Wade Genealogy

Descendants of Edward Wade

     There is strong evidence that the immigrant ancestor to Virginia for this Wade family was a descendant of Armagil/Armigel Wade/Waad.  Armagil was born 1514 in Kilnsey, near Coniston, Yorkshire, England, and died June 20, 1568.  Armagil was educated at Magdalen College, Oxford, and received a degree January 23, 1531/2. A few years later in 1536, he was a voyager to Newfoundland aboard the ship "Minion" as recorded in Hore's "Voyages."  He may have actually made several voyages according to different sources and is often referred to as "the English Columbus" by historians.  He was also listed in Fuller's "Worthies of Yorkshire."  In 1540, he received his first government position as Clerk of the Council at Calais.  In 1547, he was elected to Parliament.  In King Henry VIII's Privy Council, Armagil started as third clerk and in 1552 became Chief Clerk.  Under Edward VI, he retained that position.  When Queen Mary ascended to the thrown, he lost his offices but was restored to a prominent position under Queen Elizabeth.  He was the prime liaison officer in 1562 with the French Huguenots when he mustered 600 men to fight at Le Havre.  He had leased the estate of Belsize House, near London, from the Dean of St. Pauls. Belsize became the family seat and that is where he died. He was buried in Hampstead Church (now destroyed) with a monument, the memorial plaque of which was written in Latin.  According to early 20th century genealogist Stuart Charles Wade, it translated as:

"Sacred to the memory of Armigel Waad, the best and most kind of parents, a descendant of an ancient Yorkshire family, Secretary of the Privy Council of Henry VIII and Edward VI, and a justice of the Peace for the County of Middlesex, who--proficient in very many of the most important arts, excellently versed in civil jurisprudence, very familiar with many languages--discharged divers most honorable embassies and was the first English explorer of the Indies of America.  By his two wives, Alice Patten and Anne Marbury, (d) he gave to the world twenty children, and after a life honorably and most conscientiously passed, died in the spring of the year 1568, when on the 20th day of June he placidly fell asleep in the Lord...  William Waad, the eldest son and heir, and also Secretary of the Lady Elizabeth's Privy Council, has erected this monument."

At right is Christopher Saxon's map of Elizabethan England.  London is the dark spot in lower right of center.  Hampstead Church and the Belsize estate were west of London; Manuden, Essex is a little southeast of London.

     All of Armagil/Armigel Wade/Waad's children from his first wife predeceased him.  However, from his second wife Alice Patten, 1515-1568, daughter of Richard Patten, born 1490, six of seventeen children survived.  Four are listed in Armagil Wade's will: William Wade, 1546-1623; Thomas, born 1547, who became of "reader of the law"; and two daughters Joyce and Ann.  It is William that some genealogists, notably Stuart C. Wade,  attribute as the father of immigrant Edward Wade, 1611-1677.  William continued working for the Crown.  He served as Lt. Governor of the Tower of London during the Gunpowder Plot of 1605 and continued in that position until 1613.  He was Queen Elizabeth's Privy Council Secretary.  Elizabeth sent him to Mary, Queen of Scots, to persuade Mary to reconcile.  In 1586, he seized Mary's papers which implicated her in the Babington Plot against Queen Elizabeth. Subsequently, he traveled to France to explain to that country's government Mary's execution.  He was a member of Parliament for a number of terms and was knighted by James I May 20, 1603.  Sir William died at his estate Battles Hall, Essex, 1623.  He is buried at Manuden Church nearby.  Like his father he has a memorial plaque; however, William's is in English and his church is still standing.

     That William Wade was the father of Edward, 1611-1677, has not been proven with a primary source.  That relationship is based on circumstantial evidence: 1.  that William was a shareholder in the Virginia Colony; 2. that Edward came to Virginia wealthy; 3. that Edward repeated family first names such as William, Edward, Jane, and Dorothy;  4. that there is some disagreement as to the number and gender of William's children.  Additionally, there is the family tradition that the Wades of Virginia descend from father Armagil through his son William. Even Wikepedia Encyclopedia states, "...the Wades of Virginia claim descent from his [William's]  father."  Whether Edward's father was William or William's brother Thomas or a unnamed nephew of Armagil, we can only speculate at this point.  Since I like to retain the family stories and traditions until proof to the contrary comes to light, I have chosen to give this historical prelude of our Wade relatives.

info for the above from "Immigrant Ancestors," by Frederick Adams Virkus, Genealogical Publishing Co., 1980; also from "The Compendium of American Genealogy," vol. VII, 1942; British History Online, etc.

Generation No. 1

1. Edward1 Wade was born 1611, London, England, and died Bet. November 09, 1675 - April 24, 1677 in Virginia. He married Jane 1635 in Virginia. She was born 1615.

Notes for Edward Wade:

Wade info from Gary Kueber web site http://kueber.us, who sites National Archives Ships Lists:

       "Edward Wade emigrated from England to Virginia on board the ship 'Paula' in July 1635, aged 24 years. Leonard Betts, Master, bound to Virginia per certificate from the Minister of Gravesend of their conformitie to the Church of England.

       'The fact that Edward Wade was addressed as 'Mr.' in his patents indicates that he was a man of some stature and importance in the colony."

from "Virginia Colonial Abstracts," vol. 1--

       p. 88: listed 'Edward Wade' among others who owe tythes to Rev. Geo. Hopkins;

       p. 129: listed as witness for Charles Deny, 1643;

       p. 195: bill dated 1646 Chas. Deny to Pay Edward Wade 1600 lbs. tobo [tobacco].

from "Cavaliers and Pioneers," book 1, part 11, summary:  Edward Wade received land patent 1662, Diascund Swamp, Chichahominy River, York County (now New Kent), VA; in 1662 received a patent for 350 acres of land , part of 2000acres belonging to Mr. Francis Burwell; in 1663 acquired 150 acres in York County, formerly belonging to William Cainho;

Will of Edward Wade, pages 11-13, 9 November 1675, proved 24, April 1677 at Court for York County:

        "Edward Wade of Hampton Parish in York Co. To be buried in the orchard I now live by my family. To my son William Wade 100 acres of land in Hampton Parish. To my grandson Samuel Bond 150 acres at the head of ware Creek in New Kent County, but if he should die without issue, then to my daughter Jane the wife of Jeremiah Laundy. To my wife Jane, two servants, William Greystoke and Anne Elmore, and my old grey gelding. To William Wade, my son, furniture and one servant, John Constant. To my grandchild, Edward Wade, one mare foal, my mare Rose. To my daughter Dorothy, the wife of Thomas Huncocke, the first mare foal that my old mare shall bring forth. to my son Edward Wade one cow between five and six years old. My wife Jane Wade, ex'ix..."

More About Edward Wade:

Burial: "in orchard where I now live by my family" York (now New Kent) Co., VA

Fact 1: baptized: Church of England;

Fact 2: 1635 in London, England;

Fact 3: 1668 church warden, Church of England, Hampton Parish, York Co., VA;

Children of Edward Wade and Jane are:

+ 2 i. Edward2 Wade II, born Abt. 1640 in York County, VA; died April 20, 1682.

3 ii. Margaret Wade, born Abt. 1641.

4 iii. Dorothy Wade, born Abt. 1650.

5 iv. Jane Wade, born Abt. 1652.

6 v. William Wade, born 1655; died Aft. 1692.


Generation No. 2

2. Edward2 Wade II (Edward1) was born Abt. 1640 in York County, VA, and died April 20, 1682.

Notes for Edward Wade II:

from Gary Kueber:

        "By 1680 some of Edward Wade's family are no longer living in York County but instead have moved just a few miles south to James City County. The reason becomes obvious. Mary Hampton Duke had married Edward Wade sometime after November 1670. She had a large estate in James City that had been given to her by her father Thomas Hampton. This estate next to Henry Duke became the home place for some of the Wades for years."

from 'Cavaliers and Pioneers,' vol. 2, Patent Book 8, p. 328:

       'patent dated 20 April 1694 to Mr. Edward Wade for 83 acres in James City County must pertain to Edward Wade II. [James City adjoins York County.] This parcel was next to land of John Hixe on a branch of Warrany Swamp..'

More About Edward Wade II:

Fact 1: in father's will; also listed on 1704 rent roll;

Children of Edward Wade II are:

+ 7 i. James3 Wade, born Bet. 1665 - 1667 in St. Peter's Parish (New Kent Co.), VA; died 1740 in Hanover County, VA.

8 ii. Edward Wade III, born 1660.

9 iii. Richard Wade.

10 iv. Henry Wade, born Abt. 1671.

11 v. Thomas Wade, born Abt. 1670.

12 vi. Andrew Wade, born Abt. 1670; died 1740.

13 vii. John Wade, born Abt. 1672; died Bef. 1704.


Generation No. 3

7. James3 Wade (Edward2, Edward1) was born Bet. 1665 - 1667 in St. Peter's Parish (New Kent Co.), VA, and died 1740 in Hanover County, VA. He married Margaret (Mosby?) in Virginia.

Notes for James Wade:

in "Hanover County, Virginia Patent Books," 12 & 14:

       "Virginia County Records, vol. VI," ed. by W.A. Crozier, pd. 1909, Order Book for 1733, 'Hanover County Wills,' p. 21:

       "...St. Paul's Parish, 24 December 1734--6 March 1735, sons George, John, and Joseph, the child my wife now goes with' wife Esther and friend William Winston to be executors";

        "listed on Rent Rolls of Virginia, 1704-1705 as "James Waid";

More About James Wade:

Fact 1: farmer, located 1680-1700, St. Peters Parish, New Kent Co., VA; 1704 same;

Fact 2: 1704 taxed for 150 acres;

Fact 3: March 1725, for 35 shillings, James Wade received a patent for 350 acres in Hanover Co., VA on both sides of Hollowing Camp Creek, "Cavaliers and Pioneers," vol. iii, book 12, p. 356;

Children of James Wade and Margaret (Mosby?) are:

+ 14 i. John4 Wade, born 1704 in Amherst Co., VA; died July 02, 1787.

15 ii. William Wade, born Bef. October 20, 1685; died 1755.

16 iii. Edward Wade, born Abt. 1688; died Abt. 1722.

17 iv. Henry Wade, born Bet. January 30, 1688 - 1689.

18 v. Margaret Wade, born May 01, 1694; died May 17, 1773.

19 vi. James Wade, Jr., born Abt. 1697; died Bet. 1728 - 1736.

20 vii. Andrew Wade, born Abt. 1700; died 1766.

21 viii. Robert Wade, born November 20, 1700; died Bet. 1767 - 1770.

22 ix. Sarah Wade, born Bef. November 24, 1700; died Abt. 1730.


Generation No. 4

14. John4 Wade (James3, Edward2, Edward1) was born 1704 in Amherst Co., VA, and died July 02, 1787. He married Elizabeth Dawson December 17, 1719, daughter of Thomas Dawson and Mary. She was born Abt. 1705 in Amherst Co., VA.

Notes for John Wade:

info on Wade family from Gary Kueber, http://kueber.us, who references Georgia Hornbuckle:

       "James Wade (1665-1740)" by Sroggins; and Family Tree Maker Wade File of John Nardello; also Carole Jacobs; N.L. Gamble; and website of John S. Stinchcomb;

Virginia Wills and Administrations, John Wade's will dated February 15, 1785; will probated on July 2, 1787, Amherst County, Virginia, will Book 3, p. 45-47:

        "In the name of God, amen, I, John Wade of the County of Amherst and State of Virginia in reasonable state of health of body and sound of mind and memory thanks be given to God calling to mind the mortality of my body and knowing it is appointed for all men once to die, I do make and ordain this my last will and testament, that is to say principally and first of all I give and recommend my soul into the hands of almighty God that gave it and my body I recommend to the earth to be buried in a decent manner at the direction of my executors; never doubting but at the general resurrection I shall receive the same again by the power of God and as touching such worldly estate where with it has pleased God to bless me with in this life, I give, demise and dispose of those in the following manner and form. First, after the decease of self I bequeath to my son, Dawson, and English shilling. Likewise, I bequeath to my beloved wife, Elizabeth, during her life all my estate both land, stock, household stuff and everything I possess to her use and after he decease to my son and daughter, Jesse Shasteen [son-in-law] and Elinor Shasteen whatever shall be then remaining. And I do hereby utterly disallow, remove and disanul all and every other former testaments, will, legacies, bequests and Escc by me in any ways before named will and bequeaths, ratifying and confirming this and no other to be my last will and testament, to which I appoint my beloved wife, Elizabeth. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this fifteenth day of February one thousand seven hundred and eighty-five.

       John (X) Wade

.      "..in the presents of...James McAlexander, Jun., Alexander McAlexander, John McAlexander.

       "At a Court held for Amherst County, the Second day of July 1787 This Last Will & Testament of John Wade Deceased was presented by Elizabeth Wade, the Executrix...with Samuel Denney her security...

        "Know All Men by these present That We Elizabeth Wade and Samuel Denney are held and firmly bound to Wm Cabell...Justices of the Court of Amherst County...cause to be made a true and perfect Inventory of all and singular, the goods Chattles and Credits of the said Deceased...

Inventory of John Wade, Amherst County, Virginia, Will Book E, p. 60:

one black mare

one red cow




one red bull

one sow and piggs

one sow and three shoats

one bed and furniture

a pewter dish, basin & half dozen plates/old

one hatchet

one dutch oven

one bigg pott

a Matlock axe and wege/old

a looking glass

a foot wheel

a bigg shell."

from Ken Post at Genealogy.com, as to Samuel's place of birth:

        "Amherst did not become a county until 1761. It was formed from Albemarle which was formed from Goochland in 1744. Goochland was formed in 1728 from Henrico which was an original shire formed in 1634."

More About John Wade:

Fact 1: listed in "Deeds of Amherst and Albemarle County, Virginia," by Davis, 1979, pp. 3,9, 'John Wade and Elizabeth his wife';

Fact 2: in "Albemarle County, Virginia, Deed Book 1," p. 437; also in "...Deed Book 3, p. 51;

Fact 3: in "Amherst County, Virginia Deed Books A, B, & D," pp. 245, 248, 456, 459, in latter;

Fact 4: Samuel Denney was witness to several land transactions;

Children of John Wade and Elizabeth Dawson are:

+ 23 i. Elizabeth5 Wade, died September 06, 1816 in Wayne Co., KY.

24 ii. Dawson Wade, born Abt. 1732; died 1819.

25 iii. Mary Wade, died September 06, 1816.

26 iv. Jesse Wade, died Abt. 1800.

27 v. Elinor Wade, born 1755; died 1829.


Generation No. 5


23. Elizabeth5 Wade (John4, James3, Edward2, Edward1) died September 06, 1816 in Wayne Co., KY. She married Samuel Denney Abt. 1765 in Virginia probably, son of Iseriah Denney and Mary. He was born Abt. 1745 in Albemarle (now Amherst) , VA, and died 1806 in Wayne Co., KY.

**For Denney genealogy, go to the Denney page.**

Notes for Elizabeth Wade:

from Sue Hasty at RootsWeb.com's WorldConnect Project:

       "I have Elizabeth Dawson Wade listed as daughter of John Wade and Elizabeth Dawson. Sister to Dawson Wade Sr. I have her date of death as September 6, 1816, and that she married Samuel Denney Sr., born abt. 1745 in Amherst County, VA. I have 6 children listed."

Samuel and Elizabeth would have traveled through the Cumberland Gap, a map of which is at right.

More About Elizabeth Wade:

Fact 1: named as heir in Sam's will August 7, 1806;

Notes for Samuel Denney:

info on Samuel Denney family from Bill Denney, Vancouver, Washington and Richard Denney's website http://www.geocities.com/heartland/lake/7853/denney.html;

 from Ken Post at Genealogy.com, as to Samuel's place of birth:

        "Amherst did not become a county until 1761. It was formed from Albemarle which was formed from Goochland in 1744. Goochland was formed in 1728 from Henrico which was an original shire formed in 1634."

from Denney researcher Jodie Huffaker of Dallas, TX:

will of Samuel Denney written August 7, 1806 in Wayne County, KY; proved May 9, 1807:

       "I, Samuel Denney of Wayne County, Kentucky, being frail in body though in sound mind and memory... make this my last Will and Testament making void all other Wills formerly by me made.

       "I give my soul to Almighty God who gave it. My will is that my body shall have a Christian like burial at the expense of my executors, if present, if not by my friends then present.

        "I do made and appoint my beloved wife, Elizabeth and son William Denney, my executors to settle all my worldly affairs as follows" my will is that all my just and lawful debts be justly paid.

       "I leave my beloved wife to have the power to consent to sell my land or not any time****** the sale during her life and to have one third (1/3) of the profits of said place during her life with the bedding and household affairs necessary for housekeeping and house if she requires it with a certain bay horse known by the name of Dick.

        "I leave to my beloved sons, Benjamin and Ezariah Denney my land to be equally divided between them after the decease of their mother also I leave to them each a mare, to wit--a gray to Ezariah and a bay to Benjamin how called their property.

         "I leave all my live stock that not heretofore spoken of in the hands of my sons, to wit--Benjamin and Ezariah for their support and to enable them to pay the state price of the land in the case of or both should marry--I wish the fore mentioned stock to be divided in 3 equal shares between them both and their mother and each to have their third part.

       "I leave all the balance of my livestock after the sale price of the land is paid to be equally divided between all my children, to wit--John, Samuel, William, Sarah, Benjamin and Ezariah for which purpose I set my hand and seal this 7 August 1806.

Samuel Denney

Witnessed by

Joshua Jones

Agness Ballew

Anne Russell"


info from Denney researcher R.C. Hill at RootsWeb.com site:

Samuel Denney listed a bondsman for the will of John Wade, July 2, 1787, Amherst Co., VA; witness May 3, 1784 along with Wm. Trotter.

Deed Book D, p. 245, Amherst Co., VA, March 1, 1775, John Wade sold to Samuel Denny 80 acres of land for 65 pounds located on Butlers Ridge, Amherst, Co., VA;

Deed Book F, p. 331, Amherst Co., VA, April 17, 1789, Samuel and Elizabeth sold to William Burnett for 50 pounds 70 acres which was formally the property of John Wade located on north fork of Davies Creek, Amherst Co.

Samuel Denney lived in close proximity to Wade family on or near Davies Creek;

Also in deed books for Amherst County in the mid 1700s are a Benjamin and a John.

Samuel, John, and Robert Denney on 1785 census for Mercer (Fayette) Co., KY;

Samuel and John listed 1799 in Cumberland Co., KY (Wayne formed for Cumberland in 1801).

from Wade researcher Gary Kueber at http://kueber.us:

        "He [Samuel] served in the Revolutionary War, enlisted at Amherst County, Virginia with about 200 others, to prevent the British from crossing the James River in order to take the British prisoners at the barracks in Albemarle County... After thirty days watching for the British they were marched [from Lynch's Ferry] back to Amherst Courthouse and discharged. He served four months at Albemarle barracks and one month as guard to the British prisoners when they were moved for safety. He applied for pension... in Wayne County, Kentucky, but because his discharges were lost when his home burned, his claim was rejected as he failed to prove that he served six months."  [The above may be from his son John's pension application.  However, Samuel, being a blacksmith, was paid to set up a cannon by Amherst County in 1776.  This 'support' may qualify him as Revolutionary patriot with the DAR.]

In 1802 owned 600 acres on Beaver Creek, Wayne Co., KY, in 1775 he owned land on Button Ridge, Amherst Co., VA;

estate inventoried May 9, 1807.

Kentucky Land Grants, vol. 1, part 1, Chapter IV Grants South of Green River (1797-1866) the Counties of Kentucky, b. 13, p. 264, grantee, Samuel Denney, 200 acres, survey date May 25, 1799, Green County, Beaver Creek;

from Denney researcher Janice E. McAlpine, mcalpage@cox.net:

        "Samuel appear to have been a dissenter from the Church of England and signed several petitions in the 1770s objecting to religious taxes and requesting religious freedom. The originals of these petitions are in the Library of Virginia. Given the Biblical names in his family, it possible that Samuel was a Quaker, but it is also possible that he was Presbyterian, Baptist, or Methodist."

from "William Denney Descendants," by Graves, 1984, via Brent Schlottman at RootsWeb.com:

CHRONOLOGY [some important events in Samuel Denney's life]--

1775 bought 80 acres from John Wade, Amherst Co., VA

1776 paid for setting up cannon, Amherst Co., VA

1782 household of 8 persons, Amherst Co., VA

1785 household of 9 persons, Amherst Co., VA

1789 with wife Elizabeth sold 70 acres, Amherst Co., VA

1790 in Fayette Co., KY

1794 in Clark Co., KY

1799 in Cumberland Co., KY (became Wayne Co.)

1800 in Cumberland Co., KY

1802 had 600 acres on Beaver Creek, Wayne Co., KY

1804 taxed on 360 acres at Beaver Creek, Wayne Co., KY

1806 will dated August 7, 1806

1807 will proved March 1807, Wayne Co., KY.

from "Tuckahoes and Cohees: The Settlers and Cultures of Amherst and Nelson Counties from 1607-1807," by Catherine Seaman, Coleman Publication: 1992, page 80: 'DENNEY, Samuel, 1748: 300+acres on Hat Creek near Rose's mill; John, William, and Benjamin.'

More About Samuel Denney:

Fact 1: 1806 will, probated 1807 WC: "all my children... Benjamin, Ezariah," ref. # 1388:

Fact 2: came to KY from VA 1800;

Fact 3: Revolutionary War veteran;

Fact 4: tract of land containing 164 acres was granted April 1801 on east side of Beaver Creek, Wayne Co., KY; land was next to James Rupells and Michael Dean ;

At right are the cliffs at Denney's Gap, Wayne Co., KY, undoubtedly named for member of the greater Denney family; photo by Mel Walters.

Fact 6: probable brothers Henry, James, Charles, Benjamin living in Wayne Co., KY at same time;

Fact 7: grandson named for maternal families: John Wade Scott Denney;

Fact 8: 1783 on tax list for Amherst Co., VA as head of house, 8 whites, no blacks;

Fact 9: 1785 head of house Amherst Co., VA: Denny, Samuel 9 whites 1 dwelling, 2 other buildings;

Children of Elizabeth Wade and Samuel Denney are:

28 i. Benjamin6 Denney, born 1781 in Amherst Co., Virginia; died 1855 in Nevada, Tipton County, IN. He married Agnes Ripley July 19, 1808 in Wayne County, KY; born 1782 in Virginia.


Notes for Benjamin Denney:

from "History of Madison County, Indiana," 1880:

'Benjamin Denny was among the first settlers in Pipe Creek Township in 1840.'

from Denney researchers Bill Denney, Vancouver, Washington, via Kenneth R. Hill at RootsWeb.com:

"A tract of land containing 164 acres was granted to Samuel Denney in April 1801 on the east side of Beaver Creek, Wayne Co., KY. Land was next to land of James Rupells and Michael Deans.

"This land was given to Samuel's two sons, Benjamin and Ezariah Denney by Michael Denney, executor of Samuel Denney [will], 26 Jan. 1827.

"This land was sold by Benjamin, his wife Agnes and Ezariah Denney to Raods[Rhodes] Farth [Garth] for $400 on 28 Sept. 1833.

"In Samuel Denney's will, his wife Elizabeth and son William were executors. The above land was handled by Michael Denney probably because Elizabeth had died and William had moved on to Indiana.

"...William, born in Virginia 29 Oct. 1777, died 6 Aug 1862, Monroe Co., IN. He is buried in the Denney Cemetery, Washington Twp., Monroe Co., IN, [on] Wynona Denney's land, his great-granddaughter.

"...In 1833 he and brother Azariah sold their land to Rhodes Garth and followed William to Madison Co., IN, per Joan McConnell (I have William going to Monroe Co., Indiana)"

from Benjamin Denney descendant Lora Hunt Jeffries:

"Benjamin sold his land in Wayne Co., KY, in 1833 and moved to...Pipe Creek Twp., Madison Co., IN, as one of the earliest settlers. By 1848 he bought land in the next county, Tipton Co., IN. In 1852 he laid out the town of Nevada. The Nevada Cemetery was located on the Denney farm. Benjamin died in 1855 and is thought to have been buried in the Nevada Cemetery.

"1810 Wayne Co., KY census

Benjamin Denny

1 male 10-16 (stepson Lindsay Ballew b. 1805)

1 male 26-45 (Benjamin)

1 female under 10-(Mary b. 1809)

1 female 26-45 (Agnes Ripley Ballew Denny)

"1820 Wayne Co., KY census

Benjamin Denny

1 male under 10 (Samuel b. 1815)

1 male 16-18 (Lindsay)

1 male 18-26 ?

2 males 26-45 (Benjamin and his brother Azariah)

3 females under 10 (Lurana, Elizabeth "Betty", unnamed daughter?)

1 female 10-16 (Mary)

1 female 16-26 ?

1 female 16-45 (Agnes)

"1830 Wayne Co., KY census

Benjamin Denny

1 male 15-20 (Samuel)

2 males 40-50 (Benjamin and his brother Azariah)

1 female under 5 ?

2 females 5-10 (Sarah and Elizabeth)

1 female 10-20 (Lurana)

1 female 40-50 (Agnes)

"1840 Madison Co., IN census

Benjamin Denney

1 male 20-30 (Samuel)

2 males 50-60 (Benjamin and his brother Azariah)

1 female 10-15 ?

1 female 15-20 (Sarah)

1 female 50-60 (Agnes)

"1850 Tipton Co., IN census

Benjamin Denney, age 69

Azariah, age 68

Agnes, age 68

Samuel, age 35"

More About Benjamin Denney:

Fact 1: one of first settlers in Pipe Creek Twp., Madison County, IN, 1840;

Fact 2: listed in "Pioneers of Madison and Hancock Counties";

Fact 3: 1850 Wildcat Twp., Tipton Co., IN, census age 69, born in VA; occupation: farmer;

Fact 4: son Samuel age 35, born in KY also listed in household;

Fact 5: brother Azariah/Ezariah/Iseriah living with Ben and Agnes in 1850;

Fact 6: also in "History of Howard and Tipton Counties";

Fact 7: sold land in Madison Co., IN, in 1848;

Fact 8: came to Tipton Co., IN, before 1850;

Fact 9: first settler to Liberty Twp., Tipton Co., IN;

Occupation: farmer;

Notes for Agnes Ripley:

A Lindsay & Nancy Ballew are buried in New Lancaster (Cook) Cemetery near Nevada, Tipton County, Indiana where Benjamin Denney and relatives last lived and are buried.

from "Wayne Co., KY Marriages and Vital Records 1801-1860," vol. , 1972, p. 87:

'Denny, Benjamin and Agnes Ballew, Widow. Surety, Littleberry Ripley. Bond dated 9 July 1808, married 17 July by Richard Barrier. "Widow of Thompson".'

More About Agnes Ripley:

Fact 1: 1850 TC, IN census birth place "unknown";

Fact 2: maiden name Ripley/Repley; married a Thompson Ballew first;

For a continuation of this Wade-Denney family, go to the Denney page.

29 ii. John Denney, born August 24, 1766 in Rockfish River, Amherst Co., VA; died December 25, 1853 in Wayne Co., KY. He married Nancy Bell November 11, 1813 in Wayne Co., KY; born 1795 in North Carolina.

Notes for John Denney:

from Denney researcher R.C. Hill at RootsWeb. com site:

"...a John Denney, believed to be the son of Samuel, applied for a Revolutionary War pension in 1841. In the pension application John Denney states he was born in Amherst Co., Virginia, on 24 August 1766 on the waters of the Rockfish River. He lived 20 years in Amherst Co. then moved to Fayette Co., KY. This would be about 1786 or 1787. He goes on to say that the family lived in Fayette Co. six years then moved to Clark Co., KY. This would be about 1792. He had lived in Wayne Co., KY, 43 years when he filed the pension application which would have him moving to Wayne Co. in about 1798.

"...Fayette Co. was the original county in Kentucky that was formed from Virginia. Clark Co. was formed from Fayette and Wayne Co. from Cumberland and Pulaski. The 1785 listing of Samuel and John in Mercer Co. was probably Fayette Co. as Mercer Co. was not formed until 1786."

from Fay Clark's website "The Clarks of Otter Creek and Related Families," RootsWeb.com:

John on 1810, 1840, 1850 census records for Wayne Co., KY;

sold property 1834, 41 acres to Lindsey Bell, Otter Creek, Wayne Co., KY;

26 acres to John Bell, Otter Creek, (same);

121 acres to William Bell, (same);

military service between July 1780 and November 1781, Revolutionary War, Pension #R2875, Virginia; in pensions request stated that he lived in Fayette Co., KY, 6 years; Clark Co., KY 6 years; Wayne Co., KY 43 years;

More About John Denney:

Fact 1: Revolutionary War veteran, served under Capt. Cabell (VA), applied for pension while in KY 1841, age 75;

Fact 2: 2nd marriage to Sally Beavers

Occupation: farmer;

30 iii. William Denney, born October 29, 1777 in Virginia; died August 06, 1862 in Ellettsville, Monroe Co., IN, age 91;. He married Margaret Scott June 19, 1804 in Wayne Co., KY; born June 01, 1788 in Kentucky or Pennsylvania; died October 24, 1877 in Monroe Co., IN.

Notes for William Denney:

from Denney researcher Kenneth R. Hill of Iowa, at RootsWeb site:

"In an interview with Wynona Denney in April 1986 she stated that William Denney came to Monroe Co., Indiana, from Kentucky with his family in an ox cart. She stated that family history has William Denney's father coming over from Ireland and landing in Virginia."

More About William Denney:

Burial: Denney Cemetery, Washington Twp., Monroe Co., IN

Fact 1: moved from Wayne Co., KY, to IN in 1827 in ox cart;

Fact 2: listed on 1850 census for Washington Twp., Monroe Co., IN;

Fact 3: great-granddaughter Wynona Denney still living on Denney family farm in 1986;

Fact 4: farmer;

More About Margaret Scott:

Burial: Denney Cemetery, Washington Twp., Monroe Co., IN

31 iv. Ezariah Denney, born 1782 in Virginia; died Bef. 1860 in Tipton Co., IN.

Notes for Ezariah Denney:

from "Wayne Co., KY Deed Book B," pp.497-8:

'Azeriah Denny to Elia Kidd, $250 for 100 acres on Little South Fork in Wayne Co., beg. on William Johnson's s.w. corner...to a conditional line...Azeriah Denny."

More About Ezariah Denney:

Fact 1: listed as living with Benjamin and Agnes on 1850 census;

Fact 2: never married;

32 v. Samuel Denney, born 1770 in Amherst Co., VA; died in Ellettsville, Monroe Co., IN.

33 vi. Sarah Denney, born April 1783 in Virginia; died Aft. 1848 in Clinton Co., KY. She married Ephriam Guffey July 20, 1803 in Wayne Co., KY; born September 20, 1765 in Amherst Co., VA; died 1843.

More About Sarah Denney:

Fact 1: Sarah Denney Guffey info from Fay Clark's website "The Clarks of Otter Creek and Related Families," RootsWeb.com;


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