Denney Genealogy

Descendants of Edward Denney

Generation No. 1

1. Edward1 Denney was born Abt. 1642 in of Tralee, Ireland.

Notes for Edward Denney:

info on Denney family from Early Denney Family History, ascribed to Lincoln Denney, unpublished, presented to Jean Wallace by her daughter Mrs. Ed Duncan, Mills Springs, KY; also owned by Mrs. Lela Denney Hutcheson (daughter of Lincoln), Frazier, KY;

additional info from the papers of Ruth Huff of Bloomington, IN, and the work of Guy Denney of Indianapolis, IN.

There is much controversy among Denney genealogists concerning the ancestry of Samuel Denney, c. 1745 VA--1806, Wayne Co., KY, and his probable brothers William, George, Charles, John, Iseriah, James, etc. Some traditional researchers discount the records of Lincoln, Ruth, and Guy Denney, et. al., because of the lack of source information for those generations preceding Samuel's. This is understandable. However, some even question the existence of immigrants Jeremiah and Iseriah, sons of Edward, going so far as to assert that perhaps the two were invented. "Absence of proof is not proof of absence," as the archaeologists say. Additionally, a few Denney researchers have compounded the problem by trying to attach Samuel to other various Denney family trees. At this point, there seem to be as many ancestries for Samuel as there are researchers.

I have chosen to retain the Edward>Jeremiah>Iseriah> ancestry of my Samuel, c.1745-1806, because even if the disputed early ancestry is based on an oral history--which well may be the case--I'm of the opinion that the oral history be retained until there is documented proof to the contrary. I believe that there is a kernel of truth--however enhanced or convoluted--in every family history story.

So while my Samuel, his heirs, and descendants are documented in Wayne County, KY, and elsewhere, the generations preceding him, given on this Denney genealogy page, are, therefore, all we have until proven otherwise. I have also tried to include all the various stories found so far in the hopes that one may contain a clue for some future Denney researcher/s.

from the Lincoln Denney notebook:

       "In 1642, the Denney family was living in the northeastern part of the city of Dublin, Ireland. They were Presbyterians. Previously they had immigrated there from York, England. Some years before that they had resided in the Highlands of Scotland. It is supposed that this is where the family originated...

       "When the time came for the sons of Edward to leave their home, the father gave them the family Bible with the record of the family for over three hundred years." [Admittedly, this length of time is questionable.]

additional info from notebook via Denney researcher Guy C. Denney, Carmel, IN: wife "of Shannon"; summary--

Edward and younger children went to Tralee, Ireland, during Catholic-Protestant uprising; his wife and older children went to North Ireland.  Edward was Presbyterian who emigrated from York, England, to Ireland;

2 sons to America: Jeremiah and Iseriah;

from Huff papers: "Edward living in Dublin, Ireland, in northeastern part of city; had several boys that went to Northern Ireland; younger children went to Tralee, with their father; changed spelling of Denney at time of Catholic Massacre to distinguish between Catholic and Protestant members of family: Protestant-Denney, Catholic-Denny; Presbyterians had immigrated from York, England."

from Richard Denney's website

       "On derivation of the name--The Denney name, according to linguists, originated on the Normandy coastal area of France, during the Viking settlement, 700--900 AD, as a derivative of Danish/Danes (Viking) men, L'Denshmen, or in later French L'Dennie, 'the danes'. Some early Normandy Denshmen traveled to southern England to settle there, and their descendants later moved into Ireland and Scotland. Various Denneys migrated to America in the late 1600s and early 1700s."

Listed in Famous Denneys at same site--"Sir Anthony Denny was a favorite at the English Court...  In 1544 he was Knighted by King Henry VIII. Shakespeare gave Sir Anthony a significant role in his production "King Henry VIII," Act 5, Sc.1. Sir Anthony became the proprietor of 20,000 acres including the Abby of St. Albans and Butterwick Castle."

Children of Edward Denney are:

+ 2 i. Jeremiah2 Denney, born in Of Tralee, Ireland.

3 ii. Iseriah Denney.

More About Iseriah Denney:

Fact 1: died of fever; no descendents;


Generation No. 2

2. Jeremiah2 Denney (Edward1) was born in Tralee, Ireland.

More About Jeremiah Denney:

Fact 1: had 6 children;

At right at the red star is Tralee, Ireland, from which Jeremiah and at least one brother Iseriah emigrated.  At left is a map of the thirteen colonies of America showing Virginia in the middle.

Child of Jeremiah Denney is:

+ 4 i. Iseriah3 Denney, born Abt. 1720 in Virginia.


Generation No. 3

4. Iseriah3 Denney (Jeremiah2, Edward1) was born Abt. 1720 in Virginia. He married Mary 1740 in Hanover Co., VA. She was born Abt. 1725, and died Bef. 1804 in Virginia.

Notes for Iseriah Denney:

from Ruth Huff's Denney family papers: supposition that he was named for uncle who died after crossing, never having had children;

More About Iseriah Denney:

Fact 1: 11 sons and 1 daughter;

Fact 2: 4 of Iseriah's sons were minute-men in Revolution: Samuel, James and 2 others;

Fact 3: info also from Denney researcher Jim Denney of Carmel, IN;

Children of Iseriah Denney and Mary are:

+ 5 i. Samuel4 Denney, born Abt. 1745 in Albemarle (now Amherst) , VA; died 1806 in Wayne Co., KY.

6 ii. George Denney, born Abt. 1742.

7 iii. William "Bill" Denney, born Abt. 1744.

More About William "Bill" Denney:

Fact 1: left VA with mother's people;

+ 8 iv. Charles Denney, Sr., born 1760 in Amherst Co., VA; died Bef. November 1834 in Wayne Co., KY.

9 v. John Denney.

10 vi. Iseriah Denney, born 1748.

+ 11 vii. James Denney, born Bet. 1750 - 1753 in Hanover Co., VA.


Generation No. 4

5. Samuel4 Denney (Iseriah3, Jeremiah2, Edward1) was born Abt. 1745 in Albemarle (now Amherst) , VA, and died 1806 in Wayne Co., KY. He married Elizabeth Wade Abt. 1765 in probably Virginia, daughter of John Wade and Elizabeth Dawson. She died September 06, 1816 in Wayne Co., KY.

Notes for Samuel Denney:

As stated above, there is much controversy in Denney genealogy circles. Contrary to the ancestry I have retained, some Denney researchers ascribe Samuel's parents as a Samuel Denney--often called "Old Sam," who was born between 1715-1722 and who died around 1804--and a Sarah Elizabeth Suddarth/Soutard/Sudworth.  Interestingly, according to the latest DNA research, the results of which can be seen at the website given below, our Samuel, 1745-1806, is related to this older Sam and may be as close as his nephew.

DNA information at Richard Denney's website; additional info on Denney family from Bill Denney, Vancouver, Washington;

from Ken Post at, as to Samuel's place of birth:

       "Amherst did not become a county until 1761. It was formed from Albemarle which was formed from Goochland in 1744. Goochland was formed in 1728 from Henrico which was an original shire formed in 1634."

from "A Century in Wayne County, Kentucky 1800-1900, by Augusta Phillips Johnson, p. 20:

       'From 1800 to 1810, each year brought a large number of families.  Grants under the "Headright" provision were made to the following:...Charles and Samuel Denny...'

from Denney researcher Jodie Huffaker of Dallas, TX, will  and inventory of Samuel Denney, written August 7, 1806 in Wayne County, KY; proved May 9, 1807:

       "I, Samuel Denney of Wayne County, Kentucky, being frail in body though in sound mind and memory... make this my last Will and Testament making void all other Wills formerly by me made.

       "I give my soul to Almighty God who gave it. My will is that my body shall have a Christian like burial at the expense of my executors, if present, if not by my friends then present.

        "I do made and appoint my beloved wife, Elizabeth and son William Denney, my executors to settle all my worldly affairs as follows" my will is that all my just and lawful debts be justly paid.

        "I leave my beloved wife to have the power to consent to sell my land or not any time****** the sale during her life and to have one third (1/3) of the profits of said place during her life with the bedding and household affairs necessary for housekeeping and house if she requires it with a certain bay horse known by the name of Dick.

       "I leave to my beloved sons, Benjamin and Ezariah Denney my land to be equally divided between them after the decease of their mother also I leave to them each a mare, to wit--a gray to Ezariah and a bay to Benjamin how called their property.

       "I leave all my live stock that not heretofore spoken of in the hands of my sons, to wit--Benjamin and Ezariah for their support and to enable them to pay the state price of the land in the case of or both should marry--I wish the fore mentioned stock to be divided in 3 equal shares between them both and their mother and each to have their third part.

       "I leave all the balance of my livestock after the sale price of the land is paid to be equally divided between all my children, to wit--John, Samuel, William, Sarah, Benjamin and Ezariah for which purpose I set my hand and seal this 7 August 1806.

       "Samuel Denney

        "Witnessed by Joshua Jones, Agness Ballew, Anne Russell...

Agreeable to an order of the county Court of Wayne we the appraisers of the Estate of Samuel Denny dec., have appraised the present Estate as follow being first sworn:
1 cow with calf--$8
1 cow with calf--$8
1 cow with calf--$8
1 cow and yearling--$9
1 dry cow--$7
1 steer four years old--$8
2 head of cattle 2 years old--$8
12 head of sheep--$15
1 bay horse--$30
1 sorrel filly three years old--$40
1 black horse--$35
1 sorrel horse 2 years old--$30
1 sorrel 9 years old--$12
19 head of hogs--$60
1 waggon (sic) and hind ??--$35.32
1 set of Black Smith tules (sic)--$13.68
1 parcel of Old Iron tules--$4
3 sets of old plow Irons--$3.75
3 old reap huks (?)--$0.75
Bead and furniture--$6
puter (pewter)--$3
Clapboard furniture--$1.25
1 pot and over--$3.50
1 kettle--$3
1 Sad Iron and Sheep Shears--$1
1 pot tamil (?)--$1
signed--William Jones, John Sanders, Ellishuh Huks

May 9, 1807"

The modern map above shows the last half of the route the Denney family would have taken from Amherst Co., VA, to what would become Wayne Co., KY.  They would have taken the wagon road which ran along the Clinch River, marked in turquoise, and passed first Castlewood settlement, then Moore's Fort, and finally Ft. Blackmore, underlined in pink, before reaching Daniel Boone's Wilderness Trail, marked in orange. Turning west, they would eventually reach the Cumberland Gap.

info from Denney researcher R.C. Hill at site: Samuel Denney listed a bondsman for the will of John Wade, July 2, 1787, Amherst Co., VA; witness May 3, 1784 along with Wm. Trotter.

Deed Book D, p. 245, Amherst Co., VA, March 1, 1775, John Wade sold to Samuel Denny 80 acres of land for 65 pounds located on Butlers Ridge, Amherst, Co., VA;

Deed Book F, p. 331, Amherst Co., VA, April 17, 1789, Samuel and Elizabeth sold to William Burnett for 50 pounds 70 acres which was formally the property of John Wade located on north fork of Davies Creek, Amherst Co.

Samuel Denney lived in close proximity to Wade family on or near Davies Creek;

Also in deed books for Amherst County in the mid 1700s are a Benjamin and a John.

The Cumberland Gap is pictured at right.  Samuel, wife Elizabeth, and his adult children would have traveled through here.

Samuel, John, and Robert Denney on 1785 census for Mercer (Fayette) Co., KY;

Samuel and John listed 1799 in Cumberland Co., KY (Wayne formed for Cumberland in 1801).


In 1802 owned 600 acres on Beaver Creek, Wayne Co., KY; in 1775 he owned land on Button Ridge, Amherst Co., VA;

estate inventoried May 9, 1807 (above).

Kentucky Land Grants, vol. 1, part 1, Chapter IV Grants South of Green River (1797-1866) the Counties of Kentucky, b. 13, p. 264:  "grantee, Samuel Denney, 200 acres, survey date May 25, 1799, Green County, Beaver Creek";

from Denney researcher Janice E. McAlpine,  "Samuel appear to have been a dissenter from the Church of England and signed several petitions in the 1770s objecting to religious taxes and requesting religious freedom. The originals of these petitions are in the Library of Virginia. Given the Biblical names in his family, it is possible that Samuel was a Quaker, but it is also possible that he was Presbyterian, Baptist, or Methodist."

from "William Denney Descendants," by Graves, 1984, via Brent Schlottman at

CHRONOLOGY [some important events in Samuel Denney's life]--

1775 bought 80 acres from John Wade, Amherst Co., VA

1776 paid for setting up cannon, Amherst Co., VA

Picture at right is of Denney's Gap in Wayne Co., KY, named for members of the greater Denney family; photo by Mel Walters;

1782 household of 8 persons, Amherst Co., VA

1785 household of 9 persons, Amherst Co., VA

1789 with wife Elizabeth sold 70 acres, Amherst Co., VA

1790 in Fayette Co., KY

1794 in Clark Co., KY

1799 in Cumberland Co., KY (Samuel didn't move after he settled in Kentucky.  The county boundaries were reset with the growing number of settlers.  Cumberland became Wayne Co.)

1800 in Cumberland Co., KY

1802 had 600 acres on Beaver Creek, Wayne Co., KY

1804 taxed on 360 acres  on Beaver Creek, Wayne Co., KY

photo of sign for Denney's Gap by Linda McCain;

1806 will dated August 7, 1806

1807 will proved March 1807, Wayne Co., KY.

More About Samuel Denney:

Fact 1: 1806 will, probated 1807 WC: "all my children... Benjamin, Ezariah," ref. # 1388:

Fact 2: came to KY from VA 1800;

Fact 3: tract of land containing 164 acres was granted April 1801 on east side of Beaver Creek, Wayne Co., KY; land was next to James Rupells and Michael Dean ;

Fact 6: probable brothers James, Charles, and Benjamin and possibly a Henry living in Wayne Co., KY at same time;

Fact 7: grandson named for maternal families: John Wade Scott Denney;

Fact 8: 1783 on tax list for Amherst Co., VA as head of house, 8 whites, no blacks;

Fact 9: 1785 head of house Amherst Co., VA: Denny, Samuel 9 whites 1 dwelling, 2 other buildings;

Notes for Elizabeth Wade:

More About Elizabeth Wade:

Fact 1: named as heir in Sam's will August 7, 1806;

Children of Samuel Denney and Elizabeth Wade are:

+ 12 i. Benjamin5 Denney, born 1781 in Amherst Co., Virginia; died 1855 in Nevada, Tipton County, IN.

+ 13 ii. John Denney, born August 24, 1766 in Rockfish River, Amherst Co., VA; died December 25, 1853 in Wayne Co., KY.

+ 14 iii. William Denney, born October 29, 1777 in Virginia; died August 06, 1862 in Ellettsville, Monroe Co., IN, age 91;.

15 iv. Ezariah Denney, born 1782 in Virginia; died Bef. 1860 in Tipton Co., IN.

More About Ezariah Denney:

Fact 1: listed as living with Benjamin and Agnes on Tipton Co., IN, 1850 census;

Fact 2: never married;


from "Wayne Co., KY Deed Book B," pp.497-8:
       'Azeriah Denny to Elia Kidd, $250 for 100 acres on Little South Fork in Wayne Co., beg. on William Johnson's s.w. a conditional line...Azeriah Denny.'

Azariah/Azeriah/Ezariah migrated with brother Benjamin into Madison Co., IN, in late 1830s and settled in Pipe Creek Township.

from "Centennial History of Madison County," Netterville, 1925, p. 288:
       'The first school was taught [in Pipe Creek Twp., IN]... in a house erected for that purpose, on Jacob Sigler's farm, near the present town of Frankton. Other early teachers were Hezekiah [Azariah] Denny...'

16 v. Samuel Denney, born 1770 in Amherst Co., VA; died in Ellettsville, Monroe, Co., IN.

+ 17 vi. Sarah Denney, born April 1783 in Virginia; died Aft. 1848 in Clinton Co., KY.


8. Charles4 Denney, Sr. (Iseriah3, Jeremiah2, Edward1) was born 1760 in Amherst Co., VA, and died Bef. November 1834 in Wayne Co., KY. He married Anna Larwood. She was born 1760 in Grainger Co., TN.

More About Charles Denney, Sr.:

Charles Denney info from Sam Hardesty,, "According to Mary Sprouse Denney, wife of Julian Denney, Charles Sr. and Charles Jr. each received land warrants in Wayne County."

Children of Charles Denney and Anna Larwood are:

18 i. Sarah "Sally"5 Denney, born Abt. 1784.

19 ii. Charles Denney, Jr., born 1785.

20 iii. Mary Ann Denney, born 1787.

21 iv. Benjamin Denney, born Bet. 1790 - 1794.

22 v. Agnes Denney, born Abt. 1792.

23 vi. John L. Denney, born Abt. 1800.

24 vii. Esther Denney, born Abt. 1795.


11. James4 Denney (Iseriah3, Jeremiah2, Edward1) was born Bet. 1750 - 1753 in Hanover Co., VA. He married Esther Small Bet. 1773 - 1778 in Albemarle Co., VA, daughter of John Small and Margaret Burnett.

More About James Denney:

Fact 1: by 1790 in Patrick Co., VA (on NC's boarder)

Children of James Denney and Esther Small are:

+ 25 i. Henry5 Denney, born April 04, 1788 in Virginia; died June 19, 1881 in Denney Hollow, Wayne Co., KY.

26 ii. Azariah Denney.

27 iii. Jeremiah Denney.

+ 28 iv. William Denney, born 1785; died 1851 in Van Buren, TN.


Generation No. 5

12. Benjamin5 Denney (Samuel4, Iseriah3, Jeremiah2, Edward1) was born 1781 in Amherst Co., Virginia, and died 1855 in Nevada, Tipton County, IN. He married Agnes Ripley Belew/Bellew/Ballow July 19, 1808 in Wayne County, KY. She was born 1782 in Virginia.

Notes for Benjamin Denney:

from "History of Madison County, Indiana," 1880: 'Benjamin Denny was among the first settlers in Pipe Creek Township in 1840.'

from Denney researchers Bill Denney, Vancouver, Washington, via Kenneth R. Hill at

       "A tract of land containing 164 acres was granted to Samuel Denney in April 1801 on the east side of Beaver Creek, Wayne Co., KY. Land was next to land of James Rupells and Michael Deans.  This land was given to Samuel's two sons, Benjamin and Ezariah Denney by Michael Denney, executor of Samuel Denney [will], 26 Jan. 1827.  This land was sold by Benjamin, his wife Agnes and Ezariah Denney to Raods[Rhodes] Farth [Garth] for $400 on 28 Sept. 1833.  In Samuel Denney's will, his wife Elizabeth and son William were executors. The above land was handled by Michael Denney probably because Elizabeth had died and William had moved on to Indiana.

       "...William, born in Virginia 29 Oct. 1777, died 6 Aug 1862, Monroe Co., IN. He is buried in the Denney Cemetery, Washington Twp., Monroe Co., IN, [on] Wynona Denney's land, his great-granddaughter.

       "...In 1833 he and brother Azariah sold their land to Rhodes Garth and followed William to Madison Co., IN, per Joan McConnell (I have William going to Monroe Co., Indiana)."

from unnamed Tipton County history:
       "Nevada [village]-- Benjamin Denny was the first settler in Nevada, having come there about 1850... Samuel Denny [son] laid out the town in 1852, so he must have been there before some of the others arrived. The post office was established in 1850... The first business house was a general store... The first mill was a combined grist and saw mill built by Lindsay Ballew in 1854..." (Lindsay is Agnes Ripley Ballew Denney's son by former marriage.)

from Benjamin Denney descendant Lora Hunt Jeffries:

       "Benjamin sold his land in Wayne Co., KY, in 1833 and moved to...Pipe Creek Twp., Madison Co., IN, as one of the earliest settlers. By 1848 he bought land in the next county [west], Tipton Co., IN...  The Nevada Cemetery was located on the Denney farm. Benjamin died in 1855 and is thought to have been buried in the Nevada Cemetery.

      "1810 Wayne Co., KY census

Benjamin Denny

1 male 10-16 (stepson Lindsay Ballew b. 1805)

1 male 26-45 (Benjamin)

1 female under 10-(Mary b. 1809)

1 female 26-45 (Agnes Ripley Ballew Denny)

       "1820 Wayne Co., KY census

Benjamin Denny

1 male under 10 (Samuel b. 1815)

1 male 16-18 (Lindsay)

1 male 18-26 ?

2 males 26-45 (Benjamin and his brother Azariah)

3 females under 10 (Lurana, Elizabeth "Betty", unnamed daughter?)

1 female 10-16 (Mary)

1 female 16-26 ?

1 female 16-45 (Agnes)

       "1830 Wayne Co., KY census

Benjamin Denny

1 male 15-20 (Samuel)

2 males 40-50 (Benjamin and his brother Azariah)

1 female under 5 ?

2 females 5-10 (Sarah and Elizabeth)

1 female 10-20 (Lurana)

1 female 40-50 (Agnes)

       "1840 Madison Co., IN census

Benjamin Denney

1 male 20-30 (Samuel)

2 males 50-60 (Benjamin and his brother Azariah)

1 female 10-15 ?

1 female 15-20 (Sarah)

1 female 50-60 (Agnes)

       "1850 Tipton Co., IN census

Benjamin Denney, age 69

Azariah, age 68

Agnes, age 68

Samuel, age 35"

More About Benjamin Denney:

Fact 1: one of first settlers in Pipe Creek Twp., Madison County, IN, 1840;

Fact 2: listed in "Pioneers of Madison and Hancock Counties" by Samuel Harden, 1895;

Fact 3: 1850 Wildcat Twp., Tipton Co., IN, census age 69, born in VA; occupation: farmer;

Fact 4: son Samuel age 35, born in KY also listed in household;

Fact 5: brother Azariah/Ezariah/Iseriah living with Ben and Agnes in 1850;

Fact 6: also in "History of Howard and Tipton Counties";

Fact 7: sold land in Madison Co., IN, in 1848;

Fact 8: came to Tipton Co., IN, before 1850;

Fact 9: first settler to Liberty Twp., Tipton Co., IN;

Occupation: farmer;

Notes for Agnes Ripley Belew/Bellew/Ballow:

A Lindsay & Nancy Ballew are buried in New Lancaster (Cook) Cemetery near Nevada, Tipton County, Indiana, near where Benjamin Denney and relatives last lived and are buried.

More About Agnes Ripley Belew/Bellew/Ballow:

Fact 1: 1850 Tipton Co., IN census birth place "unknown";

Fact 2: maiden name Ripley/Repley; married a Thompson Ballew first;

Children of Benjamin Denney and Agnes Belew/Bellew/Ballow are:

+ 29 i. Lurana6 Denney, born 1812 in Wayne Co., KY; died 1855 in Indiana.

30 ii. Samuel Denney, born 1815 in Wayne Co., KY. He married Nancy Riley.

31 iii. Elizabeth "Betty" Denney, born Aft. 1812. She married ...Barrow.

32 iv. Mary Denney, born 1809 in Wayne Co., KY.

+ 33 v. Sarah Denney, born February 21, 1822 in Wayne Co., KY; died November 08, 1868 in Randolph Co., IN.

34 vi. Margaret Denney, born 1830; died November 30, 1849.

13. John5 Denney (Samuel4, Iseriah3, Jeremiah2, Edward1) was born August 24, 1766 in Rockfish River, Amherst Co., VA, and died December 25, 1853 in Wayne Co., KY. He married Nancy Bell November 11, 1813 in Wayne Co., KY. She was born 1795 in North Carolina.

Notes for John Denney:

from Denney researcher R.C. Hill at RootsWeb. com site:

      "...a John Denney, believed to be the son of Samuel, applied for a Revolutionary War pension in 1841. In the pension application John Denney states he was born in Amherst Co., Virginia, on 24 August 1766 on the waters of the Rockfish River. He lived 20 years in Amherst Co. then moved to Fayette Co., KY. This would be about 1786 or 1787. He goes on to say that the family lived in Fayette Co. six years then moved to Clark Co., KY. This would be about 1792. He had lived in Wayne Co., KY, 43 years when he filed the pension application which would have him moving to Wayne Co. in about 1798.

"...Fayette Co. was the original county in Kentucky that was formed from Virginia. Clark Co. was formed from Fayette and Wayne Co. from Cumberland and Pulaski. The 1785 listing of Samuel and John in Mercer Co. was probably Fayette Co. as Mercer Co. was not formed until 1786."

from Fay Clark's website "The Clarks of Otter Creek and Related Families,"

John on 1810, 1840, 1850 census records for Wayne Co., KY;

sold property 1834, 41 acres to Lindsey Bell, Otter Creek, Wayne Co., KY;

26 acres to John Bell, Otter Creek, (same);

121 acres to William Bell, (same);

military service between July 1780 and November 1781, Revolutionary War, Pension #R2875, Virginia; in pensions request stated that he lived in Fayette Co., KY, 6 years; Clark Co., KY 6 years; Wayne Co., KY 43 years;

More About John Denney:

Fact 1: Revolutionary War veteran, served under Capt. Cabell (VA), applied for pension while in KY 1841, age 75;

Fact 2: 2nd marriage to Sally Beavers

Occupation: farmer;

Children of John Denney and Nancy Bell are:

+ 35 i. William Dawson6 Denney, born 1816.

+ 36 ii. Samuel Denney, born Abt. 1817.

+ 37 iii. John Denney, born Abt. 1822; died Bet. 1874 - 1880.

+ 38 iv. Elender Denney, born Abt. 1826.

39 v. Benjamin Denney, born Abt. 1827; died Bet. 1890 - 1900. He married Mary Polly Guffey.

40 vi. Elizabeth Denney, born Abt. 1837.

+ 41 vii. Ezeriah (Jesse?) Denney, born July 1837.

+ 42 viii. Lindsay Denney, born April 26, 1831.


14. William5 Denney (Samuel4, Iseriah3, Jeremiah2, Edward1) was born October 29, 1777 in Virginia, and died August 06, 1862 in Ellettsville, Monroe Co., IN, age 91;. He married Margaret Scott June 19, 1804 in Wayne Co., KY, daughter of John Scott. She was born June 01, 1788 in Kentucky or Pennsylvania, and died October 24, 1877 in Monroe Co., IN.

Notes for William Denney:

from Denney researcher Kenneth R. Hill of Iowa, at RootsWeb site:

       "In an interview with Wynona Denney in April 1986 she stated that William Denney came to Monroe Co., Indiana, from Kentucky with his family in an ox cart. She stated that family history has William Denney's father coming over from Ireland and landing in Virginia."

More About William Denney:

Burial: Denney Cemetery, Washington Twp., Monroe Co., IN

Fact 1: moved from Wayne Co., KY, to IN in 1827 in ox cart;

Fact 2: listed on 1850 census for Washington Twp., Monroe Co., IN;

Fact 3: great-granddaughter Wynona Denney still living on Denney family farm in 1986;

Fact 4: farmer;

More About Margaret Scott:

Burial: Denney Cemetery, Washington Twp., Monroe Co., IN; pictures below are from Ron at





Children of William Denney and Margaret Scott are:

+ 43 i. Benoni6 Denney, born February 03, 1813 in Kentucky; died August 11, 1891 in Monroe Co., IN.

+ 44 ii. Dawson Denney, born January 17, 1808 in Kentucky; died March 30, 1889.

At left is the stone for son Azariah Denney, 1825-1885, at the Denney Family Cemetery, Monroe Co., IN.  At right is the stone for Dawson Denney, 1808-1889, Lewis, KS.



45 iii. John Wade Scott Denney, born December 09, 1809 in Kentucky; died 1889. He married Sarah Gaskins Abt. 1824.

More About John Wade Scott Denney:

Burial: Liberty Cemetery, Sullivan Co., IN

+ 46 iv. Nancy Denney, born March 05, 1813 in Wayne Co., KY; died January 29, 1894 in Indiana.

47 v. Mary (Polly) Denney, born February 13, 1814; died March 25, 1904.

48 vi. Sarah (Sally) Denney, born August 13, 1817; died January 25, 1894.

+ 49 vii. Elizabeth Denney, born March 01, 1820 in Wayne Co., KY; died February 17, 1914.

+ 50 viii. William "Buck" Denney, born December 30, 1822 in Kentucky; died September 1912.

+ 51 ix. Azariah Denney, born September 26, 1825 in Kentucky; died September 16, 1865 in Indiana.

+ 52 x. Samuel Denney, born August 10, 1828 in Kentucky; died August 06, 1908 in Spencer, IN.


17. Sarah5 Denney (Samuel4, Iseriah3, Jeremiah2, Edward1) was born April 1783 in Virginia, and died Aft. 1848 in Clinton Co., KY. She married Ephriam Guffey July 20, 1803 in Wayne Co., KY. He was born September 20, 1765 in Amherst Co., VA, and died 1843.

More About Sarah Denney:

Fact 1: Sarah Denney Guffey info from Fay Clark's website "The Clarks of Otter Creek and Related Families,";

Children of Sarah Denney and Ephriam Guffey are:

53 i. Alice Fair6 Guffey, born January 03, 1802. She married Absalom Davis.

54 ii. Bradcut Guffey, born June 15, 1804.

55 iii. Constant Guffey, born February 11, 1805.

56 iv. Ephraim Guffey, born April 27, 1807.

57 v. Martha Guffey, born 1808.

58 vi. William Guffey, born October 11, 1811.

59 vii. Andrew Guffey, born 1822.

60 viii. John Guffey, born 1826.


25. Henry5 Denney (James4, Iseriah3, Jeremiah2, Edward1) was born April 04, 1788 in Virginia, and died June 19, 1881 in Denney Hollow, Wayne Co., KY. He married Mary Polly Brown March 11, 1813 in Powersburg, Wayne Co., KY, daughter of William Brown. She was born December 14, 1798 in Cumberland Co., KY, and died July 11, 1833 in Wayne Co., KY.

More About Henry Denney:

Burial: Denney Cemetery, Wayne Co., KY

Fact 1: lived to be 92;

picture posted by Linda McCain at;

Fact 2: Henry Denney info from Dale Jones and Richard Denney,;

Fact 3: 2nd marriage to Rebecca Brumley

Fact 4: Henry may have adopted Rebecca's children by form marriage;

Children of Henry Denney and Mary Brown are:

61 i. John Selby6 Denney, born 1815; died 1896.

62 ii. Ursley Denney, born 1817.

63 iii. William Denney, born November 12, 1819 in Denney Hollow,  Wayne Co., KY; died November 28, 1903 in Denney Hollow,  Wayne Co., KY. He married Sarah Littrell; born 1819.

64 iv. Cyrus "Sy" Denney, born December 14, 1822 in Denney Hollow, Wayne Co., KY; died June 17, 1888. He married Elizabeth "Betsy" Littrell 1845; born 1827.

65 v. Matthew Denney, born April 25, 1825 in Denney Hollow, Wayne Co., KY; died October 09, 1918. He married Judy Dalton.

More About Matthew Denney:

Fact1: may be the mis-transcription "Michael" executor of Samuel's estate;

66 vi. Esther Denney, born 1829 in Denney Hollow, Wayne Co., KY.

67 vii. Martha Ann Denney, born 1830 in Denney Hollow, Wayne Co., KY; died 1881.


28. William5 Denney (James4, Iseriah3, Jeremiah2, Edward1) was born 1785, and died 1851 in Van Buren, TN. He married Patsy Burnett February 18, 1806 in Wayne Co., KY. She was born Abt. 1790.

More About William Denney:

Fact 1: William Denney info from "William Denney Descendants," by Frances Marie Thomas Graves;

Fact 2: also from "History of Carroll Co., AR, 1984, p. 156;

Children of William Denney and Patsy Burnett are:

68 i. John6 Denney, born March 17, 1807.

69 ii. Burnett Denney, born 1808.

70 iii. Charles Crockett Denney, born 1810.

71 iv. Nancy Ann Denney, born 1813.

72 v. Martha Denney, born 1814.

73 vi. William Denney, Jr., born 1815.

74 vii. Sarah Jane Denney, born 1819.

75 viii. Mary Elizabeth Denney, born 1821.

76 ix. James Preston Denney, born 1826.

77 x. Jane Denney, born 1829.

78 xi. Austin Denney, born 1832.


Generation No. 6


29. Lurana6 Denney (Benjamin5, Samuel4, Iseriah3, Jeremiah2, Edward1) was born 1812 in Wayne Co., KY and died 1855 in Indiana. She married David Decker October 11, 1832 in Wayne, Co. Kentucky, son of Thomas Decker and Sarah Alley. He was born 1814 in Wayne, Co., Kentucky and died February 12, 1888 in Elwood, IN.

More About Lurana Denney:

Fact 1: "Rainey"/Lorainny/Lurana various spellings;

Fact 2: died in childbirth with last child, 1855;

Notes for David  Decker:

A Little History of the David Decker Family, unpublished manuscript, by granddaughter Daisy Field-Fink, daughter of Cynthia A. (Annie) Decker Dwiggins, who married Addison Dwiggins; letter dated June 3, 1961:

       "Mother's father, Grandpa Decker, was born in Kentucky near Monticello where Mae (Mrs. James Humble) now lives. His father's (Thomas Decker's) house was standing on the bank of the Cumberland River when Mother and I were there. It was built high off the ground and there was an old tree standing by it. You could see where the water had left its mark high up on the tree when the river had been in flood. Right across the river from that old house was where Uncle Bill (William) Decker lived when we were there. We went across the river in a little row boat, Mother and I. Just twelve miles from that place is Monticello where the old courthouse was, all covered with vines, and where Grandpa got his marriage license and was married.

       "He fell in love with a young girl name Betty (Elizabeth) Allie/Alley [actually Denney], and they wanted to get married, but her parents said they were too young and would not let them. So Grandpa went and joined the army. I think it was at the time of the Mexican War, thinking he would be old enough when he returned. But when he was discharged and came back, hoping to marry Betty, he found her sweeping off a large flat rock that lay outside their cabin door and from her appearance he knew she was expecting a baby. She had married a man by the name of Barrow. It hurt Grandpa and made him mad so he turned around and married her older sister for spite. Betty had married Barrow to spite her parents.

At right is a copy of the tintype labeled "David William Decker" from descendant Dot Stephens Allen.  The beads around David's neck are Indian beads obtained from bartering.

       "Then Grandpa left Kentucky and came to Indiana. I believe he settled around Frankton. There was a little United Brethren church near, and Grandpa was converted and became class leader in the church, a position he held for some time. There were two men in the church who owned adjoining farms that were having difficulties over a line fence. They decided to go to law about the matter, and Grandpa did not think it right, but they should settle the matter as the Bible indicated. They would not listen to him, so he resigned and left the church. He was a back-slider until he was an old man; I think I was about five years old.

       "I don't know how many children he had when he left Madison County and went to Tipton County to live. He entered several hundred acres of land from the government and had to live on the various pieces a stated time to be able to get a deed for them. He was living there, close around Tipton and Sharpsville, when mother was born. The closest neighbor was a half mile and the children to follow. When the woman got there my mother was born, washed, and cared for by her mother as she had no doctor.

      "Grandpa had a lot of dealings with the Indians as there were many of them about. He would have been a wealthy man had he let whiskey alone, but he drank and was a very wicked and brutal man in his family. He was not good to Grandma (Lurana Denney) as he always held a grudge about Betty (Elizabeth) marrying Barrow, and he mistreated the sister that he married. Mother said he would come home drunk and run all of them out of the house and stand, holding an ax over her mother's head. He was so cruel, and treated her so badly that when the last baby was born, she died and so did the infant. But before Grandma died, Betty's husband had died and left her with five children. Grandpa was left with nine children, and Aunt Ellie was just a nursing baby when Grandma died, so Grandpa and Betty married and there were children on both sides, her children being older than his children. Grandpa was not good to her children, but Mother said her Aunt Betty was a real mother to his children. He resented all the children, his and hers because they had not belonged to both of them. He still held that old grudge against her for marrying Barrow, and he made life very unhappy for all of them.

       "He kept whiskey by the barrel at the house, and Mother said he would come home, late at night, and make her, a little girl of eleven, get up and go out, catch a chicken, and fry it for him, and the men he had brought home with him. And when she had cooked it he would whip her and make her dance for them; Betty did not dare say a word. She said he would come home drunk and run them out of the house and keep them out all night.

       "He took a lease, intending to cut the timber off it, and took Betty along to cook for the men he had working for him, leaving Aunt Jane and Aunt Lizzie at home to keep the smaller children. They just had a little log cabin, and when they went to bed they closed the door. There was a little "smoke-house" just a few feet from the cabin where they smoked their meat, and Grandpa had several gourds, filled with gun-powder, hanging in it. During the night someone set fire to the cabin and had come and opened the door they had closed on retiring and propped it open. The fire awakened the girls, and they got the smaller children out and away safe. The powder gourds began to explode and someone "hollered" a little distance away. It burned everything they had; only the things they had washed and was still hanging on the line remained. They all thought....................(?)

      "I have heard Aunt Julia and Mother talk about those times--and laugh. Grandpa got a covered wagon fixed up, hitched two oxen to it, and went all the way back to Kentucky to bring his father (Thomas Decker) and mother (Sarah Alley) to Indiana. I forgot how long Mother said it took him to make the trip, but they would not leave Kentucky and come with him. It made him mad, and he told them they would never see him again--and they never did.

       "Dennie Brankle was Betty's daughter's son that lived at Middletown. She lived in Windfall, and Betty left Grandpa and went to live with Martha Brankle. One day Mother was there and she and Betty were looking through some pictures, and they came upon Grandpa's picture. Betty cried and said: 'Annie, put it away. If I can't live with him I can't bear to look at this picture.'

       "When my mother and father moved to Van Wert, Ohio, Grandpa went with them, also Uncle Newton. Mellie (Melville, Annie Dwiggin's oldest son) was a year old at that time and it was wild country there. Deer would come up to the house, and Grandpa killed a lot of them according to Mother. She said when Dad started to town, he would take a *u*s-*ail with him and have to get out every little while and dislodge the mud from the wheels. My little sister Harriet Ellen was (born?) there. Mother and Dad had raised her youngest sister, Aunt Ellie, and she was with them also. She was about twenty and engaged to marry a Methodist minister, but shortly before their marriage date she died, and about two months later my little sister died. They are both buried out there (Ohio). Rob (Robert Fink, Daisy Dwiggins' last husband) and I went to the graveyard where they are buried. There is a lovely highway runs right by the cemetery. Mother would not believe me. She said it just could not be. I went to an orchard just across the highway and brought her some apples from the place where she and Dad used to take the wagon and to get apples to make apple butter. We would have taken her to see the old place had she been able to make the trip.

       "Uncle Newt (Newton) married out there and they had a little girl two years old and then she had twin girls and died. He left them with her mother until he could return to Frankton and find someone to take care of them for him. When he went back to get them her mother had placed them in a home, and they had "adopted them out" and he could not find them, and he never did find them until they were all married and had families. Mother and Aunt Julia went out there to visit Uncle Amos Decker, and they found out where they (the girls) were all married and had families. Two farmers had adopted the twins, and they lived on adjoining farms, but they did not find out they were sisters until both ************Dayton, Ohio. So he (Newt), at last, got to see them. I went to see Nola when we were in Dayton. The girls just thought that he did not try to find them, I suppose. Nola begged him to come and live with them, but he would not.

        "Grandpa took a l**** *** ***land north of Elwood, built him a little cabin right in the woods and lived there. Mother and I went out to see him one day that I remember so well: he was sitting outside the cabin on an old split-bottom chair, leaning back against the cabin. His ***on *acks (guns on racks?) in the house, seed-corn hanging about along with the gourds containing his gun-powder. I can see that scene yet. He had been "reclaimed" and I remember him walking back and forth across Mother's rooms, clad in his black and red plaid shirt, with his hands behind his back--singing "Am I a soldier of the Cross, a follower of The Lamb," praising the Lord and weeping. He went with Mother and I to the Christian church, where Mother belonged, and the preacher said: "Brother Decker, testify." Grandpa stood up, but began to weep saying: "I can't, Brother (Perkins?), I'm too ( sinful?). He said to Mother one day: "Well, Annie, I have told all the children, excepting Belle, that I taught you wrong ****, that all would go to Heaven, no matter what they did or believed. If the Lord just lets me live until I can see her and tell her, I'll be happy. But he took sick a little while after this and they brought him to Aunt Julia's (Wood) home and there he died. He did not get to see Aunt Belle, but she came to his funeral.

       "His children were Amos, Newt, Dave, Lizzie, Jane, Belle, Julia, Annie, Ellie, one young man that died. I don't know the rest. I believe there were twelve.

        "Betty's children were Dave, Sam, Jake, Jasper, Martha (Brankle)"

letter by Daisy (Dwiggins) Field-Fink June 3, 1961, provided by Kathy Decker Patscheck, 105 Greenside Dr., Somerset, KY 42501;

also genealogical research done by Clyde L. and Marie Ferree Johnson, 9748 Deerfield Circle, Carmel, IN 46032.

from the history "Tipton County, Indiana":

      'Records prove that the first actual white settlers came in near the year 1845, and located near the north fork of Wildcat, in the northern part of the township. These were David Decker, Philemon Plummer, Robert Stephens, Ira Plummer and their respective families. Decker came from Madison county, adjoining, and erected a primitive pole cabin, around which a few rods of ground were cleared for a truck patch. However, the wet state of the county precluded a very bountiful living from the soil, so Decker was forced to depend upon his rifle for his main subsistence. Game was plentiful, and the meat used for the table and the skins used as a medium or exchange or for clothing. Decker lived on his original claim some five years, when he disposed of it and moved farther south, near the present site of Windfall. Here he became the possessor of a valuable tract of real estate, which he owned until 1871l, when he sold all of his property and moved from the township.. He was a man of prominence in his community and was chosen a justice of the peace at the first election after the township organization.'

from a second history "Tipton County, Indiana":

       'Decker was elected Wildcat Township's first justice of the peace and was a teacher in its first school in 1848. His son Elbert was the first known white child born in Wildcat Township. The children of David and Lurana Decker in 1850 were Tabitha, William, Sally, Amos, Cynthia, Agnes, and Nancy. David Decker sold his real estate and moved out of the township in 1871.'

also from the above publication, page 148:

       'The first school was taught in a rude cabin which stood near Mud Creek in the northern part of the township, about the year 1848. This building was hastily constructed by the few neighbors living in the vicinity, and served its purpose about three years. The first pedagogue who wielded the rod of authority at this place (Wild Cat Township) was David Decker, who is remembered as a very competent instructor for that day. As no certificates or qualification were requisite at that time, we are unable to enlighten our readers as to Prof. Decker's scholastic attainments.'

family notes made by Mrs. Robert E. Jones of Newcastle, IN:

1. Kentucky Deckers saw "the stars fall" November 1833; [This would have been the Perseid meteor shower that occurred the night of November 13, 1833, one of the most important astronomic events of the 19th century.]

2. Quakers gave David 80 acres for surveying; he walked to Ft. Wayne to record deeds; shot a wildcat along the way;

3. saw or had a sycamore tree covered with deerskin;

4. drove hogs to Cincinnati; had a pair of oxen;

5. ox died when trapped on *****; young David (David Oliver?) was put inside of ox while old David ???..."

from "Cemetery Records of Tipton County":

an Elias B. Decker, 1820-1883, buried in New Lancaster Cemetery (or Cook), 1 mile west of New Lancaster; cemetery started in 1845; also an Angelina Decker, 1814-1855, wife of Isaac Decker; and James Decker, 1818-1886, with wife Artemesia, 1822-1857.

More About David (William?) Decker:

Fact 1: BLM deed for MC 1837; went to Tipton County from MC in 1845

Fact 2: sold out in 1871 and moved back to Elwood, Madison County;

Fact 3: near Wildcat Creek in northern part of Tipton County; BLM deed1849;

Fact 4: 2nd marriage to Elizabeth Denney Barrow 1856 a sister of 1st wife; she divorced him in 1879;

Fact 5: erected primitive pole cabin; had "truck patch";

Fact 6: 'depended on his rifle for subsistence';

Fact 7: after 5 years moved further south to Windfall;

Fact 8: 'man of prominence in his community' in "History of Tipton County, IN";

Fact 9: elected first justice of the peace for Wildcat Twp.

Fact 10: one of earliest settlers in Wildcat Twp., Tipton County, IN;

Fact 11: teacher in first school in 1848; son Elbert was first white child in area;

Fact 12: cause of death cysticis, Dr. Sigler or Sizelove;

Fact 13: Dave had a brother John who stayed in Monticello, KY, according to granddaughter;

Fact 14: had first child born in Wild Cat Township;

Fact 15: tin-type picture;

Fact 16: Living with daughter Nancy "Julia" Wood in Elwood, IN 1880 census;

Children of Lurana Denney and David Decker are:

+ 79 i. David Oliver7 Decker, born July 12, 1854 in Indiana; died 1937 in Elwood, IN.

For a continuation of this Denney-Decker family, go to the Decker page.

+ 80 ii. Telitha/Lelitha Jane Decker, born 1834.

81 iii. William Decker, born 1837.

More About William Decker:

Fact 1: Lived next to father Thomas on Cumberland River, Wayne County, KY;

82 iv. Sarah (Sally) Decker, born 1839.

+ 83 v. Amos C. Decker, born 1840 in Madison County, IN; died June 20, 1908 in Van Wert Co., OH.

+ 84 vi. Cynthia Ann Decker, born 1843.

85 vii. Agnes Decker, born 1845.

More About Agnes Decker:

Fact 1: buried in Sigler Cemetery north of Frankton;

Fact 2: wore long skirts and high-button shoes;

Fact 3: requested only a shock of wheat on casket at funeral;

+ 86 viii. Nancy Julia Decker, born 1849.

+ 87 ix. Newton J. Decker, born 1852 in Tipton Co., IN; died November 28, 1938 in Madison County, IN.

88 x. Mary Elizabeth Decker, born 1855.

89 xi. Thomas C. Decker.

90 xii. Elbert Decker.

More About Elbert Decker:

Fact1: from Tipton Co., IN, history: "son Elbert was first white child in area [Wildcat Twp.]";

33. Sarah6 Denney (Benjamin5, Samuel4, Iseriah3, Jeremiah2, Edward1) was born February 21, 1822 in Wayne Co., KY, and died November 08, 1868 in Randolph Co., IN. She married Milton Coffin December 1846 in Madison Co., IN, son of Jonathan Coffin and Martha Parker.

More About Sarah Denney:

Burial: Fairfield Cemetery, Wayne Co., IN, unmarked grave;

Child of Sarah Denney and Milton Coffin is:

91 i. Lewis J.7 Coffin, born September 10, 1859 in Windfall, Tipton Co., IN; died 1932 in Randolph Co., IN.

from Benjamin Denney descendant Lora S. Jeffries, Carmel, IN:

       "My mother was a Coffin and I knew that her ancestor, Milton Coffin, married Sarah Denny but I didn't know any more than that.  I kept asking my aging relatives if they could give me any more information but they kept saying "no".  Finally I asked my Uncle Lonnie once again and he said  " I remember Aunt Lou Cropper who was a Denny.  Her father was Sarah Denny's brother.  I remember Aunt Lou because she used to entertain us by taking off her wooden leg. 
       " I tracked down Aunt Lou and on her marriage license it listed her father as Samuel Denny and her mother as Nancy Riley and that's how I found out Sarah Denny's family.  If Aunt Lou hadn't had a wooden leg I'd never tracked them down!!"

34. Samuel6 Denney (Benjamin5, Samuel4, Iseriah3, Jeremiah2, Edward1) was born 1815 in Wayne Co., KY.  He married Nancy Riley.

Notes on Samuel Denney

from Benjamin Denney descendant Lora Jeffries, Carmel, IN: "Samuel Denny laid out the town [Nevada] in 1852 so he must have been there before some of the others arrived."

"History of Nevada Cemetery...": 'This cemetery involves two pieces of land in the same section but different quarter sections. One piece was entered by Aaron Steelman from the government and the other piece was entered by William Marshall. Obviously from studying the history of this cemetery the early part was platted by William Marshall and his neighbor, Samuel Denny. .....Samuel Denny deeded the land to Hannah Wise "except for the graveyard" on Feb. 19, 1855. This is the first mention of the cemetery.'

35. William Dawson6 Denney (John5, Samuel4, Iseriah3, Jeremiah2, Edward1) was born 1816. He married Sophrenia Hughes. She was born 1833.

Children of William Denney and Sophrenia Hughes are:

92 i. Mary "Polly"7 Denney, born 1846.

93 ii. William R. Denney, born 1848.

94 iii. Samuel A. Denney, born 1850.

95 iv. Louisa Denney, born 1853.

96 v. Lauretta "Mariette" Denney, born 1855.

97 vi. John H. Denney, born 1858.

98 vii. Isaac Denney, born 1862.

99 viii. Virginia Denney, born 1865.

100 ix. James G. Denney, born 1866.

101 x. Lindsay Denney, born 1868.


36. Samuel6 Denney (John5, Samuel4, Iseriah3, Jeremiah2, Edward1) was born Abt. 1817. He married Jane Garner.

Children of Samuel Denney and Jane Garner are:

102 i. Angelina7 Denney.

103 ii. Mary Jane Denney.

104 iii. Nancy Denney.

105 iv. Madinna Denney, born 1838.

106 v. Martha Denney.

107 vi. Belvina Denney, born 1841.

108 vii. Elizabeth Denney, born 1842.

109 viii. John Denney.

110 ix. William Henry Denney.

111 x. Benjamin Denney.

112 xi. Louisa Denney.

113 xii. Cissey Denney.


37. John6 Denney (John5, Samuel4, Iseriah3, Jeremiah2, Edward1) was born Abt. 1822, and died Bet. 1874 - 1880. He married Emaline Pierce. She was born 1827.

Children of John Denney and Emaline Pierce are:

114 i. Sophronia7 Denney, born 1847.

115 ii. Ellen Denney, born 1848.

116 iii. Azariah Denney, born 1850.

117 iv. Burnetta Elizabeth Denney.

118 v. Braxton Denney.

119 vi. Lindsay Denney, born 1859.

120 vii. Evaline Mary Denney, born 1864.

121 viii. Minnie Rosena Denney, born 1867.

122 ix. Patience Denney, born 1870.

123 x. William E. Denney, born 1874.


38. Elender6 Denney (John5, Samuel4, Iseriah3, Jeremiah2, Edward1) was born Abt. 1826. She married Hiram Neal.

Children of Elender Denney and Hiram Neal are:

124 i. Jemima7 Neal, born 1862.

125 ii. John B. Neal.

126 iii. Eliza Neal, born 1867.


41. Ezeriah (Jesse?)6 Denney (John5, Samuel4, Iseriah3, Jeremiah2, Edward1) was born July 1837. He married Rachel Ramsey.

Children of Ezeriah Denney and Rachel Ramsey are:

127 i. Charlotte7 Denney, born 1857.

128 ii. John Wesley Denney, born 1858.

129 iii. Ocean Denney, born 1859.

130 iv. Jeremiah Denney, born 1861.

131 v. Marshall Denney.

132 vi. Marcellus Denney.


42. Lindsay6 Denney (John5, Samuel4, Iseriah3, Jeremiah2, Edward1) was born April 26, 1831. He married Louisa Hughes. She was born 1831.

Children of Lindsay Denney and Louisa Hughes are:

133 i. R. J.7 Denney, born 1855.

134 ii. Julia Denney, born 1856.

135 iii. William Denney, born 1857.


43. Benoni6 Denney (William5, Samuel4, Iseriah3, Jeremiah2, Edward1) was born February 03, 1813 in Kentucky, and died August 11, 1891 in Monroe Co., IN. He married Letty Hanson 1825 in Wayne Co., KY.

More About Benoni Denney:

Burial: Denney Cemetery, Washington Twp., Monroe Co., IN

Fact 1: had 10 children;

Children of Benoni Denney and Letty Hanson are:

136 i. William7 Denney, born 1828.

137 ii. Margaret Denney, born 1830.

138 iii. Nancy Denney, born 1831.

139 iv. Isaac Denney, born 1839.

140 v. Dawson Denney, born 1841.

141 vi. Samuel Denney, born 1843.

142 vii. Azariah Denney, born 1847.

143 viii. William Denney, born 1851.

144 ix. John S. Denney, born 1854.


44. Dawson6 Denney (William5, Samuel4, Iseriah3, Jeremiah2, Edward1) was born January 17, 1808 in Kentucky, and died March 30, 1889. He married Rebecca McNeill.

More About Dawson Denney:

Fact 1: had 10 children;

Children of Dawson Denney and Rebecca McNeill are:

145 i. William7 Denney, born 1833.

146 ii. Susanna Denney, born 1834.

147 iii. Sarah Denney, born 1838.

148 iv. Nancy Jane Denney, born 1839.

149 v. James Maron Denney, born 1841.

150 vi. Mary Denney, born 1844.

151 vii. David Benjamin Denney, born 1847.

152 viii. Rebecca Denney, born 1850.


46. Nancy6 Denney (William5, Samuel4, Iseriah3, Jeremiah2, Edward1) was born March 05, 1813 in Wayne Co., KY, and died January 29, 1894 in Indiana. She married Charles Clendenen 1835 in Monroe Co., IN.

More About Nancy Denney:

Burial: Simson Cemetery, Washington Twp., Monroe Co., IN

Child of Nancy Denney and Charles Clendenen is:

+ 153 i. Esther Ann7 Clendenen.


49. Elizabeth6 Denney (William5, Samuel4, Iseriah3, Jeremiah2, Edward1) was born March 01, 1820 in Wayne Co., KY, and died February 17, 1914. She married Allen Gaskins.

More About Elizabeth Denney:

Burial: Simson Cemetery, Washington Twp., Monroe Co., IN

More About Allen Gaskins:

Fact 1: had 4 children;

Children of Elizabeth Denney and Allen Gaskins are:

154 i. Margaret7 Gaskins.

155 ii. William Gaskins.

156 iii. Sarah Gaskins.

157 iv. Samuel Gaskins.

158 v. Charles Gaskins.

159 vi. Mary Gaskins, born 1858.


50. William "Buck"6 Denney (William5, Samuel4, Iseriah3, Jeremiah2, Edward1) was born December 30, 1822 in Kentucky, and died September 1912. He married Ann Gastiers.

More About William "Buck" Denney:

Fact 1: had 6 children;

Children of William Denney and Ann Gastiers are:

160 i. John B.7 Denney, born 1852.

161 ii. Margaret Denney, born 1854.

162 iii. Mary A. Denney, born 1857.

163 iv. Sarah Denney, born 1861.

164 v. Elias Denney, born 1864.

165 vi. Hoza B. Carrington Denney, born 1866.


51. Azariah6 Denney (William5, Samuel4, Iseriah3, Jeremiah2, Edward1) was born September 26, 1825 in Kentucky, and died September 16, 1865 in Indiana. He married Lydia Massey December 15, 1862.

More About Azariah Denney:

Burial: Denney Cemetery, Washington Twp., Monroe Co., IN

Fact 1: died of tooth ache;

Children of Azariah Denney and Lydia Massey are:

166 i. Margaret7 Denney, born January 01, 1864.

+ 167 ii. Azariah Carrington Denney, born April 22, 1866.


52. Samuel6 Denney (William5, Samuel4, Iseriah3, Jeremiah2, Edward1) was born August 10, 1828 in Kentucky, and died August 06, 1908 in Spencer, IN. He married Elizabeth Mulkey September 18, 1849.

More About Samuel Denney:

Fact 1: had 5 children;

Fact 2: captain of Monroe Sharp Shooters, 76th Reg., Indiana Volunteers, Civil War; entered service August 18, 1862;

Children of Samuel Denney and Elizabeth Mulkey are:

168 i. Sarah Jane7 Denney, born 1852.

169 ii. Mary Isabella Denney, born 1853.

170 iii. William Dawson Denney, born 1854.

171 iv. Norah Denney, born 1856.

172 v. James H. Denney, born 1860.

173 vi. John D. Denney.

174 vii. Margaret J. Denney.

The watercolor "Irish Hills" by John Phillip Summers, Denney descendant, is used as the background for this page.

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