Leinbach/Linebaugh & Frey & Levering Genealogy

Descendants of Johannes Heinrich Leinbach

Generation No. 1

1. Johannes Heinrich1 Leinbach was born 1649 in Langenselbold, Hessen-Nassua, Prussia, Germany, and died 1716 in Oberdorfelden, Germany. He married Anna Barbara Lerch December 01, 1672 in Evangelical Congregational Church, Langenselbold, Germany, daughter of Johannes Lerch and Anna Eva. She was born Abt. 1650 in Oberdorfelden, Germany.

Notes for Johannes Heinrich Leinbach:

info and pictures on Leimbach/Leinbach/Linebaugh family from Dave Lineback's "The German-American Collection," http://www.ibiblio.org; from Janet Ariciu and Angie Connors, both at RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project; from "Sharp Family Tree," http www.gageandtim.com; from Wolfsville, MD, genealogist Leah Spade, etc.;

from Dave Lineback's web site:  "The surname of the first known ancestor is' Leimbach.'  It is a compound work dormed from two roots, 'leim' and 'bach.'  In the German language, 'bach' is brook, and 'leim' means glue.  Fortunately, it's usage in the 1600s and 1700s probably meant clay... So, the Leimbach surname might be translated in to English as something like 'claybrook.'

from "Eighteenth Century Emigrants from Langenselbold in Hesse to America," by Annetta Kunselman Burgert, pp. 93-98:

         'European Records-- Langenselbold Reformed: married 6 Dec. 1672 at Selbold, Heinrich Leinbach born in Gerthenroth aus dem Ried-Eselischen, linenweaver and Barbara, daughter of Johannes Lerch, shopkeeper and Geniensmann here. They had children:

1. Johannes bp 15 Mar 1674, sp: Johannes Lerch, the maternal grandfather.

2. Anna Margreth bp 26 Dec 1677.

3. son bp 29 Feb 1680.

4. Ann Elizabeth bp 25 Dec 1681, sp: Johann Christoffel, son of Bast Leis.

5. Eva bp 2 may 1684m sp: the child's grandmother on the mother's side.

6. Anna Margertha, with Hans Schad [?]

7. Andreas b 20 Feb 1689, bp 24 Feb 1689 at Hochstadt Reformed; the father's occupation is given as school teacher or school sexton.

'Oberdorfelden, Kreis Hanau: "Buried 5 Apr 1716, the schoolmaster Mr. Leinbach, age 67 years." '

The village that was once named Langenselbold is now on the outskirts of the metropolis of Frankfurt on the Main River, Germany.

two black and white photos, taken mid 20th century, of the town of Langenselbold, Germany, below;

above, the Langenselbold church, which is left of center in the black and white photo above right.

from Janet Ariciu, who summarizes "Genealogical Data from the Moravian Church Oley Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania":

        'Johann Heinrich moved to Langenselbold (about 25 miles east of Frankfurt). In Langenselbold he met and married Barbara, whose parents lived there. After their marriage in 1672 Johann Heinrich and Anna Barbara settled in Langenselbold, and their first five children were born there. They moved from Langenselbold to Hochstact between 1685, when Anna Margaretha was born, and 1689, when their land son Andreas was born. (LG). LG also notes that the marriage record of Johann Heinrich's son Johannes (Sr.) indicates that the Johann Heinrich and Anna Barbara lived in Altenhasslau at some time between 1689 and 1708.

        'Johannes Heinrich Leinbach, b. 1649 may have been in Gerterode, Germany; m. abt. 1673 in Langenselbold, Germany to Anna Barbara Lerch, b. 1650-1673 in Oberdorfelden, Germany, d. in Germany. Johannes was a school master and linen weaver. Anna's parents were Johannes Lerch, b. 1620 d. 17 Aug. 1693, m. Anna Eva b. 1629 d. 1710; both buried in Langenselbold, Wetterau, Ger.; United Evangelical Congregational Church; Johannes Lerch was a grocery man.

above, the village of Gerterode and general topography of the area near Frankfort on the Main River in Germany, where the Leinbach/Linebaughs lived;

        'Anna Barbara Lerch was the daughter of Johannes and Anna Eva Lerch (or Lehr). For the first 15 year of so they lived in Langenselbold and then in Oberdorfelden (LG). The family name given as "Lehr" in records taken from Langenselbold marriage Book. Her father was a Merchant and a "Gemeinmann." (This may mean a leader of the community, or simply an official member of the community; DJL is uncertain)> Johannes Lerch was born 1620, and he died in 1693 in Langenselbold; buried at the Lutheran Church in Langenselbold. Anna Eva Lerch was born in 1629 and died in 1710 and was buried at the Lutheran church in Langenselbold (EB). (Information that Barbara Lerch Leinbach was buried in Oberdorfelden comes from Laurel Miller.)

         'Birth--Johann Heinrich Leinbach was born about 1649 in central Germany. In the book recording this marriage to Anna Barbara Lerch at Langenselbold in 1672, he is associated with a place described in one modern transcription from the original as "Gerthen-Rode im Riedeselischen." Some researchers believe this is the present-day village of Gerterode located above Bad Hersfeld, Hessen, Germany, between Frankfurt-am-Main and Kessel. It is situated near Ludwigseck, the Riedesel castle to the northwest. And, a number of Leinbachs lived in the area at the time of Johann Heinrich's birth. Research has revealed that a head-of-household named Abraham Leinbach resided in Gerterode in 1656. Also, records in Braach, just north of Gerterode, note the baptism of a certain Johann Heinrich Leinbach, son of Johann Daniel Leinbach, in 1663. Additionally, several other Leinbach families are known to have lived in the Braach parish. Beyond this circumstantial evidence, however, no records of church or state directly linking Johann Heinrich Leinbach (1649-1716) to this particular Gerterode are known to exist.

        'Life--What little we know of Johann Heinrich, the patriarch of this genealogy, was obtained from church records. The earliest of these documents his marriage to Anna Barbara Lerch, the daughter of Johannes and Eva Lerch in 1672 at the Evangelical Church in Langenselbold. According to baptismal records at that same church, the first five children of Johann Heinrich and Anna Barbara were born there as he practiced the linen weaving trade. However, sometime between 1685... and 1689..., he and his family moved a few miles west to Hochstadt. Thereafter Johann Heinrich is identified in the records as a school teacher. A subsequent move to Altenhasslau (to the east of Langenselbold) by 1700 was followed by a final one to Oberdorfelden (north of Hochstadt) by 1708.'

from "Sharp Family Tree": Abraham Leimbach (abt. 1620-abt. 1680) may be relative, perhaps, even father;

More About Johannes Heinrich Leinbach:

Burial: April 05, 1716, Oberdorfelden, Germany

Fact 1: Langenselbold is just east of Frankfort, Germany;

Fact 2: 6 children;

Fact 3: Oberdorfelden, Kreis Hanau: "Buried 5 Apr 1716, the schoolmaster Mr. Leinbach, age 67 years";

Fact 4: occupation: school master and linen weaver;

Notes for Anna Barbara Lerch:

from Janet Ariciu's data:

        "Anna Barbara Lerch was the daughter of Johannes and Anna Eva Lerch (or Lehr). For the first 15 years or so they lived in Langenselbold and then in Oberdorfelden. The family name given as "Lehr" in records taken from Langenselbold marriage book. Her father was a merchant and a "Gemeinsmann." (This may mean a leader of the community, or simply an official member of the community; DJL is uncertain). Johannes Lerch was born in 1620, and he died in 1693 in Langenselbold; he is buried at the Lutheran church in Langenselbold."

Children of Johannes Leinbach and Anna Lerch are:

+ 2 i. Johannes2 Linebaugh/Leinbach, Sr., born March 09, 1674 in Langenselbold, Isenberg, Hesse, Germany; died November 20, 1747 in Oley Twp., Berks Co., PA.

3 ii. Johannes Christopher Linebaugh/Leinbach, born Abt. 1676 in Langenselbold, Isenberg, Hesse, Germany.

4 iii. Anna Elizabeth Linebaugh/Leinbach, born 1680 in Langenselbold, Isenberg, Hesse, Germany.

5 iv. Eva Linebaugh/Leinbach, born May 02, 1684 in Langenselbold, Isenberg, Hesse, Germany.

6 v. Anna Margreth Linebaugh/Leinbach, born June 30, 1685 in Langenselbold, Isenberg, Hesse, Germany.

7 vi. Andreas Linebaugh/Leinbach, born February 20, 1689 in Langenselbold, Isenberg, Hesse, Germany.


Generation No. 2

2. Johannes2 Linebaugh/Leinbach, Sr. (Johannes Heinrich1 Leinbach) was born March 09, 1674 in Langenselbold, Isenberg, Hesse, Germany, and died November 20, 1747 in Oley Twp., Berks Co., PA. He married Anna Elisabetha Kleiss October 02, 1700 in Germany, daughter of Adam Kleiss and Elizabeth Schilling. She was born February 01, 1680, and died 1765 in Nazareth, PA.

Notes for Johannes Linebaugh/Leinbach, Sr.:

from "Eighteenth Century Emigrants from Langenselbold in Hesse to America," by Annetta Kunselman Burgert, pp. 93-98:

        'European Records--Hochstadt (Hessen) Reformed KP, Johannes Leinbach and wife Elilzabeth had:

1. Johann Frederick bp 22 Aug 1703, sp Johannes Schwartz, blacksmith and church elder.

2. Johann Heinrich bp 29 Nov 1705, sp Henrich Leinbach, school sexton in Oberdorfelden.

3. Johanna Elisabeth bp 18 Oct 1708 d 28 Nov 1712.

4. Johannes bp 18 Feb 1712.

5. a daughter b 10 Dec 1714 d 3 Aug 1716.

6. Johanna Maria bp 13 Feb 1718.

7. Maria Barbara bp 11 Sept 1722.'

From the 1791 map of Pennsylvania, Berks County is outlined in yellow in the bottom right quadrant.  This is where the immigrant Johannes Leinbach settled with his family in Oley Township.  Oley Township would become a center for Moravians as well.  The Frey and Levering branches of the family where associated with those areas that are  Montgomery County and Philadelphia today.  Montgomery County, in blue, is between Berks County and Philadelphia in the southeast corner.

from the above pp. 192-193:

         'Genealogical Data from the Moravian Church Oley Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania--Johannes Leinbach, Sr., b. 9 Mar 1674 was born in Langenselbold, in Wetterau region (east of Frankfurt), Germany. He was baptized on Apr 15, 1674; godfather was Johannes Lerch, at Langenselbold on March 9, 1674, and was baptized there immediately after his birth by the pastor of that place in the Reformed religion, in which he was raised by his parents, Heinrich Leinbach, and Barbara ne Lerch. In Germany he was an organist. He married Anna Elilzabeth Kliess on October 2, 1700. Johannes, Sr., and Elizabeth were married at the Reformed Church in Altenhasslau, across the river Kinzig from Gelnhausen about four kilometers from Eidengesass. By 1703 for the birth of their first child, they were living in Hochstadt; all their children were born there. They had both grown up in the Reformed Church. He emigrated with his wife and family September 11, 1723. In 1742 he was received into the congregation [Moravian?]. He died November 20, 1747, aged 73 years, 7 months, and 11 days...'

from "Sharp Family Tree," http://www. gageandtim.com, by Tim Sharp who cites among others 'The Moravian Archives, Bethlehem, PA,' pub. by Philip E. Pendleton in "Oley Valley Heritage: the Colonial Years, 1700-1775, Birdsboro, PA, The Pennsylvania German Society, 1994, etc.:

        'Emigration to America gained momentum as glowing reports came back from friends and relatives. In 1723 Johannes decided to take his family...to America. Records indicate, in fact, that the Leimbachs were one of the earliest families to leave their homeland in this wave of emigration... He was 49, had five children, including an infant. They were relatively well-off. He lived rent-free in the schoolhouse in Hochstadt, but perhaps his pietist beliefs were in conflict with church leaders. Perhaps with his father dead, and having lost four children, the Leimbachs [Leinbachs] sought...distance...

the old section of Rotterdam, Holland, at right;

        'If the Leimbachs followed the usual routes, the trek from Hochstadt would have started with a river voyage down the Main. They would have sailed west to the Rhine and then north to Rotterdam, Holland. The journey was about 400 miles... This leg of the journey could take up to six weeks. When at last they made it to Rotterdam, they may have been delayed for several more weeks before a ship was ready.

         'Researchers have estimated that a passenger's fare was...a total of $880. Apparently, the Leimbachs could afford it. There is no record that they were among the thousands of indentured servants who were obligated to work off their debts for years after they arrived...

         'The Leinbach family thrived in the Oley Valley. To replace the log cabin, they built a new stone house in 1735. It still stands... In the same year, Johannes, Jr. married Anna Catharina Riehm. Johanna Maria married Catharina's brother, Abraham Riehm, the tavern keeper, on Christmas Day the same year. Friedrich married Amelia Elizabeth Frey in 1737. Heinrich married Salome Herrmann the following year.

         'Visiting ministers of various sects preached the Gospel in homes and barns of the Oley faithful. Among them was Augustus Gottlieb Spangenberg, bishop of the Moravian Church. From 1736 to 1738, he "made the blessed acquaintanceship of upright souls" in Oley, Skippack, Falkner's Swamp, Germantown and Philadelphia. Anna Elisabeth Leinbach's memoirs say that Spangenberg was the first of the Brethren to visit their home...

         'The year 1742 changed everything for the Leinbachs. Zinzendorf had arrived in America in November 1741. In December he helped found the Moravian settlement of Bethlehem...

         'In the next months, the Leinbachs joined the congregation and in some cases converted and were baptized into the Moravian faith:

                   *At the Fifth Synod in April, Eschenbach installed Johannes Leinbach as elder of the Oley congregation. As Elder, Johannes would be the leader of the group, in charge of their spiritual guidance. Catharine, Johannes Jr.'s wife, was confirmed by Zinzendorf as leader of the women's work in Oley at the same time.

                  *Friedrich and his wife, Elizabeth, were "received into the congregation" at Oley on May 6.

                  *Salome Johanna, Heinrich's wife, also was baptized into the Moravian faith on May 6...

                  *Anna Elisabeth, Johannes' wife, and Maria Barbara, their youngest daughter, joined the congregation in December.

                   As Maria Barbara remembered in her memoirs...:

                  "About that time the sainted Count von Zinzendorf [pictured left] with his daughter Benigna and Sister Molther came to visit us. During this visit I became well acquainted with them, because the sainted Count took special interest in me and asked me whether I had a desire to reside in Bethlehem. At this question I felt at once in my heart that they were the people to whom I belonged. But I asked him for permission to visit them, to which he gladly consented. As a result I made a visit to Bethlehem with my mother. At that time I received permission to stay there. Together with my mother I was received into the congregation in December 1742."

        'The new Oley congregation built a church soon after they were organized in 1742. Geroge Jungman (Youngman) donated sixteen acres for it adjacent to the Leinbach's land.

        '...Their church and school building was a 41 by 41 foot, three-story half-timbered, frame building... The school was opened in 1745 with two teachers.

       'Johannes Leinbach served his church as elder for five years. He died in 1747 at the age of 73. It is believed that he is buried in the Moravian's "God's Acre," an abandoned graveyard on a hill near the Moravian School. The graves are unmarked.'

         '[My] "father was a pious and God-fearing man, who made me cling, according to the best of his knowledge, to all that was good. We lived very retired and cut off from the world. My father held home devotions with us children and trained us in singing and prayer"--Maria Barbara Linebaugh Nitschmann. '

Dave Lineback made this composite map showing the land grant owners of Oley Township, Berks Co., PA, from 1710-1740.  "John Leinbach" is at the lower left.  Dave's site is www.gageandtim.com.

from Janet Ariciu who summarizes "Genealogical Data from the Moravian Church Oley Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania":

        'Johannes Leinbach Senior, b 9 Mar 1674 was born in Langenselbold, in the Wetterau region near Hanau (east of Frankfurt), Germany. He was baptized on Apr 15, 1674; godfather was Johannes Lerch, at Langenselbold on March 9, 1674, and was baptized there immediately after his birth...

        'In Germany he was an organist. He married Anna Elisabeth Kliess on October 2, 1700. Johannes Sr. and Elizabeth were married at the Reformed Church in Altenhasslau.

        'Johannes and Elizabeth arrived in Pennsylvania with their five children on September 11, 1723. Shortly thereafter, the family had settled on a 250 acre farm about two miles south of present-day Oley, Berks County, Pennsylvania. The home site, on present-day Cassel Road, between Limekiln and West School Roads, included a log-cabin house built by the previous owners (Stovers/Staubs) as early as 1713. (This dwelling survived until the beginning of the twentieth century.) The stone house was built about 1735 on the Leinbach farmstead... The original section was likely built by Johannes Jr., who sold the house to the Knabb family and moved with his wife and 7 children to North Carolina. (This house was still standing as of 1988.)

In the Oley Valley, Johannes Leinbach and his family first lived in this house built by Jacob Stauber between 1713 and 1723.  The house existed until the early 20th century.  (This photo is from Dave Lineback's website.)


        '[The Linebaugh family] was visited on a number of occasions by influential Moravians of the time, including August Spangenburg, Count Zinzendorf, the wealthy patron, and David Nitschmann, the bishop who was to later marry Maria Barbara, the youngest Leinbach daughter. During these years at Oley, a close relationship developed between the Leinbach family and the Moravians, and Johannes was appointed as Vorsteher (business manager) of the Moravian congregation there in 1742 by Zinzendron.

        'By the time of his death in 1747, Johannes Leinbach's land holdings had increased to over 400 acres. The following year, Anna Elizabeth moved first to Bethlehem, and then later to Nazareth, Pennsylvania.

         'The family may have taken its name "Leinbach" from their lords, the "von Leinbach" family, who owned the region in the late Middle Ages, but there is no evidence to date we were descended from them. The von Leinbach family owned the land on which Johann Heinrich Leinbach was born in 1649--one branch of which still maintains a castle called "Eisenbach" near Lauterbach. The Baron von Riedesel lives in the town of Lauterbach.'

from "The Moravian Church," http://www.fmoran.com:

        'When Johannes was a boy between 11 and 15 years of age, his parents moved from Langenselbold, the place of his birth, to Hochstadt, a few miles to the west. Prior to 1700, they had moved again, this time from Hochstadt ot Altenhasslau, a few miles east of Langenselbold. In this town the 26 year-old Johannes married Anna Elizabeth Kleiss from the nearby village of Eidengesaess, just southeast of Altenhasslau.

        'Within a year of their marriage, Johannes and Anna Elizabeth had moved to Hochstadt. There, where all their children were born during their stay of about 22 years, they were "often inspired and visited by other pious people." But in 1723, for reasons unknown, the 49 year-old school teacher and organist packed up his family and left for America...


Above is a 19th century illustration of the Moravian community in Oley Valley, Pennsylvania in the 18th century.  Johannes and Elisabetha were both members of this religious body.  In this mission was "God's Acre," the graveyard for the faithful.

'Johannes died on November 20, 1747. He is believed to be buried in an unmarked cemetery at the site of the Moravian School near his home in the Oley Valley.'

More About Johannes Linebaugh/Leinbach, Sr.:

Baptism: March 16, 1674

Burial: unmarked grave, Moravian Cemetery, behind school building, Oley Twp., Berks, Co., PA

Fact 1: 7 children;

Fact 2: settled on a farm in Oley Twp., Berks County, PA;

Fact 3: organist in Germany and in PA;

Fact 4: baptized 1674 in Reformed church in Langenselbold, Germany;

Fact 5: 1742 received into the Moravian congregation and appointed business manager of the Moravian congregation, Oley, Berks Co., PA, by Zinzendorf;

Fact 6: immigrated in 1723;

Fact 7: lived in log cabin built by Jacob Stauber--picture;

Fact 8: affiliated with Moravian school located next to his property; believed buried in unmarked grave in cemetery on hill behind school;

Below is a photograph of the building in the Moravian settlement in Oley Valley, Berks Co., Pennsylvania, which was used as both church and school from 1742-1774.  Johannes Linebaugh was affiliated in several ways with this edifice.  Behind it in the Moravian cemetery, he and wife Anna Elisabetha are buried in unmarked graves.

Fact 9: married October 2, 1700, to Anna Elizabeth Kleiss in Reformed Church Altenhasslau;

Notes for Anna Elisabetha Kleiss:

from "Genealogical Data from the Moravian Church Oley Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania":

        'Anna Elisabeth Leinbach, nee Kliess, was born in Langenselbold, Germany at Eidengesess in the Wetterau on February 2, 1680, and baptized there right after her birth by the pastor of that place in the Lutheran religion, in which she was raised by her parents, Adam Kliess, and Elizabeth, nee Schillinger. d 25 Apr 1765. She had five children: 1) Freidrch; 2) Johann Henrich; 3) Johannes; 4) Johanna Maria; 5) Maria Barbara.

        'Adam and Anna Elizabetha Schilling (Schillinger) Kleiss (Gleiss/Kleis), had been married in Eidengesass, where she was born. Adam Kleiss's parents were Anna Mey (born in Eidengesass) and Hans Bernhardt Kleiss. Anna Elizabetha's father was Heinrich Schilling.'

More About Anna Elisabetha Kleiss:

Burial: Moravian Cemetery, Nazareth, PA

Children of Johannes Linebaugh/Leinbach and Anna Kleiss are:

+ 8 i. Friedrich (John)3 Linebaugh, Sr., born July 15, 1703 in Hochstadt, Hanau, Germany; died July 06, 1784 in Graceham, Frederick Co., MD.

9 ii. Johannes Heinrich Linebaugh, born November 24, 1704 in Hochstadt, Hanau, Germany; died 1777 in Berks Co., PA. He married Joanna Protz.

10 iii. Johannes Heinrich Linebaugh, born November 26, 1705 in Hochstadt, Hanau, Germany. He married Joanna Salome Hermann.

11 iv. Johannes Linebaugh, born February 18, 1712 in Hochstadt, Hanau, Germany; died March 14, 1766 in Wachovia, Rowan (now Forsyth) Co., NC. He married Catharina nee Riehm.

12 v. Johannes Linebaugh, born January 16, 1714 in Hochstadt, Hanau, Germany.

13 vi. Johanna Maria Linebaugh, born February 13, 1718 in Hochstadt, Hanau, Germany. She married Abraham Riehm.

14 vii. Johanna Elizabeth Linebaugh, born October 18, 1708 in Hochstadt, Hanau, Germany.

15 viii. Maria Barbara Linebaugh, born September 11, 1722 in Hochstadt, Hanau, Germany. She married David Nitschmann.


Below are two photos of the Leinbach-Knabb House in Oley Valley, home of the fourth son of Johannes Leinbach, Sr., Johannes Leinbach, 1712-1766, and his wife Catharina and family.  (The photo on the right is from Dave Lineback's site as is the map below.)


The Leinbach/Linebaugh homestead was centered between Limekiln, Weist School, and Cassel roads.  The log cabin was near Cassel Road, and the blue arrow shows the location of the Leinbach-Knabb House.

Generation No. 3

8. Friedrich (John)3 Linebaugh, Sr. (Johannes2 Linebaugh/Leinbach, Sr., Johannes Heinrich1 Leinbach) was born July 15, 1703 in Hochstadt, Hanau, Germany, and died July 06, 1784 in Graceham, Frederick Co., MD. He married Elizabetha Amelia "Millie" Frey June 02, 1737 in Skippack, Montgomery County, PA, daughter of Heinrich Frey and Maria Levering. She was born June 02, 1717, and died June 05, 1783 in Graceham, Frederick Co., MD.

Notes for Friedrich (John) Linebaugh, Sr.:

from Leah Spade:

        'Friedrich's will was made June 10, 1783, and probated July 24, 1784. His son Jacob Linebaugh was named executor; witnesses: Benjamin Ogle, George Devilbiss, and Daniel Protzman.'

in Liber AM w Folios 92, 93 and 94, Frederick Co., MD Court House:

Frederick Leinbach/Linebaugh Last Will and Testament--

         "In the name of God Amen the Tenth day of June in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and eighty-three. I, Frederick Linebaugh of Frederick County , the State of Maryland, Yeoman, being in good health of Body and of perfect mind and memory, thanks be given unto God. Therefore calling into mind the mortality of my body and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to died, do make and ordain this my last will and testament. That is to say principally and first of all I commend my soul into the hands of God that gave it and for my body, I commend it to the Earth to be buried in a Christian like and descent manner at the discretion of my executors. Nothing doubting but at the general resurrection I shall receive the same by the Mighty power of God and as touching such worldly estate. Wherewith it hath Pleased God to bestow me in this life I give, devise, and dispose of the same in the following manner and form:

        "Imprimis, it is my will and I do order that in the first place all my just debts and funeral charges be paid and satisfied.

                Item, I give and bequeth unto my son Joseph Linebaugh the plantation whereas I now live together with all buildings and improvements to him and his heirs and assigns forever.

                Item, I give and bequeath unto my son Christian Linebaugh the sum of five pounds **** gold or silver money to be paid twelve months after my decease.

                Item, my will and desire is that the remainder of my Estate both real and personal shall be sold and the money arriving there from after paying debts and legacies shall be equally divided between all my children namely Christian, Jacob, Benjamin, John, Joseph, Daniel, Samuel, Elizabeth Linebaugh, Hana Proatzman, Ann Fry, Mary Mover, Magdalena Willer, Rosanna Weller, Catharine Linebaugh.

                Item, I ... appoint my son Jacob Linebaugh my *** sole Executor of this my Last Will and Testament and so hereby disallow, revoke, and disannul all and every other former Testaments, wills, segacies and executors by me in any way before this time named, willed, and bequeathed, ratifying and confirming this and no other to be my last will and testament.

       "Where of I have here unto set my hand and seal they day and year first within written.

       "Signed, Sealed, Published, and Declared by the said Frederick Linebaugh in the presence of us the subscribes Benjamin Ogle, Geroge Devilbifs, David Prostzman..."

from Janet Ariciu at RootsWeb.com, who cites "Eighteenth Century Emigrants..." and "Genealogical Data from the Moravian Church..." etc.:

        "Frederick Linebaugh, b 15 July 1703 in Hochstadt, Wetrerau, Germany was baptized Aug 22, 1703 in Reformed Church, Hochstadt by Pator Bender. He came to America with his parents at age 20 in 1723, settling in Oley, PA. He was a tailor and joined Moravian Congregation in Oley Dec. 11, 1742. He died 06 July 1784 in Graceham, Frederick Co., MD; married. Elizabeth Amerlia Frey 19 Nov 1737 in Berks, PA. Elizabeth's parents were Heinrich Frey, b 17 June 1663 in Ahtheim Alsace; d 1734 in Germantown, Philadelphia, m. Anna Catherine Levering, b March 1675-76 in Mulheim-on-Ruhr, d 1754 on their farm in Towamencin Township, Philadelphia County (now Montgomery County). It is near Skippack which is in Skippack Township. Frederick a tailor and farmer came on the ship "Brothers" (?) 1723.

         "Friedrich Leinbach was born at Hochstadt in Germany July 15, 1703 and baptized right afterwards by Pastor Bender, the pastor there, in the Reformed religion. His parents were Johannes Leinbach and Elizabeth nee Kleiss. He learned the trade of tailor in his youth. He emigrated to Pennsylvania with his parents in 1723. He married June 2, 1737, Elizabeth nee Frey. In 1742, he was received into the congregation at Oley. Amelia Elizabeth Frey was baptized in the Zinzendorf Moravian Church in Bethlehem, PA, and joined in 1742. Amelia was born in Skippack, Montgomery Co., PA. In 1767 the family moved from Oley, PA, a little more than 100 miles southwest to Graceham, MD. Friedrich and Elizabeth joined the Graceham Moravian Church (pictured left). After celebrating her 66th birthday, she complained of chest pains and died suddenly.

         "Frederick Leinbach/Linebaugh signed his will, written Jun 10, 1783, probated July 24, 1784, as 'Froinherif Lienbouf,' but his name and his children's names are spelled 'Linebaugh' in the text of the transcription of the will, probably written by a clerk. This may indicate a trend toward the English language and spelling of names in the 1780s in Graceham. His male descendants generally spell their name 'Linebaugh.' "

from Frederick Co., MD, genealogist Leah Spade:
        "Three of their [Friedrich/Frederick and Elizabetha Frey Linebaugh] daughters found husbands in Graceham and crossed over the Catoctin Mountians to Wolfsville to make their homes:

                 1. Elizabeth Linebaugh, Apr. 7, 1743-1820, married about 1767 Phillip Kuhn Jr., son of the 1738 immigrant Phillip Kuhn Sr. Phillip, Jr., and Elizabeth had a family of perhaps 6 or 8 children.
                 2. Nancy Linebaugh, called "Ann" was born Jan. 25, 1745 and passed away about 1792. "Ann" married about 1769 as her first Enoch Frey, 1740-1810. Enoch and Nancy had 7 children. On June 16, 1794 Enoch married his second wife Salome Holtzapple. They were the parents of 2 children.
                 3. Joannah Linebaugh, called "Hannah" was born Feb. 9, 1746. On May 10, 1768 she married Jacob Protzman Sr., June 18, 1745--Feb. 1, 1823. Jacob and Hannah had 12 children."

photo at left of Graceham Cemetery by Dave Flinchbaugh

More About Friedrich (John) Linebaugh, Sr.:

Baptism: August 02, 1703, Hochstadt in Hanau, Germany;

Burial: Graceham Moravian Church, Graceham, Frederick Co., MD

Fact 1: 20 years old when family immigrated;

Fact 2: settled on a farm in Oley Twp., Berks County, PA;

Fact 3: Graceham is 3 miles east of Mechanicstown, the old name Thurmont;

Fact 4: 19 children, 4 included 2 sets of twins;

Fact 5: April 1767, moved to Graceham, Frederick County, MD;

Fact 6: June 10, 1783, drew up will 3 days after Elizabeth died;

Fact 7: July 24, 1784, will probated;

Fact 8: buried next to Elizabeth;

Fact 9: was first to anglicize name to Frederick, but tombstone reads "Friedrich";

Occupation: tailor;

More About Elizabetha Amelia "Millie" Frey:

Baptism: May 06, 1742, by Rev. Junger in Oley Valley Moravian Church;

Burial: June 07, 1783, Graceham Moravian Church, Graceham, Frederick Co., MD

Fact 1: married on her 20th birthday;

Fact 2: 19 children, including 2 sets of twins;

Fact 3: died after complaining for a few day with a pain in chest;

Fact 4: baptized by County Zinzendorf (then bishop) and/or Brother Ludwig at Germantown, PA;

Fact 5: 1742 received by Moravians with husband;

**For the genealogy of Elizabeth Amelia Frey, go to Section 1 at the bottom of the page.**

Children of Friedrich Linebaugh and Elizabetha Frey are:

+ 16 i. Elizabeth4 Linebaugh, born April 03, 1743 in Skippack, Berks Co., PA; died 1820 in Wolfsville, Frederick Co., MD.

17 ii. Johannes Linebaugh, born 1738 in Oley Twp., Berks Co., PA; died January 10, 1746.

18 iii. Christian Linebaugh, born February 13, 1739; died July 13, 1792. He married Anna Rosina Paus April 30, 1782.

More About Christian Linebaugh:

Fact 1: 6 children

19 iv. Henrich Linebaugh, born February 13, 1739.

20 v. Jacob Linebaugh, born April 02, 1740 in Skippack Twp., Berks Co., PA; died 1826 in Greene Co., TN. He married Susanna Neun.

More About Jacob Linebaugh:

Fact 1: Family migrated to Bethlehem, PA, March 21, 1758;

21 vi. Benjamin Linebaugh, born September 20, 1741 in Oley Twp., Berks Co., PA; died January 23, 1823 in Reading, Berks Co., PA. He married Anna Margaretha Nuss.

22 vii. Nancy "Ann" Linebaugh, born January 11, 1745; died Abt. 1792. She married Enoch Frey 1769; born 1740; died Abt. 1810.

More About Nancy "Ann" Linebaugh:

1: 7 children

More About Enoch Frey:

1: 7 children

23 viii. Johanna "Hannah" Linebaugh, born February 09, 1746; died Aft. 1783. She married Jacob Protzman, Sr.; born June 18, 1745; died February 01, 1823.

More About Johanna "Hannah" Linebaugh:

1: 12 children

More About Jacob Protzman, Sr.:

Fact 1: 12 children

24 ix. Friedrich Linebaugh, born June 07, 1747.

25 x. Joseph Linebaugh, born August 25, 1748; died Aft. 1783. He married Magdalena.

More About Joseph Linebaugh:

Fact 1: 2 or more children;

26 xi. Samuel Linebaugh, born August 25, 1748; died Bef. 1762.

More About Samuel Linebaugh:

1: First son named Samuel;

27 xii. Maria "Mary" Linebaugh, born March 03, 1750; died Aft. 1783. She married ...Stover/Stauffer.

More About Maria "Mary" Linebaugh:

1: children

28 xiii. Magdalena Linebaugh, born August 11, 1751; died Aft. 1783. She married John Jacob Weller.

More About John Jacob Weller:

1: children

29 xiv. Johaness "John" Linebaugh, born June 21, 1753; died Abt. February 1819. He married Maria Genant.

More About Johaness "John" Linebaugh:

Fact 1: 10 children

30 xv. Rosanna Linebaugh, born March 09, 1755; died Aft. 1783. She married Philip Weller Bef. 1783.

31 xvi. Catharina Linebaugh, born January 08, 1757; died Aft. 1783. She married Peter Kreiter.

32 xvii. Daniel Linebaugh, born March 23, 1760; died Aft. 1783. He married Margaretha Weller.

More About Daniel Linebaugh:

Fact 1: Revolutionary War Soldier;

33 xviii. Frederick Linebaugh, Jr., born March 23, 1760; died Aft. 1783. He married Jenny Templeton.

34 xix. Samuel Linebaugh, born July 25, 1762 in Oley Twp., Berks Co., PA; died Aft. 1783. He married Maria Ditnermasser.


Generation No. 4


16. Elizabeth4 Linebaugh (Friedrich (John)3, Johannes2 Linebaugh/Leinbach, Sr., Johannes Heinrich1 Leinbach) was born April 03, 1743 in Skippack, Berks Co., PA, and died 1820 in Wolfsville, Frederick Co., MD. She married Hans "Phillip" George Kuhn, Jr. Abt. 1768 in Pennsylvania, son of Hans Kuhn and Mrs. Kuhn. He was born Abt. 1740, and died Aft. 1797 in Wolfsville, Frederick Co., MD.

More About Elizabeth Linebaugh:

Fact 1: moved over Catoctin Mts. to Wolfsville, MD, with husband;

Fact 2: 77 years old at death;

Fact 3: from U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900: "name-Elisabetha Linebaug Kuhn; gender-female; birth year-1743; spouse name-Phillip Kuhn; spouse birth year-1740."

More About Hans "Phillip" George Kuhn, Jr.:

Fact 1: picture of Wolfsville, MD, area;

Below left is a picture of the St. James Reformed Church Cemetery, Wolfsville, Maryland, with South Mountain State Park in the background.  A map showing Wolfsville, Frederick Co., MD, is at right.  Graceham, the Moravian settlement where Elizabeth's mother and father lived and are buried, is northeast of Wolfsville.

Children of Elizabeth Linebaugh and Hans Kuhn are:

35 i. Phillip (III)5 Kuhn, born Abt. 1769 in Wolfsville, Frederick Co., MD; died September 13, 1838 in Wolfsville, Frederick Co., MD. He married Ann Mary (?).

For a continuation of the Linebaugh-Kuhn family, go to the Kuhn page.


Section 1

Descendants of Friedrich Frey


Generation No. 1

1. Friedrich1 Frey was born in Gundetswil, Zurich, Switzerland.

Child of Friedrich Frey is:

+ 2 i. Jacob2 Frey, born in Gundetswil, Zurich, Switzerland; died in Altheim, Alsace, Germany.

Generation No. 2

2. Jacob2 Frey (Friedrich1) was born in Gundetswil, Zurich, Switzerland, and died in Altheim, Alsace, Germany (now France). He married Anna Hirtzeller/Hertzeller, daughter of Jacob Hirtzeller/Hertzeller.

Children of Jacob Frey and Anna Hirtzeller/Hertzeller are:

+ 3 i. Heinrich3 Frey, born 1663 in Altheim, Alsace, Germany (now France); died 1734 in Zeiglerville or Skippack, Montgomery Co., PA.

4 ii. Peter Frey.

5 iii. Catherine Frey.

6 iv. William Frey.

7 v. Andrew Frey.

8 vi. Elizabeth Frey.


Generation No. 3

3. Heinrich3 Frey (Jacob2, Friedrich1) was born 1663 in Altheim, Alsace, Germany (now France), and died 1734 in Zeiglerville or Skippack, Montgomery Co., PA. He married Anna Catharina Levering April 26, 1692 in Germantown, Philadelphia Co., PA, daughter of Wigard Levering and Magdalena Boechers/Bokers. She was born March 1673 in Mulheim on the Rhur, Westphalia, Germany, and died 1754 in Zeiglerville, Towamencin Twp., Philadelphia Co., PA.

Notes for Heinrich Frey:

info on Frey family from RootsWeb.com's "Thompson and McCully Families of Mercer Co., Pennsylvania," which sites Heinrich Frey Family Association's "Descendants of Heinrich Frey and Anna Catherine Levering," printed August 10, 2001; RootsWeb's "Ancestors of Lesa Gibson Pfrommer", etc.;

from "Palatinate Project," at http://www.progenealogists.com:

        'Susanna Bertolet who married Jacob Frey, the grandson of Heinrich Frey, states, "Heinrich Frey who was the first German settler in Pennsylvania, arrived on the banks of the Delaware [River] in the early Summer of 1680. He sailed from Rotterdam on the good ship St. Markus, Captain Sauder, master. He is said to have been born in Altheim in 1653, but his parents at this time lived in Heilbronn. Heinrich Frey was a woodworker and Joseph Plattenbach, his compaion, who hailed from Bruchsal was an ironworker." '

from Pfrommer:

        "Heinrich Frey, along with three others, came to America about 1680, before the advent of William Penn. Frey's party located on a plain near Wissahickon Creek, between Roxborough and Germantown.

        "On October 1, 1692, Frey bought one hundred acres of land in Roxborough, next door to Gerhard Levering, from John Hennett. In the decade following, Frey and his family had moved from Roxborough to Towamencin Creek, near Skippack in western Philadelphia County. According to a deed dated March 26, 1713, Frey and his family later relocated to Whitemarch Township.

        "Frey had two brother, William and Andrew, who immigrated at about the same time, and settled nearby, in Skippack. The Frey brothers, along with a well known religious leader, Henry Anter, John Bechtel, and others of various religious tendencies and persuasions, belonged to the 'Associated Brethren of Skippack,' an alliance for religious union and information."

from Bean's 1884 "History of Montgomery Co., PA," Chapter 74:

       'Heinrich Frey or Fry, a native of Altheim, in Alsace, it is stated, came to Pennsylvania before the arrival of William Penn and settled near Roxborough.  In 1692 he was married, at Germantown, to Catharine, daughter of Wigart Levering.  They had nine children, of whom six were sons. He purchased... twelve hundred and fifty acres on Towamencin Creek in 1724.  It is a family tradition that two of his sons walked up from the Wissahickon [creek], a distance of eighteen or twenty miles, on Monday mornings, bringing their provision along with them for the week, for the purpose of making a clearing and erecting a house, which they completed by the following spring.  A few Indians, who appeared friendly, were still lingering here, having a couple of wigwams on the banks of the stream.  The chief, who visited the scene of their labors, observed them eating bread, when they gave him a piece, which he ate and pronounced good.  On the following week they brought him an extra loaf, at which he was greatly delighted and in return the following day brought them a saddle of venison.  The eldest of these brothers was Jacob...'

from "Levering Family History and Genealogy, " by Col. John Levering of Lafayette, Indiana, pub. 1898, pp. 856-858:

        'Henry Frey was an enterprising and successful man, and a mechanical genius. Tradition says he made the first plow used in the province. He was, as he states in several documents, a turner, by trade. Mr. Cassel wrote, "Heinrich was a Turner. I have a beautiful quart jar that he turned for my great-great-grandfather Christopher Saur, who, having studied medicine in Germany, before he came to America, established a drug store and apothecary in Germantown before he commenced printing. No glass jars could be had, and at the time, no facilities for importing them. Frey turned a great number of quart, half-gallon, and gallon jars for him, out of a peculiar kind of wood, which shows no grain, with tight fitting lids, and cornices to them. They were painted or varnished.

        'It is said of Henrich Fry, that he came to America, before William Penn...and married in 1692, in the new log church in Germantown, Anna Catherine Levering, daughter of Wigard Levering. He is said to have taken up 250 acres of land in Towanmencin Township, in 1712, and in 1716, 550 acres in Frederick Township. He gave 200 acres of the latter tract to his son, Jacob, and 200 acres to his son William. Jacob Frey married a daughter of Jean Bartolet, a Huguenot, who came to Germantown, in 1726. A daughter of Henry Frey, Elizabeth, was born, in 1717, and married John Miller, who bought 125 acres in Frederick Township, in 1732, and is mentioned as a 'practitioner of medicine'...

       'He was naturalized as a U.S. Citizen in Germantown, Pennsylvania, March 7, 1690.

In the 19th century collage at right, the top two houses are homes of the Pastorius family, left c. 1683, right c. 1715. Francis Daniel Pastorius, 1651-1721, was the founder of Germantown, Pennsylvania, now part of Philadelphia.  Lawyer and first bailiff for Germantown, Francis Pastorius married Henry and Maria Catharina Levering Frey in the first Quaker/Friends log church in Germantown.

       'Henry was a carpenter by trade.

        'He and his family were members of the Protestant Lutheran Church. Heinrich Frey bought a large tract of land west of Philadelphia and near Falkner's swamp. This region is near Zeiglersville, PA. Heinrich and his wife were buried on their plantation near Zeiglersville, in what is called the Frey-Bertolett Cemetery, Montogomery Co., PA. Together with his nephew Reverend Andrew Frey, a daughter and others including many of their children.

The Frey-Bertolet Cemetery in what is now Oley Twp., Montgomery Co., PA, does have stones for Abraham and Susan Frey.  Henry and Maria Levering Frey are said by some Frey genealogists to be also buried here.

        'The marriage certificate, signed by Francis Daniel Pastorius as Justice of the Peace, is in the Library of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania (under Philadelphia card catalog number AM-10155, vol.1, p 100)

       'The notice of his [Heinrich's] wedding to Anna Catherine Levering, which was, according to German tradition, nailed to the front door of the church, together with the certificate, follows:

               "Whereas, Henry Fry, of Altheim, in the province of Alsace, in High German, now inhabitant of Germantown, in the county of Philadelphia, Bachelor and Anne Catherine Levering, of the county of Buck, likewise in High Germany, a young woman, after due consultation with their respective parents, have produced a sufficient certification of their clearness of all engagements, under the hand of several credible persons, unto one of the Justices of the Peace, in the bailiwick of Germantown, and have published and affixed their intention of marriage in the meeting-house of the said town, on the 24th of the first month past. As no objections were filed, the ceremony was performed and this Certificate witnesseth that the said Henry Fry and Anna Catherine Levering have this day solemnized such their marriage by taking one another as husband and wife, according to the law of this country and before and in the presence of us, whose names are hereunder written at Germantown, the 26th day of the second month (April), 1692.

               "Francis Daniel Patorius, Justice of the Peace

                "Witnesses: Wigart Levering, Gerhard Levering, Magdalena Levering, Hans Peter Unstat, Arnold Cassel, Henrich Shellenberg, Jon Ponder, Andrew Supplee, Manigha May, Catein Tompkins, William Rittinghuysen, Henrich Zollern, Jacob Pfoutz, Henrich Bucholtz, Elias Tossen, Honnas Millers, Elizabeth Cassel, Herman Trapman, Sara Hendricks, Anecki Supplee, Maria Bonus and others.'

         'This was the first marriage in the friends meeting house, Germantown, Pennsylvania.'

         'Rather than writing a will, Heinrich and Catherine Frey entered into the following contract with their children:

                    "Articles of Agreement indented, made, concluded and agreed upon this twelfth day of October Anno Dom. one thousand seven hundred and thirty-two between Henry Free of the County of Philadelphia and Province of Pennsylvania, Yeoman, and Kathrin his wife of the one part and Jacob Free of the same place, Turner, one of the sons of the said Henry and Kathrin, Eliza Free, Rebecca Free, and Amaly Free, three of the daughter of the said Henry and Kathrin of the other part in manner following:

                  "First, the said Henry Free and Kathrin his wife for the consideration hereinafter mentioned have granted, bargained, and sold and by these presents Do grant Bargain adn Sell unto the said Jacob Free all and singular the cows, horses, mares, colts, sheep, and hoggs with all the household goods Linen, bedding, brass, pewter, goods, and chattles which belong to them the said Henry and Kathrin in the said Province or elsewhere in America...

                  "In consideration whereof the said Jacob Free for himself, his heirs...Doth Covenant, promise, and grant to and with the said Henry Free and Kathrin his wife, Elizabeth Free, Rebecca Free, and Amaly Free, their and ever their heirs...those presents that he, the said Jacob Free...will maintain and keep the said Henry and Kathrin with good sufficient and competent meat, drink, washing, and lodging, and apparel, fitt and convenient for them During their Lives and the Life of the Longer liver of them and also shall find, provide and maintain, and keep them the said Elizabeth, Rebecca, and Amaly with [same] until they attain to their respective ages of Eighteen years of Days of marriage which shall first happen and give to them and each of them... as good a legacy or portion of the said Goods and chattles as their eldest sisters have had and Lastly for the true performance of all...Do Bind and oblige themselves...the penal sum of Two hundred and fifty pounds Lawful money of America aforesaid firmly by those presents. In witness whereof the said parties have...set their hands...

                 "Sealed and delivered in the presence of his Jacob Levering, Henry [X] Fry, George [X] Fry, Kathrin [X] Fry, Elizabeth [X] Fry, Rebecka [X] Fry, Amelee [X] Fry. Endorsed... 'Received the Nineteenth Day of November AD One thousand Seven Hundred and thirty-seven of the within named Jacob Fry the sum of Ten pounds in full with all other Legacies Protions, Matters, or things whatsoever...becoming Due...unto the named Amily Fry now being my wife, I say recd. By me Frederich Leinbach...'

        'The document is written in English and looks like a title deed. The parchment is nearly two feet long. They contract is still in the possession of Frey family descendants.

        'Mr. Cassel, who has the original of this document, says of it: "...The lines go across the whole paper, nearly two feet long. It was ready to fall apart from age, so I fixed it up in my large scrap book. It is written in English, but the style is antiquated."

        'Mr. C. who suggests the education of the daughter, as their signatures are well written, and calls attention to the family name as spelled in the paper (evidently by a lawyer), Free, 'because that is the English for Fry.' The daughters have already anglicized the surname by dropping the vowel e, so I [Levering] will conform to it. The endorsed receipts by husbands suggests that the marriages of Elizabeth and Amelia occurred before 18 years of age, but we have evidence that the latter [Amelia] was nearly 20.

        'The dates of decease of Henry Frey and Anna Catharine are unknown. The latter was living in 1742, at the time of execution of her father's will. An article written in July, 1754, by the Lutheran Mission of America, under Rev. H.M. Muhlenberg, and published in the 'Halle Reports' (Germany), stated that Anna Catharine was then still living.

        'After the decease the remains of both were consigned to a family grave yard upon their home farm. Here the graves were marked by rough stones only, and the place had been much neglected, which came to the notice of a descendant about 30 years ago, when he purchased the hallowed spot, as evidenced by a recorded deed-- 'At my instance, my willing helper, Mr. James Heckler, of Hatfield, PA, visited the old grave yard in April 1896, and wrote of it: "The yard is about forty or fifty feet square, enclosed by barbed wire fence, out of repair. the ground is overgrown with briers and some bushes. Three apple trees and one small cherry tree. No stone to be seen with letters or figures on it. Perhaps a dozen of fifteen stones. Some graves are badly sunken. Several children appear to have been buried under an apple tree. It is said that old Dr. Henry Frey, who died about 1845 to 50 was the last buried there. His brother, George, who died in 1853, was buried in the Skippack Mennonite Cemetery, as I saw to-day." '

        'I repeat this description for preservation, as the place may -- like most farm grave yards--become a memory to grandchildren and be unknown to later generations.

        'The family appear to have left conspicuous "footprints in the sands" of the locality...'

from an untitled newspaper article in the scrapbook of N.K. Ployd/Floyd, 1897, in the collection of the Germantown Historical Society:

        "Henry (Heinrich) Frey, a German, settled on a broad tract of land between what was to become Germantown and Roxborough about 1675. This is before Franz Daniel Pastorius founded Germantown. Two of Frey's companions were Weigart Levering and Jacob Reiff. Levering had a wife and daughter. The daughter, Anna Catharina, was a teenager. Since there were no available women in the area for Henry to marry, he asked for the hand of Catharina. Henry Frey was then [closer to 40] 60 years old. No one objected to the wedding and Henry and Catharina were married on 26 April 1692 in the presence of Franz Daniel Pastorius and the entire population of Germantown, who affixed their signatures to the marriage certificate. This may have been the first marriage recorded in the history of Pennsylvania. Henry and Catharina had nine children."

from Charles Burgess HFFA:

        "The history of this man's [Heinrich Frey] coming to America..., (note: they were the first two Germans to come to this country) was written in German by A. Barba. It was printed in the Allentown, PA 'Morning Call' in a continuing story form. It was written in German by Ludwig August Wolienweber, and translated by Preston A. Barba... The two men Frey and Blatterback befriended a young Indian boy they found in the forest who was seriously injured. They nursed him back to health. He was the son of Urgurt, the chief of the Lenni Lenapi Indians. When Henrich Frey returned the boy to his father, the chief gave Frey a large grant of land. He told him that he could have all the land he could walk thru from the setting to the rising of the sun. The path Frey took during his walk is still to this day, called Rising Sun Ave. And it is in Germantown. The grant of this land was ratified by William Penn in 1691, and has become a part of the archives of the state of Pennsylvania.

On a modern map of the Philadelphia area, the red star marks part of Rising Sun Ave., which Charles Burgess of the Henry Frey Family Association explains above.  The large purple X marks a crossroads in Germantown, now a suburb of Philadelphia.  Henry Fry was, according to most, in this area of Pennsylvania, that would become Philadelphia, before William Penn.

         "This couple [Heinrich and wife Anna] were buried on part of their farm..."

More About Heinrich Frey:

Burial: homestead plot, Zeiglerville, Philadelphia (now Montgomery) Co., PA

Fact 1: came to America about 1680 to Pennsylvania before William Penn;

Fact 2: made first plow used in the province--tradition;

Fact 3: occupation: turner (of woods);

Fact 4: 1732 made contract with children instead of will;

More About Anna Catharina Levering:

Burial: homestead plot, Zeiglerville, Philadelphia (now Montgomery) Co., PA

**For more Levering genealogy, go to Section 2 below.**

Children of Heinrich Frey and Anna Levering are:

9 i. Elizabetha Amelia "Millie"4 Frey, born June 02, 1717; died June 05, 1783 in Graceham, Frederick Co., MD. She married Friedrich (John) Linebaugh, Sr. June 02, 1737 in Skippack, Montgomery County, PA; born July 15, 1703 in Hochstadt, Hanau, Germany; died July 06, 1784 in Graceham, Frederick Co., MD.

**For the Frey-Linebaugh connection, go to Linebaugh generation #3**

10 ii. Jacob Frey, born 1694 in Roxborough, Philadelphia Co., PA; died 1785 in Towamencin Twp., Philadelphia Co., PA. He married Margaret Ease.

11 iii. William Frey, born 1695 in Roxborough, Philadelphia Co., PA; died June 1758 in Frederick Co., MD. He married Anna Veronica Merkle.

12 iv. Benjamin Frey, born Bet. 1696 - 1701 in Pennsylvania; died March 1753. He married Regina Ann Christena Merkle.

13 v. Henry Frey, born 1698; died 1758. He married Christina Bache.

14 vi. John Frey, born Bet. 1700 - 1703; died 1766. He married Mary Kiesler.

15 vii. Abraham Frey, born 1700.

16 viii. George Frey, born 1704; died 1750. He married Elizabeth Hechlerin.

17 ix. Rebecca Frey, born Bet. 1706 - 1714.

18 x. Elizabeth Frey, born 1719; died 1781. She married Johannes Muller.

19 xi. Amelia Frey, born 1719.


Section 2

Descendants of Rosier Levering

Generation No. 1

1. Rosier1 Levering was born 1615 in Leyden, Holland, and died in Gemen, Germany. He married Elizabeth van De Walle 1647 in Wesel, Westphalia, Germany. She was born May 21, 1626 in Wesel, Westphalia, Germany, and died in Gemen, Germany.

Gemen is in the north part of Germany and therefore close to Holland.

Notes for Rosier Levering:

from "Levering Family History and Genealogy," by Col. John Levering of Lafayette, Indiana, pub. 1896:

        'Primogenitor of the Levering Family, John de Leveryng, was born about the year A.D. 1250 at Leverington, in Cambridgeshire, England, and it is believed that he lived and died in that ancient town, which was so named in the year A.D. 870. Nothing is known of his family except of his son named Robert.

        'Robert, son of John de Leveryng was born about the year A.D. 1280 at Leverington, England. We learn by records in the archives of the Episcopal Palace at Ely, in Cambridgeshire, England, that Robert, "in the eighth year of the reign of Edward II" (A.D. 1316) became a lessee of the Wisebech Barton Manor. I assume that his father may have been thirty years the senior of Robert, and the latter probably thirty-six years of age when he became an independent land holder...

        'First Generation--Rosier Levering was born in the early years of the seventeenth century. He is the known progenitor of the Levering family in America, hence I designate him as the zero, or benchmark, from which to grade succeeding generations descending from him. It is believed that he was born in Holland, of ancient or Anglo-Saxon parentage; he was exiled because of persecution for their religious principles. He married Elizabeth Van de Walle, of Wesel in Westphalia in Germany, hear to the frontier of Holland. They settled in the same district, at Gemen, where several children were born to them between the years 1648 and 1662. Tradition, preserved by the remnant of the family at Gemen, says they occupied the old Levering homestead in that town, and that they died there.

        'Various traditions have prevailed among the different branches of the family one of which states that Rosier Levering was a physician and a very pious man, that he belonged to the Reformed Church in France, of which country he was a native, and that upon the Revocation of the Edict of Nantz, he fled with his family to Germany, where he afterwards lived and died... That he fled from France to avoid persecution can also be readily believed, but his settlement in Germany must have been long anterior to the Revocation of the Edict of Nantz. The Edict was not revoked until October 1685, and Wigard himself says he was born in Gemen, Germany... The probability is that Roseir Leverying left France during some of the earlier religious wars and persecutions, which visited the Waldenes and Huguenots.'

More About Rosier Levering:

Burial: Gemen, Germany

Notes for Elizabeth van De Walle:

from "Levering Family...":

'Elizabeth Van de Walle, was born 21 May 1626, in the city of Wesel...

        'Her brother, Jacob Van der Walle, was a wealthy Dutch Pietist and a prominent shareholder in the Frankfort Company which owned and organized Germantown [PA]. His wealth was the foundation of the Levering wealth; some of them are still wealthy industrialists.'

More About Elizabeth van De Walle:

Burial: Gemen, Germany

Children of Rosier Levering and Elizabeth De Walle are:

+ 2 i. Wigard "John"2 Levering, born 1634 in Wesel, Westphalia, Germany; died February 02, 1754 in Philadelphia, PA.

3 ii. Gerhard Garret Levering, born 1650 in Gemen, Germany; died 1731 in Whitpaine, PA.

4 iii. Eberhard Enert Levering, born 1652 in Gemen, Germany. He married Menctold Schmulling.

5 iv. Elizabeth Levering, born 1654.

6 v. Alche Levering, born 1656.

7 vi. William Levering, born 1658 in Gemen, Germany. He married Grete Nilant.


Generation No. 2

2. Wigard "John"2 Levering (Rosier1) was born 1634 in Wesel, Westphalia, Germany, and died February 02, 1754 in Philadelphia, PA. He married Magdalena Boechers/Bokers, daughter of William Boechers/Bokers and Sidonia Bravier. She was born 1650 in Leyden, Holland, and died 1717 in Philadelphia, PA.

important to both the Frey and Levering families, the Germantown and Roxborough areas near the Philadelphia of 1712;

Notes for Wigard "John" Levering:

from "Abstracts from Ben Franklin's 'Pennsylvania Gazette' 1728-1748," by Kenneth Scott:

        'in 1745, Leveringe, Wigard, Died last week not far from Philadelphia, age 109 (Feb. 12).'

from "The Levering Family, a Genealogical Account of Wigard Levering and Gerhard Levering, Two of the Pioneer Settlers of Roxborough Township, Philadelphia County, and Their Descendants," by Horatio Gates Jones, pp. 14-19, at www. angelfire.com/pa:

        'Family Register of Wigard Levering. Children--

                I Wigard Levering was born in Germany in the Principality of Westphalia in the District of Munster and town of Gemen. My Father's name was Rosier Levering, and my mother's maiden name was Elizabeth Van de Walle who was born in Wesel. In the twenty third year of my age I Wigard Levering was married to my beloved wife Magdalena Boker Her father's name was William Boker and her mother's maiden name was Sidonia Williams Braviers of the City of Leyden in Holland. The above said Magdalena my wife was also born in Leyden, and God hath blessed us with the following children to wit:

                The first born Joanna Sophia born in Gemen in the year of our Lord 1672 in March and died in the third week.

                The second Anna Catharina born in Mulheim on the Rhur in March 1673.

The third Maria Elizabeth born in July 1676 and died in the eighteenth week of her age.

The fourth William Levering was born the 4th day of May 1677.

The fifth Amelia Anna Sophia was born in the middle of July 1682.

The sixth Anna Sibella was born in the middle of September 1684.

        'The above named children were all born in Mulheim on the Rhur.

        '(In the possession of G. Shields of Manayunk. In this will W.L. is described as Wickard Levering of Roxborrow township in the County of Philadelphia, in the province of Pennsylvania, Carpenter." The preservation of this will has been of great importance to me, as it states who Wickard's daughters married, a fact which does not appear in his will of later date.)

        'No 134, Will Book, 1744/5, G 162.

        'The following Inventory was subsequently filed. An inventory of the goods of Wechord Levering Deceased this the ninth day of February 174/5. Appraisers Matthew Houlgate and Isaac Cook: (Spelling is as in original document.)

To one bed and Beding 3.00.0(pounds)

To 2 bed steds 0.10.0

To one Cobert and one Chest 1.10.0

To waring apparrel 1.15.0

To Sate of Curtings 1.00.0

To one bible 1.10.0

To one song book 0.01.6

To 2 Spice Boxis and a bible frame 0.04.0

To one Table and 5 Chears 1.03.6

To 2 benshes and one Tobaco Knife 0.02.0

To 3 Iron Potts 0.16.

To pare Tongs and Shifell and pare hand Irons 0.14.0

To 2 puter Dishes and 4 plats 0.14.0

To one Stone Gudg and puter mog 0.03.6

To one morter and Iron box and a Gudg 0.03.0

To one Chamber Pott and Porenger 0.01.0



        'Two of the witnesses to this will were his grandson and wife. The signature to the will is remarkably good, when the great age of the writer is considered - he being at that time, ninety-four years old.

        'A prior will, dated may 10th, 1736, has a similar signature, and the deeds which I have examined, as well as the copies in the Recorder's office, are also signed with his initials. I have not been able to discover any further proof of his ability to write.

        'The Family Bible of Wigard Levering is now in the possession of Mrs. Sarah Kirk of Germantown, Pa., who is a g.g.g.granddaughter of the first settler. Her grandmother, Hannah Levering Keyser, (32) was the third child of William Levering, who was a grandson of Wigard. It is a large folio German Bible, with clasps, and was printed in 1693. The records of Wigard Levering's family are written in German: the other entries are in English, and contain the dates of the deaths of some of his children and grandchildren in Germany; and the following six children were born in North America in the Province of Pennsylvania:

The seventh Herman born the 18th of November 1686 and died in the fourth year of his age in May.

The eighth Elizabeth born the 7th of January 1689 and died in the fourteenth year of her age in September.

The ninth Sidonia born the 23d of April 1691.

The tenth Jacob Levering born the 21st of January 1693.

The eleventh Magdalena bon the 13th of January 1695 and died in the 3d week of her age.

The twelfth Magdalena born the 4th of June 1696.

The last after the perfect number of twelve was an untimely birth.

                ' "God who is the Father of all that are called children in heaven and on earth, have mercy on my children who are still in the land of the living, that they through the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ may be born again and registered with their kindred in heaven; that they, after they are taken from this vain world, the parents with the children and the children with the parents, may rejoice before God in a blessed and happy eternity, Amen."

                'This old Bible is the only relic now known of the venerable Founder of the Levering Family, and it ought to be cherished and preserved by his posterity as a memento of "auld lang syne."

        'From Wigard and Gerhard Levering I am disposed to believe that all the Leverings in the United States of America have descended. The only family about which there is any doubt, is that of John Levering who once resided at Nazareth, Pa. My deliberate conviction, however, is that the Leverings of Nazareth are descended from Gerhard, and I have accordingly so arranged their history. My reasons for regarding them as the posterity of Gerhard Levering will be fully given, in a subsequent part of this work...'

from "The Levering Family...":

            'SECOND GENERATION--

             (2)I. WIGARD or WICKARD; b. about the year 1648, in the town of Gamen, in Westphalia, Germany. In the year 1671, when 23 years of age, he married Magdalena Boker,(4) He resided for some time at Wesel, and also at Gamen and Mulheim. He emigrated to America between the 20th of March and 10th of August,-1685, with his wife, Magdalena, and his four children, viz.: Anna Catharina, William, Amelia and Sibella. He first settled at Germantown, Phila. Co., Pa., and removed to Roxborough, three miles to the west, in 1692, where he bought a plantation of Five hundred acres of land, extending from the River Schuylkill to the line of Germantown Township. His wife died between the months of February and November, 1717, at the age of about 68 years. He died February 2d, 1744-5, at his residence in Roxborough, at the age of ninety-seven years, and was interred on his farm.

              (3)II. GERHARD or GARRET; all that is known of this son is given in another part of this work. There may have been other children, and doubtless were, but there are no records or traditions to show who they were, or what became of them. (1678).


              (4)I. JOANNA SOPHIA; b. in Gamen, March, 1672, d. aged 3 weeks.

               (5)II. ANNA CATHARINA; b. March, 1673, at Mulheim. She was living in 1742, when her father made his will. In the unproved Will she is described as "Catharine ffey." One of the early settlers of Roxborough was "Heinrich Frey." On the 9th of March, 1709, "Henry Frey, of the parts adjacent to Van Beber township, in the county of Philadelphia, Turner," conveyed to John George Wood of Roxborrow township, Taylor, 100 acres of land. The deed was executed by Henry Frey and Catharine his wife. Frey had bought this land, October 1, 1692, from John Jennett, on of the Patentees.

                (6)III. MARIA ELIZABETH; b. July,1676, at Mulheim, d. at the age of one year 6 months.

                 (7)IV. WILLIAM LEVERING; b. at Mulheim, on the River Rhur, in Germany, May 4th, 1677, and came to America in 1685, at the age of 8 years, and removed from Germantown to Roxborough with his parents in 1692, when 15 years old. He no doubt resided with his father at the old mansion, in the valley, northwest of the present Baptist Church, and a short distance from the Ridge Road. In Nov. 1717, his father conveyed to him a large tract of land, being the residue of his Plantation that remained unsold. He carried on the farm thus bestowed upon him, and no doubt had some other occupation. His will shows that his aged father resided with him at the time of his decease. He was a man of substance in those early days, and was the friend of John Schlee alias Seelig, a Hermit, who, tradition says, lived on part of his farm. Tradition also states that the Hermit lived in the valley back of the present Leverington Cemetery, a short distance beyond the house of (355) William Levering. This Hermit had been a pupil and follower of John Kelpius,* a learned and pious scholar who came from Germany in 1694, and settled on the

page 19--'[on the] banks of the beautiful and romantic Wissahiccon. What was the precise relation existing between the Hermit Schlee and Mr. Levering is not known, but it was a very intimate friendship. The death of the Hermit is thus noted in the Levering Family Bible:

                         "John Sealy, hermit died April 26, 1745 aged 77 years." His will bears date 17th Sept. 1735, and in it he is described as "John Schlee, of Roxborough, in the County of Philadelphia, gentleman." His name is written in English, and the following is a fac simile, (handwritten signature of John Schlee).  He bequeathed the whole of his estate to "my ffriend William "Levering Senr of Roxborough," and appointed him his Executor.  The Inventory of his Estate contains the following items, viz: "25 shirts, 4 coats, 2 jackets, 2 hats, pair of shoes & slippers, 7 pairs linen frawers, 3 Planes, 2 Saws, 1 glue pot, 54 glass bottles, 5 book binders presses, saddle & bridle, 1 scale, gold and silver weights, 5 Bibles, 14 books, 10 of Jacob Boehmen's books and 120 Latin, Dutch and Greek books."

                'Mr. Watson, the Annalist, says that there was a tradition quite current concerning Schlee, to this effect. He had a divining rod, which he directed should be cast into the water at his death. This was done, and the rod exploded with a loud noise!!

                  'William Levering m. Catharine-----(16) He died in August or September, 1746, and hence was in the seventieth year of his age. He left a will dated 20th Dec. 1744.


         "Be it Remembered that I William Levering of Roxborough in the County of Philadelphia Yoeman being in good Health of Body and of sound and well disposing Mind and Memory, Blessed be the Lord for the same and all other his Mercies and Favours bestowed on me and being mindfull of my mortality and willing to settle my Wordly Affairs in the best manner I can, DO make and declare my Last Will and Testament, hereby revoking all" '

Children of Wigard Levering and Magdalena Boechers/Bokers are:

+ 8 i. "Anna" Maria Catharina3 Levering, born March 1673 in Mulheim on the Rhur, Westphalia, Germany; died 1754 in Zeiglerville, Towamencin Twp., Philadelphia Co., PA.

9 ii. Joanna Sophia Levering, born 1672.

10 iii. Maria Elizabeth Levering, born 1676.

11 iv. William Levering, born May 04, 1677 in Mulheim on the Rhur, Westphalia, Germany; died December 1754 in Pennsylvania. He married Catherine Shoemaker.

12 v. Amelia Anna Levering, born 1682 in Mulheim on the Rhur, Westphalia, Germany. She married Benjamin Morgan.

13 vi. Sibella Anna Levering, born 1684 in Mulheim on the Rhur, Westphalia, Germany; died 1764 in Pennsylvania. She married George Miller.

14 vii. Herman Levering, born 1686 in Germantown, PA; died 1690 in Germantown, PA.

15 viii. Elizabeth Levering, born 1689.

16 ix. Sidonia Levering, born 1691 in Germantown, PA; died Bet. 1730 - 1742 in Pennsylvania. She married Peter DeHaven.

17 x. Jacob Levering, born 1693 in Roxborough, Philadelphia Co., PA; died 1753 in Whitpaine, PA. He married Aeltie "Alice" Tunes.

18 xi. Magdalena Levering, born 1696 in Roxborough, Philadelphia Co., PA; died 1736. She married William Tunes.

19 xii. Magdalena Levering, born 1695.


Generation No. 3

8. Anna Catharina3 Levering (Wigard "John"2, Rosier1) was born March 1673 in Mulheim on the Rhur, Westphalia, Germany, and died 1754 in Zeiglerville, Towamencin Twp., Philadelphia Co., PA. She married Heinrich Frey April 26, 1692 in Germantown, Philadelphia Co., PA, son of Jacob Frey and Anna Hirtzeller/Hertzeller. He was born 1663 in Altheim, Alsace, Germany, and died 1734 in Zeiglerville or Skippack, Montgomery Co., PA.

More About Maria Catharina Levering:

Burial: homestead plot, Zeiglerville, Philadelphia (now Montgomery) Co., PA

**For the Levering-Frey connection, go above to Frey generation #3**

"Kids & Winter Bridge," by John Phillip Summers, husband of Linebaugh descendant Katherine Dilts Summers, is used as the background for this page.


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