Lemon, born 1842 in Madison Co., IN; died 1888 in Madison Co., IN.

+ 44 ii. John Lemon, born 1838 in Ohio; died June 15, 1879 in Madison Co., IN.

+ 45 iii. Joseph Lemon, born Abt. 1838 in Ohio; died 1876 in Madison Co., IN.

46 iv. Monrow Lemon, born 1847.

47 v. Absolom Lemon, born 1849 in Madison Co., IN. He married Maosha; born 1860.

More About Absolom Lemon:

Fact 1: 1880 cenus Anderson, Madison Co., IN;

+ 48 vi. Edward Lemon, born 1851.

49 vii. Francis Lemon.

More About Francis Lemon:

1: gravestone spells last name "Lemen"

Burial: West Maplewood Cemetery, Anderson, IN


40. Joseph4 Lemon (Elizabeth3 McCartney, Mary "Molly/Mollie"2 Jamison, Francis1) was born Bet. 1807 - 1808. He married Elizabeth Carmean September 26, 1833 in Ross Co., OH.

Notes for Joseph Lemon:

Joseph Lemon listed on 1850 census for Anderson Twp., Madison Co., IN. Joseph born 1808 in Ohio, wife Elizabeth, 30 years old, daughters Martha, Elizabeth, Melinda. Joseph married Elizabeth Carmean September 26, 1833. Another brother may be Thomas who married Margret Hann November 12, 1830 also in Ross County, OH.

More About Joseph Lemon:

Fact 1: on 1824 tax list Ross Co. entry #2901, orig. owner Ntl. Massie, W of Scioto (R.), 27 acres, same entry as Andrew, James, Thomas;

Fact 2: 1826, '27, '29, '30 tax lists the same, Union Twp. named;

Children of Joseph Lemon and Elizabeth Carmean are:

50 i. Martha5 Lemon.

51 ii. Elizabeth Lemon.

52 iii. Melinda Lemon.


Generation No. 5


43. Ethali5 Lemon (Andrew4, Elizabeth3 McCartney, Mary "Molly/Mollie"2 Jamison, Francis1) was born 1842 in Madison Co., IN, and died 1888 in Madison Co., IN. She married Lewis Dilts, son of Richard Dilts and Mary Gustin. He was born 1840 in Ohio, and died January 18, 1906 in Madison Co., IN.

More About Ethali Lemon:

Burial: West Maplewood, Anderson, IN

Fact 1: West Maplewood, on row closest to Alexandria Pike; with son George;

Fact 2: Laura B. Lemmon, 18, on 1880 census, visiting family; Laura was niece, daughter of John;

Fact 3: had a "hunched" back;

Fact 4:  "Ethali" Anglo-Saxon name meaning "noble" (as in Aethealred/Ethalred & Aethealstan/Ethalstan); is also seen as shortened form of Ethalinda;  Ethali has two ancestresses named Ethali or Ethalinda.

Notes for Lewis Dilts:

Katherine Dilts Summers remembers her father Addison referring to "Uncle Billy's place" or "the Uncle Billy's house." Addison probably remembers his grandfather, Lewis nephew of William (Billy) Dilts, using these phrases.

More About Lewis Dilts:

Burial: West Maplewood Cemetery, Anderson, IN;

Fact 1: buried West Maplewood in unmarked grave next ot Ethali;

Fact 2: 1870 & 1880 census Union Twp., Madison Co., IN;

Fact 3: occupation: farmer, on Lindberg Road, just east of Rangeline Rd.;

Fact 4: great-great grandson Monte Dean Summer, has Lewis's rifle;

Fact 5: 2nd marriage to Margret J.;

Children of Ethali Lemon and Lewis Dilts are:

53 i. Elsa/Elza Richard6 Dilts, born 1866 in Madison Co., IN; died 1955 in Alberquerque, NM. He married Cora Mae Lane February 28, 1892 in Madison Co., IN; born 1872 in Madison Co., IN; died May 14, 1899 in Anderson, Madison Co., IN.

For a continuation of this Lemon-Dilts family, go to the Dilts page.


44. John5 Lemon (Andrew4, Elizabeth3 McCartney, Mary "Molly/Mollie"2 Jamison, Francis1) was born 1838 in Ohio, and died June 15, 1879 in Madison Co., IN. He married Eliza/Isabella. She was born Abt. 1847 in Indiana.

More About John Lemon:

Burial: West Maplewood Cemetery, Anderson, IN

Fact 1: buried next to Jane, his mother;

Fact 2: listed on 1870 census for Anderson Twp., Madison Co., IN;

More About Eliza/Isabella:

1: listed as Eiliza on 1870 census with L.B. and Alonzo;

2: listed as Isabella on 1880 census with same daughter and son;

Children of John Lemon and Eliza/Isabella are:

57 i. Alonzo6 Lemon, born April 19, 1863; died June 14, 1941 in Madison Co., IN. He married Lydia; born April 10, 1868; died March 02, 1934 in Madison Co., IN.

More About Alonzo Lemon:

Burial: West Maplewood Cemetery, Anderson, IN

Fact 1: buried in same section as father John, and grandparents Andrew and Jane;

More About Lydia:

Burial: West Maplewood Cemetery, Anderson, IN

58 ii. Laura B. Lemon, born 1862.

59 iii. Milton F. Lemon, born 1865.

60 iv. Lee Anne Lemon, born 1867.

61 v. Lee Allen Lemon, born 1867.


45. Joseph5 Lemon (Andrew4, Elizabeth3 McCartney, Mary "Molly/Mollie"2 Jamison, Francis1) was born Abt. 1838 in Ohio, and died 1876 in Madison Co., IN. He married Nancy A.. She was born 1848 in Indiana.

More About Joseph Lemon:

Burial: West Maplewood Cemetery, Anderson, IN

Fact 1: 1880 census Anderson Twp., MC, IN;

Fact 2: brother to Ethali Lemon Dilts;

Fact 3: Infants M.S. Lemon, died 1886, and L.L. Lemon, died 1888, buried next to Joseph and wife;

Fact 4: buried in same section as parents, Andrew and Jane;

Children of Joseph Lemon and Nancy A. are:

62 i. Jane6 Lemon, born 1864.

63 ii. Mary Lemon, born 1866.

64 iii. George Lemon, born 1868.

65 iv. John Lemon, born 1870.

66 v. Viola Lemon, born 1873.


48. Edward5 Lemon (Andrew4, Elizabeth3 McCartney, Mary "Molly/Mollie"2 Jamison, Francis1) was born 1851. He married Almora. She was born Abt. 1854 in Illinois.

More About Edward Lemon:

Fact 1: 1880 census Anderson Twp., MC, IN; brother to Ethali Lemon Dilts;

Fact 2: cousin William Lemon, 21 yrs. old working on farm, born in IN;

Children of Edward Lemon and Almora are:

67 i. William6 Lemon, born 1873.

68 ii. Ethali Lemon, born 1879.

69 iii. Corey Lemon, born 1880.

Enthusiastic golfer John Phillip Summers is the artist of this watercolor entitled "The Back Nine," which provides the background for this page on the Scottish ancestors of Katherine Dilts Summers, his wife. 


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